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Readers Respond: Reiki Attunement Testimonies

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From the article: Attunements
Share Post: Every Reiki student goes through an awakening initiation called a Reiki Attunement before becoming a certified Reiki practitioner.

Reiki Practitioners: You are invited to share your personal attunement stories here. When you received your first Reiki attunement did it surprise you in any way? Were you energized, elated, overwhelmed or underwhelmed? Did you visualize a past life or unleash a repressed memory? How about afterwards, did you experience any side effects? Also, were you attuned in person or energetically over a distance? Share Your Experience

Reiki attunements

After having my Reiki I attunement, I too experienced a lot of negative side effects, mostly in the form of depression and aches and pains. (Although when receiving the attunement, it was incredibly powerful and wonderful!) Before getting my second attunement I made that I was prepared for it and I drank TONS of water. My instructor had told me this before and I didn't follow her instructions. Just like after a massage, you need to cleanse your body of toxins that are released during treatment. I highly recommend this, because I had NO ill side-effects after my second attunement.
—Guest Dorrie58

Not much at my attunement

I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I felt almost nothing during my level 1 attunement. I sat in the chair, eyes closed as the Reiki master attuned me. Birds chirped wildly outside during my attunement when it was silent outside for others. Not sure the meaning of that. A week before though I had a reiki bars session with a friend. I had the most amazing experience I had EVER had with my reiki master. I felt this amazing heat and light and vibration all over me. I felt like I was floating, I could feel my aura expand about 3-4 ft around me. I felt peace and love hugging me internally and externally. It was what I was expecting of my attunement with my reiki master but during my attunement....I felt like I was just sitting in a chair. I was scheduled for my reiki 2 with my reiki master but I canceled as every time I went to this master for a reiki session and my attunement, I felt nothing. Definitely connect with your reiki master before attunement!!
—Guest Jen

Reiki 1 negative emotions

I had a wonderful experience at my Reiki one attunement. It all felt very positive. Ever since that day though I've had a headache and I feel like I am an emotional wreck. I feel very negative and almost angry. I guess I would describe it as detached and very much unlike what I would've ever predicted. I expected uplifting and positive reactions after my attunement. Is this normal?
—Guest Karen

RE: reiki ache

your body may hurt because of the healing process. Reiki is healing your body so its natural to feel pain. Think of what happens when you put alcohol on a cut ... it hurts. But when you put alcohol on your skin and there is no wound, there is no pain. This is the analogy my Master gave us.
—Guest Josh

RE: nothing at all

Level 1 and 2 should have a space of time between them. Level 1 should be 30% opening of your channels and 2 should be 100% (no difference in channels between lv. 2 and master). To open to 100% from the start could cause significant damage to the person if they have a lot of unresolved and repressed issues. This isn't something that should be done online as the master symbols used to open the channels physically move the energy around the body. Also reiki energy goes where the person needs it, sometimes rather than heal physically, it works on your emotional issues which could be the root of your ailments. Some say they want reiki to heal, but really all they want is the sympathy of their sickness in some cases can give them control over others (family for example). If the person really does not want the energy, they will repel it. Remember the 1st rule of receiving/giving reiki is free will.
—Guest Josh


Received a Reiki 1 Attunement a day ago and the only difference I noticed was body aches. During the attunement I felt a ball of energy in my hands at one point but nothing else. I was wondering if thus is usual or should I have felt or seen more?
—Guest Soulflower_Ra

Advice from a Reiki Master

Reiki is an energy, a loving, healing energy accessible to anyone. When I first was attuned, it gave me the awareness and tools to heal my chronic anxiety and chronic stomach aches. People who have been attuned who say they "feel nothing," you are looking too hard for a "feeling." Not everyone's extra senses are touch. You might be getting signals in the form or taste, or a knowing, or a smell, or a inner picture in your mind. The other thing that I would say to you, is that Reiki is even more effective if you can remove as much of your ego from the equation as possible. If you are getting tired in the middle of your sessions, that is a good sign that your ego is present. You are feeling tired because you are not using the help of the Reiki energy. You're using your own energy. The solution is to ask Spirit/God/Your Lineage to please help you release your ego. I like to say in my mind, "I'm going to step aside, please freely use my hands to help this person in their healing."
—Guest Kathryn

Self Attunement Book

I bought a book on my tablet, through the play book store, and the author gives you an attunement that you receive by rehearsing a chant. My reiki teacher was always too busy to return my request for an attunement, so I decided to put it in my own hands. To be sure I was doing the right thing, i turned to my angel cards and asked "should I proceed with the attunement today?" and the card that turned up was "Energy healing." Basically, Yes! Go for it! I had an hour long kosher salt bath (all I had in the house) and lit a candle, to help cleanse my aura as the book had suggested. I went to my special alter area in my room, arranged all my crystals based by intuition, smudged the room with sage, sat on my knees, and meditated. Once I felt ready, I recited the chant twice (even though once is all that is necessary.) Suddenly I felt my body changing. It literally felt like my cells were going through a transformation. It tingled in my body, one area at a time. I developed some kind of ability to energy heal last summer, after i met my twin flame, but I would always have to try hard. After my attunement, it was suddenly effortless. Also, the nature of the energy was different. It was gentler. I got up and my foot tingled because it had fallen asleep, but as soon as I rested my hand on it, the pain went away. I can feel that it has unblocked my heart chakra, and people suddenly recieve my energy very well. Suddenly strangers smile at me all the time. Before the attunement, strangers didn't like me until they got to know me, probably due to my anxiety. Now I am always calm, and much bubblier. I have also been dreaming more, I usually don't dream much. Although the dreams are not so great. Overall though, it is a worthy experience, and the best thing to remember is as long as you are fearless about it, everything will be okay. All reactions are meant to be, and are just a part of spiritual cleansing.

Incredible Experience

I felt heat and an incredible sense of balance. My practitioner told me that she had never felt energy like the energy coming from me and that when she came to my head area that it was "GODLIKE." I have always felt I was meant to help people and have been struggling with that in my career. I now feel so at piece knowing I was not crazy. I worry about finances and was told that Peter has my back.
—Guest ph balanced


After my attunement I had a very vivid dream of running barefoot through the woods, over hills, I just kept running. It wasn't my body, but one of an American Indian. I woke up out of breath and had deep breath to calm down. While receiving the attunement I felt like I was floating in air.


I had an attunement session with a Reiki Healer. Went to her as I had been feeling physically sick. Didn't feel anything abnormal during the session but the next day I was better. I am a Christian, about six months later I experienced a feeling of a trance state a couple of times and peaceful feelings in my head. After that my anxiety that I suffered from for 10 years had gone away. I had a feeling of calm all the time. The Reiki Healer said it was a healing from God and I was more open to a healing as a result of her treatment. I do feel a bit strange at times though. I am not happy though as I feel so different. I can't feel energized and am not happy and contented. Like all my feelings have been dulled. I want to be restored to my normal self again. Has anyone had this experience or can anyone help.
—Guest Lesleigh

Post Reiki II intense upheaval

I received my Reiki II attunement yesterday and have been experiencing intense upheaval in the form of a healing crisis. Last night I had a terrible sleep. Lots of tossing and turning, night sweats, coughing fits, intense dreams and talking in my sleep. I woke several times whispering very fast, my mouth so dry that words could barley form. Today I feel as though I have been hit by a truck and every muscle in my body aches. I have had a headache since the middle of the night that an advil did not help. After my Reiki I, I had some interesting experiences including a strange force slamming a door on my head as I tried to walk through. Actually after Reiki I (about 7 months ago) my head was hit 3 times in obscure ways. Though overall I did not feel achy only emotional then uplifted. I am curious to see how the next few weeks go post this attunement. I plan to Reiki myself daily and journal my dreams and experiences. I am hopeful this ache will pass soon... Blessings
—Guest Tricia

Changed My Life - Had strange experience

I received Reiki 1 and 2 trainig in sequential days. During Reiki 1 training I cried at the 1st attunement, and then saw a blinding bright light when my eyes were closed at the second attunement. In Reiki 2 attunement, I smelled insence of some kind, and the bright light again. I felt so full of peace and love. My 2 years of shoulder pain was gone after that day. Its been 2 weeks and I have practiced every day. While doing Reiki on the neck on someone, I felt the usual 'tingling, maybe more intense than the other locations - but- then I felt a choking in my own throat and started feeling closed up and needed to cough a bit. I checked my position. I had not been coughing or choked up at all that day, nor the rest of the day. When I moved onto the chest, the choking feeling left me. The person did not have any known throat issues. I did not mention my choking feeling to her either. Has this happened to anyone you know before?
—Guest Roz

Bright Light

My first time was 2 weeks ago. I had never been to a Reiki Circle before and a friend kept talking about it so I decided to go with her. Music was playing and we were told to close our eyes and go into a meditative state. It wasn't a guided meditation so I found it pretty easy since I meditated before. When the woman came to me I felt warmth and a very bright white light covered me. It was amazing. I had hoped that when I went this week it would be similar. It wasn't. This week my empath feelings decided to take over and I felt someone getting very sick. They had a sore throat and a headache. Then I was taken to see my 2 older children and 1 was also getting sick but it wasn't an illness sick it was more of from something he ingested. And my oldest was packing his things to move. I'm thinking that maybe I just wasn't into the Reiki today and that's why my guide was showing these things to me. We'll see what happens next week.

Attunement to Reiki is a Spiritual Hit!

1st level of Reiki and the attunement process was a powerful spiritual experience! We did a deep relaxing meditation prior to the attunement, and then when the teacher asked us to close our eyes and hold our palms up - is where the true mysticism started! When the teacher touched the top of my head, I felt pulsating warm sensation in the Crown chakra and someone's illusory touch on the center of my forehead. And when the teacher touched the palms of my hands, I felt as if she put there a warm pulsating heart, and all my hands got warm and tingling. As a powerful bonus, I also had a lot of visual recollections of my past lives unfolding in front of my closed eyes just like slides. I felt deep melancholy and really like crying during the attunement, I really felt like a bodyless spirit looking at myself from far aside. After the attunement I really felt more at peace, slept better, had less worries about anything. Now i'm on 21 days post-attunement fasting and love it!:)
—Guest Sofia Siberia

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Reiki Attunement Testimonies

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