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Readers Respond: Reasons for Being Grateful

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We are all blessed in some way. We are even more blessed when we acknowledge goodness. Please post a few words of gratitude sharing what you are thankful for.

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Thank You for Beautiful Life

I wanted to say a massive Thank You for my beautiful life, a wonderful one in a million Boyfriend, lovely home and an amazing garden, my great Auntie, also the way my Mum loved me when she was alive. Thank you for the sunshine and the weekends and for the superbird Mellow. Thank you for the little pleasures like coffees, nice dinners, drinks and comfy bed. Thank You for letting me be healthy. Thank you for all the nice people in my life. Thank you for my job that lets me earn the money. Thank you for all my blessings. There are so many in my life that it would be difficult to list them all. That's how lucky I am and very very happy that I realize that now. Thank YOU
—Guest Emi

Grateful to God

I'm grateful for a Christian family!! I'm also grateful for God's faithfulness....He NEVER leaves me...
—Guest cleaner

Grateful for my ability to help others

I thank G-d I have the ability to ask for things people need and people respond willingly with open hearts, I am grateful for the ability to help others in need. I am the one who is blessed. The Women Helping Women Project.
—Guest merry-lynn

I'm Grateful

I'm GRATEFUL for my life it's not a glamorous life. I'm not rich with wealth, I'm rich with love. I have a man that is my best friend, my debate partner, my kids, father, my husband.I have three young ladies God allow to share my body my blood and all my love, that calls me just to hear my voice are to help them calm down or want some advice. I have sisters that would do anything for me I have a job that gives me freedom I have two dogs that protect me, I was raised by two people that gave me unconditional love. N,o I don't have financial wealth, I have spiritual wealth. I'm divine favor and everyday I wake up I'm bless my life not perfect it's blessed.
—Guest Tisha

Happy Thanksgiving

I share my joy everyday and am thankful for the ability to have awaken to know who I am and what I was destined for!!!
—Guest sayiddah

I am truly blessed

I am truly blessed to have two such wonderful children, a home, my job, family and wonderful friends. I am truly greatly for God for all he has blessed us and for bringing Michael back into my life. I will be more grateful if he is home for Christmas 2011. I love him. Thank you for all my blessing and health.
—Guest Angela J

As Years Go By

I am forever grateful for my good health, a roof over my head, food to eat, children to love and extended family to cherish. In the end, it's those we love that matter and how much loving energy we've put out into the world.
—Guest Marilyn

New Purpose

I gave birth six months ago at the age of 29. This is my first child. I have never felt so alive and so centered. I was a child up until the moment he was born. I now know the true meaning of gratitude.
—Guest BHB

Second Chance on Life

I am thankful that a women in England was generous and gave us her stem cells so that my husband could have a 2nd chance on life! He is currently in remission!

I am thankful for....

I am thankful for all things. Life itself. My family, husband and children. Everyone in my life. I am thankful for the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ.
—Guest BlessedCreation

For my great-grandmother-in-law

All of my grandparents are gone, but my husband's grandmother and her sister are both living. I am grateful to know them both and for my children to know them too.
—Guest Catherine

Gratitude list

I have a "grateful list" I say upon arising, before meals, before I go to sleep and any other time during the day that I see something beautiful or hear something beautiful and it reminds me of all I am grateful for. I am grateful for the abundance in my life. I am grateful for family and friends. I am grateful for my perfect health. I am grateful for financial security. I am grateful for spirituality. I am grateful for my intellect. This list is a simplified way to state what I am grateful for. As far as health - I project "perfect health" to the universe and since I have been doing this (several years now) my health has improved tremendously. I say "intellect" to represent a number of things I'm grateful for - it doesn't mean I think I'm smart but that I recognize the ability to reason, to think, to discern, to communicate, etc. I say "financial security" to embrace the fact that while I'm not rich by any means, I am ok with what I have. I make do just fine.
—Guest Nancy Lehto

Supportive Family and Great Job

I'm glad to have a supportive family and job that I love... and to have a job at all in these crazy times!

Quiet time

It's always hectic in my life, so what few moments of quiet I have are precious.
—Guest Robin

Full of Greatness

I am blessed everyday with love of friends and family. My health is good and I am never hungry.
—Guest Camille

No stupid questions

I am grateful for my math teacher who says no student question is a dumb one. I feel smarter because of her.

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