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Readers Respond: Reiki Attunement Testimonies

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From the article: Attunements
Share Post: Every Reiki student goes through an awakening initiation called a Reiki Attunement before becoming a certified Reiki practitioner.

Reiki Practitioners: You are invited to share your personal attunement stories here. When you received your first Reiki attunement did it surprise you in any way? Were you energized, elated, overwhelmed or underwhelmed? Did you visualize a past life or unleash a repressed memory? How about afterwards, did you experience any side effects? Also, were you attuned in person or energetically over a distance?

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Some side effects ?

I had my attunement today, I feel my head is going to explode and my eyes feel heavy. I had to work and I work in a very busy restaurant. Terrible ! My body feels light. My vision blurry. Super tired. Is that normal ? Besides all that, I feel at peace. During the session I felt like a ball of energy separating my hands and like ants crawling on the them, it was good.
—Guest Connie

Illness and pain after 30 min session

I had an amazing session with a friend learning to be a Reiki master. I felt my aura all around me and warm energy and vibrations flowing through my body. In saw intense light pored over my face which really hurt my eyes. That afternoon my rib cage and spleen area felt really sore and tender. That went away within 12 hours. About 24 hours later I started having severe headaches, eye pain/sensitivity dizziness, sore throat and neck pains. It's been 2 days and I'm feeling better except for the pain in my eyes neck and throat. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on where to go from here? I'm wondering if I should see a Dr.?
—Guest Roots

Reiki practioner LPN

Before I receivied 1s degree to Reiki, my master required that I receive a Reiki session. While having reiki, I started seeing beautiful blue, purple colors. It felt wonderful. After attunement, I didn't feel very much of a change.
—Guest Ann

Reiki 1 Experience

A week after Reiki 1 my left hand buzzed and vibrated for ages... non stop awareness of the buzzing! I think it lasted 3 days or so. It was extremely strange and then after the 3 days the right buzzed non stop for a couple of days but at a weaker rate. My head also hummed if that makes sense... My Reiki Master said it was chakra awakening and this was normal. I had the vivid dream experience too. Overall Reiki 1 was pleasant and I would recommend. Reiki as a whole has made me feel more like me - I guess I mean before kids, work, stress - life stuff. It's a bit like going back to your roots. Warm wishes to all you Reiki and non Reiki folks :)
—Guest Magdalena

Guest Lesley Unhappy

It sounds like you need to ground yourself. I was high as a kite for about 3 weeks after I had negative karma removed by a healer. Once I stood bare foot on the grass and willed myself to be grounded it went away and I missed it dearly once it went. It was the most amazing feeling, like I felt loved and was love and everything was ok, but I couldn't be around anything negative. Sounds were louder and harsher, I didn't want to leave that bubble of love but I had to, to function normally. Enjoy it while it lasts is my advice but if you really don't want it, ground yourself barefoot on the grass and will it away.
—Guest Siany

My first Reiki experience

Sharon’s office was so peaceful. Mary looked at a few books while Sharon was getting the bed ready. Mary slept during the massage and she even snored. After Mary was dressed, Sharon walked into the room. “Mary, you were really relaxed today. I’ve never seen you so relaxed. You started snoring right after you turned on your back.” “I know. I had a dreamed,” “What did you dream about Mary?” “I dreamed I was on a ship and I was far out in the ocean. It was dark. And I could hear your voice Sharon. I don’t know why, but you were saying, “I’m giving you light Mary. You need light. Then I saw a light house and the ship drifted toward it.” Sharon looked shocked and dropped the sheets that were in her hands. “Oh my God, Mary how did that happen?” “How did what happen, Sharon?” “How did you know what I was thinking? That’s what I was saying in my mind, I’m giving you light, you need light Mary. How did you read my mind?” Mary grabbed Sharon’s hands. ‘How did you get into my dream?"
—Guest Mary Sims

Sweating and Tingling in Hands

Had both attunements in the same day. Prior to it my hands started sweating which is unusual for me. Then during the Level 1 I saw purple morphing over a sea of black. During Level 2 attunement I didn't feel too much, which disappointed me however, several hours after I got home I felt a full body warmth and tingling which lasted quite a while. Since attunement I have been drinking lots of water, which is very odd for me as well as cutting my soda intake to a fraction of my regular habit. It's been a month and I constantly still have tingling in my hands as on the verge of them falling asleep.
—Guest RA

Life Changing

Reiki has changed me as a person and enriched my heart towards my wife and others. I personally believe that Reiki is an intense walk of Faith that takes practice and commitment. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Faith is the key. My wife thought each person getting an attunement got different amounts. The attument is opening your chakras to channel the energy that is available to each one of us !! I am ready for level 3 and welcome the attunment so I can get my Master status. I fully intend to use Reiki in Hospice settings as well as animal rescues. I do not intend to use it for monetary reasons at all. I know it may not be the popular thing to do, but I have been nudged by my Spirit to do such things. That is why I will not choose to be Master/Teacher. Scriptures that have fortified my walk with Reiki are John14:12-14. Acts 8:18 and Hebrews6:1-2. For those Christians out there, these mean everything.

Level one initiation

I should have written this comment first. During my one to one with a teacher, I was asked to close my eyes. At various stages, I was asked what I saw in my minds` eye. First, it was thousands of white lights. Second, it was looking at the signs for power and healing. Third, it was a galaxy on end, with coloured cubes amongst the stars. For the rest of the day, I felt akin to being drunk. I couldn`t shake off the "white stars" in my vision. I must confess to want to rush to use this healing. It works, remarkably so. However, I have learned very quickly, that certain patients seem immune, not many, but enough. I just accept the fact and don`t bother .
—Guest Alan OBy


I am rather old by the calender. From very early, I have seen colours and experienced unexplainable events. Almost driven nuts, I went to an academy. Relief is the word. Everything now makes sence. A year ago I took to Reiki and did level 1. The experience was amazing. This power really works for me and on others. It has healed the broken bones in my daughters foot in super quick time. I`ve healed birds and tried it on plants. The visions come in batches, I have to say "enough" for a while. My niece had a whitlow on her index finger, at a house warming I simply did cupped hands around it for 5 mins. Within 30 mins it was pink and normal. I have been asked by a bone surgeon to volunteer 1 day a week at his surgery in a major Hospital. However, not being at level 2 is the stumbling block. Here, I`m stuck. When is ready to proceed to level 2 ? My teacher says it can take up to 3 years. I admit to being emotional and also blunt which doesn`t go down well sometimes... ? ? ?
—Guest Alan OBy

no go

I too feel nothing. I keep hoping each attunement will "take." I feel nothing when I treat myself. I feel like a worthless fraud when people find out I'm a master teacher and the Reiki doesn't work. I feel like everyone can see the light but me. Sigh.
—Guest cc

What sort of attuning I receive????

3o years ago I had a bad head injury. I was a living zombi. Then one of my neighbours invited me to the church where apparently there was a some sort of healing. I was fresh to this country and couldn't speak the language yet. There was a group of people there and when my turn came all of them placed hands on my head and started praying. I was skeptical, and went for this session only to please my friend. But when those hands reached my head some very powerful energy went trough me body, I felt like being super-charged, when all my unpleasant symptoms vanished in seconds. It lasted two days. I never went again. Then 4 years ago my neurologist not being able to find a reason for spasming condition affected my neck suggested Reiki. I had no idea what it was, but from the scarce information it appeared to be something dodgy. Very recently I look again to this idea on the Internet and for curiosity sake tried some hand position on myself. To my total amazment I felt a wind of warmth inside.
—Guest teresa


I received attunements for reiki 1 and reiki 2( mainly symbols) the same the day. But I did not feel anything different in fact did not feel any thing at all. Then I did not practice d/t to the hectic circumstances I just passed through. However I wanted to start practicing it now but not sure if I am still attuned or no Please help if any knows. Thank you.
—Guest Rima

Reiki 1 and 2 Attunement

When I was attuned to Reiki 1, I nearly fainted. I had gold colours going through my head, and I have never had so much heat going through my body. I could feel massive energy surging through me. After a while, it died down, and ever since the attunement, my life has changed and for the better. I have become closer to God and the Angels and I have helped cure some of my parent's ailments. When I had my Reiki 2 Attunement, I didn't feel much, and I didn't have the same energy going through me. I feel that Reiki has given me a new lease of life, it has made me more positive and by self healing I feel much better in myself. What I do get now and then, and I have it at the moment is a cool feeling on top of my head. Has anyone else experienced that. I am not ready to do my Reiki Masters yet but hopefully in a couple of year's time I will be ready.

Reiki II Attunement

I had my second Reiki attunement one week ago and I cannot believe what I am experiencing. I feel as though I am living in an altered dimension. I have had severe hot flashes, moments of dizziness, and and overwhelming sensation that I am "shedding" unnecessary emotional baggage. I was beginning to become afraid and wondering if perhaps I should call my Western doctor, but then I began to read! So many others have expressed similar sensations as I have, and I am so grateful that your experiences have been shared. I don't feel like I am dying anymore, instead I now understand that I am in the process of a very powerful healing process. Truly amazing!
—Guest elaina
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