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Readers Respond: Circle-of-Healing-Light Prayer Requests

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From the article: How Do You Pray?
Feel free to ask for prayers here. You may also request absentia healing energies be sent to you. Energy healing knows no boundaries. Also, if you feel the urge, please take a moment to offer a healing intention or prayer for someone in need. Please review the intention statement below. Also, please do not submit using ALL CAPS.

Circle of Healing Light Intention With the intention of honoring each person's choice of receiving and to serve the highest good of everyone concerned all prayers and healing energies offered within this Circle-of-Healing-Light are given freely and respectfully for those who have asked. Ask for Prayers

Prayers for Wallace

Please pray for Wallace, my mother's husband, who is very sick in the hospital in Delaware, US..he is a diabetic, his kidneys are failing, his heart is weak.
—Guest Jane

please pray for me

my boyfriend has left me because of family situations.pl pray that we are forever united in matrimony and love and understanding and care and joy with each other
—Guest sonia


hi i suffer with deppresion and fear and feel in bad health i also feel very lonely in life and need a companion god bless
—Guest david cochrane

broken marriage

Please pray for our marriage to improve. We've been married 33 years and it seems we are drifting apart. I don't know what else to do but pray.
—Guest toby

Healing for Little JOJO

JOJO is ill and had surgery prayer for full healing
—Guest Linda


Please pray for my mother and I so that she may fully recover from her stroke and be free of pain and her learing loss restored, Also so that all my fiancial burdens be taken care of and that I am able to prosper in my business and that any sickness or disease in my body be washed awayand my body cleansed and purified by the hands of yeshua and fo let Larrynand I have a happy and long lasting relationship where we can both honor our lord everyday together.. thank you for all the blessings that are coming to our family.
—Guest Kathy


Please pray for my mother christina that she recovers completely from her stroke and that her hearing is restored. Also please pray for Kathy that my business will flourish and continue to grow so that all my financial needs will be able to be taken care of.
—Guest Kathy

Pray for my Father

Prayer for my father who is in the hospital with pneumonia. Prayer that he will make a complete recovery soon and return to his earthly home. Pray that the doctors will recommend the right medication to be given to him and the nurses or care givers will give the correct medication according to when and how it is to be given. Pray that he will not be ignored and will be given regular treatment
—Guest Cecile

Prayer for Saragoza

Please pray for my brother Saragoza M. He is very ill with pneumonia and is on a ventilator.
—Guest Rose Ann Gable

prayers for my family my friends myself

Please pray for my girlfriends brother Robbie who is fighting liver failure let him be able to stop drinking for my dads wife barb who has stage three colon cancer for my gf who is consumed with worry about her brother and for myself so I can pay the bill and take my pain and anxiety away and for the poor old sick homeless all over the world. Heal and love us all and peace in our world. Amen
—Guest Robert

prayer request

Marc D. has been an alcohol, substance abuse, & codependency counsellor for 32 years. He has lived a life of service & has saved countless lives. Now he urgently needs a liver transplant. We ask that you pray that he be accepted by the liver transplant hospital as soon as possible and for comfort & healing now, while he waits. Please include prayers for his wife and also his caregiver. Thank you & God bless you all.
—Guest a. bennett

Prayer for healing

I am the mother of a 23 year old totally dependent daughter. She neither walks or talks and is tube fed and diapered. I need my hands to care for her but was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis...very painful and debilitating. I am currently in pain. Please pray that God will be merciful and bring about healing. I want to adequately care for the daughter he has loaned me. Please pray for the removal of the arthritis and I ask that you pray that God touches my daughter also and remove her seizures. Thank You
—Guest Lavern

Need New Job

Please pray for me in getting a new job. I need help in acquiring this.
—Guest Rosemary


Hi, I'm stroke and wheelchair. I'm 7-2012 and I'm deaf. Thanks, Ken Hill

Need Funds

Arch Angels, Saints, need your help for getting abundant funds for constructing our own home , pray open opportunities for abundance to flow for this need. Thank you.
—Guest Grace

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Circle-of-Healing-Light Prayer Requests

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