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Readers Respond: Circle-of-Healing-Light Prayer Requests

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From the article: How Do You Pray?
Please Note: Submission form for prayer requests has been temporarily disabled.

Feel free to ask for prayers here. You may also request absentia healing energies be sent to you. Energy healing knows no boundaries. Also, if you feel the urge, please take a moment to offer a healing intention or prayer for someone in need. Please review the intention statement below. Also, please do not submit using ALL CAPS.

Circle of Healing Light Intention With the intention of honoring each person's choice of receiving and to serve the highest good of everyone concerned all prayers and healing energies offered within this Circle-of-Healing-Light are given freely and respectfully for those who have asked.

Prayers for Corey and Karen

I request deep prayers for Corey, burdened with depression due to an amputation of his lower leg from diabetes. And I request prayer for Karen who is Corey’s main supporter. I am so grateful. Thank you so much!
—Guest Melody


Healing for my wife's hives.May the doctor have the wisdom to prescribe and diagnose the underling causes


I would like a prayer said for my daughter Nichole and her two children, that all negativity and people that are trying to hurt them are removed from their life and they are able to live their life together in peace and grow together as a family to a better life
—Guest Lisa

My dad has cancer

please pray for my dad terry k. who is dealing with cancer for the second time now please pray for him to get rid of this horrible cancer he is dealing with he needs all the prayers he can get we pray for a miracle everyday thank you so much
—Guest nancy mathias


Please pray the man I love can feel the same way for me .. Please help us communicate much more ..and see each other more often .Amen
—Guest AMH

Urgent Prayer Request

My 28 yr. old son, Joseph, has a very aggressive form of lymphoma that does not respond to chemotherapy. He received an experimental treatment at the National Cancer Institute. Please ask our dear Lord God to heal Joseph and bless him with results of being in a full remission when he meets with his doctors on 09/11/14. Thank You.

Healing energy for Nayana

Age : 17 yrs - Location : BTM Layout, Bangalore India - Nayana my niece had kidney transplant last year. She has become bulimic and throwing up food, medicine and water. She has lost wait and is down to 20 kgs. Please send healing request for her to stop throwing up food. Its affected her health and recovering from transplant Doctors have given up hope and she is been hospitalized on monthly basis. She can be saved only if she stops throwing up food, medicine and water. Thanks, Latha
—Guest Nayana


Hi, In my country marriage is an important part of life and am missing on to it. Please pray for me that whatever is the roadblock in my marriage be removed whether some blockages due to my thinking or any other negative thoughts or energies. So that my marriage is fixed at the earliest and my relationship with my boyfriend gets better and a loving, respecting and positive one. Thanks.
—Guest Megha


My mom has a staff infection in her ear and leg. I am very worried about her. Please let the antibotics work and heal her of this terrible infection! Thank you!
—Guest Kristin

Prayer for my health and abundance

Please help pray for my myoma to be treated fully. I also request for abundance prayer and health so that I can do my duties to the fullest and serve others well in my mission as a teacher.
—Guest LeonoraLubaton

Prayer for Mary Margaret

Please pray for the over-all wellness of my niece, Mary Margaret. She's a premature baby who weighed 850 grams. Mary was born last August 12. She's still admitted in the hospital. Thank God she is alive and well. Help us pray for her continued better and continued health.


I need complete healing. I feel like I am falling apart and my prayers go unanswered and I am at a loss asto what I should do so I decided I needed prayer with other people please pray for me so that I may have live again
—Guest tracey

sick stress

Please pray for my partner who is really sick have high fever & stress as his son is leaving him &justin is so upset that he is going through the pain of the court case he is not given justice he is innocent an fully recover from his pain health wealth and marriage his sons listen to him & be free of pain Also so that all his financial burdens be taken care of that I am able to prosper in our life and that any sickness or disease in justins body be washed away & just ins body cleansed and purified by the hands of jesus and to let justin be happy I have a happy and long lasting relationship where we can both honor our lord everyday together.. thank you for all the blessings that are coming to our family.amen
—Guest Justin chanel


I would like prayers regarding employment, that I would be hired on with a company where I would be a blessing to them as well as they would be a blessing to me. Thank you for your prayer support. Sherry
—Guest Sherry Harris

Pray for healing.

Please pray that my mother receives complete healing for her body. Pray that she will enjoy good health, and happiness.
—Guest Virginia
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