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Readers Respond: Circle-of-Healing-Light Prayer Requests

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In need of prayers and healing...

As a man of science I turned to my doctors and todays medicine to help me remedy the stomach problems which have now been plaguing me for 3 years. I'm now 10s of thousands of dollars in debt and still have no answer for what ails me. I'm in desperate need of prayers and healing as I feel I have reached my limit. I'm unable to eat and feel sick to my stomach all day long. At this point I no longer know what to do or whom to turn to. I am not a religious man but a spiritual one. I pray every night but could certainly use any additional prayers and healing sent my way at this current time.
—Guest T

Battling pancreatitis

I am needing prayers to help me heal from alcohol induced pancreatic problem I hurt badly and need the Lords healing badly.
—Guest P. suzanne Miller

Broken foot and back

Our apartment caught fire on November 25th. I jumped out the window and broke my foot and fractured lower back. Need total healing. Also need a large financial blessing by December 3rd.
—Guest timmy McQueen

Pray for a friend

My friend is sick with hypertension and on the verge of loosing his sight. He is 50 years old. I dont want him to die.
—Guest Alfred Ojo


I am in a great anxeinty because of my illness of which I have decided to ask GOD to heal me. I am now ind daily prayer based on Issiah 38 vs 2 -8. Only GOD can change my illness to full health. Please help me in prayers
—Guest Juliet

Paryer for Healin

Pls pary for me i'm vrey ill i know it's my sin that call to the sickness pls ask God to forgiv me and heal my body, thank's God bess u all.
—Guest Kelly Hope


my daughter shweta m. aged 28 yrs, from mumbai india. she is fair and of medium built. shweta does not keep very well. she suffers from stress, low energy levels, dizziness and palpitations. pls pls send her healing. she is getting married in december. pls keep her in your prayers. thankyou
—Guest sony

continues healing of my brother Pong

Please help me pray for the continues healing and recovery of my brother Pong's health. May his problem with his heart, lungs and now with his red blood count be healed. And also, all his emotional pains. Please pray for him, he is a very kind and loving son and brother.
—Guest mel

Pray for me

Anxiety, tinnitus and insomnia for over five years desperate and exhausted
—Guest Clare

Critical brother

My big brother and best mate has had a massive heart attack at 28 he has a 5 and 3 year old daughters jasmine and mikayla and his wife is 7 months pregnate with his first son pleas pray for him he is loved by hundreds and we are all praying non stop for his recovery we cannot bear the thought of life without him he is a great husbane son brother friend and a incredible father and his girls adore their daddy thank you and god bless
—Guest Chloe webber

please pray for my sister

my sister has been diagonised with cancer, we don`t know where it is coming from please pray for God intervension in Her life. that God should heal her and restore back all the good things to her. with her mouth she will testify of God doing in Jesus`s name amen.
—Guest yem


Please can you send Manny lots of healing prayers as he has suffered a stroke that has affected his right side, and injured his right hand also. Thank you so much.
—Guest Manny Leiberman

to find immediate work

God is so good. My brother has improved so fast that the day after his situation improved, today my mom told me that he was able to stand up today. though there is still a heart problem but the doctor said that it was like a miracle. I said, Mama Mary and Jesus loves us. Right now, I would like to request for a prayer for me because since I lost my afternoon job I do not have enough money right and I urgently need them since my brother is still in the hospital and the bills are not just easy ones to pay, please pray for me to have immediate work to compensate the lost income in order for me to settle my financial obligations and responsibilities for my family.
—Guest mel

Divine healing

My father is very ill too much for his body to handle. Please pray that his soul be free of this mess. He's too young to be in pain and suffering . Let my mothers spirit guide him
—Guest Christine Amore

Very sick sister

Please pray for my sister. She is in ICU with sepsis in critical condition. Her blood pressure is low and she hasn't responded to antibiotics thus far. The next 6-12 hours are critical. Please pray for her healing. Thank you.
—Guest Mitzi

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