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Readers Respond: Circle-of-Healing-Light Prayer Requests

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please pray for me

Aged about 38 years. please pray for me as i am in deep spiritual crisis.

Difficult times ahead

I have been contacted by an individual who is draining my energy. He is in pain but he is sucking my own life force. I need prayers for him and also for my own fortitude to walk away because I am in no position to help him. I also request prayers for my partner and myself who are facing some challenging times in the year ahead. We need help and wisdom to make the right choices and decisions.
—Guest Michael

Healing for Cancer

Please pray that God will miraculously heal my sister In law who has inoperable cancer. Thank You and May God Bless you Guest Carolyn
—Guest Carolyn Pierce

Request for prayer

Please pray for my mom who has been very sick with heart problems asthma and now diabetes. Thank you
—Guest Cybil

My Mother

Please pray for my mother, Krishnawati S.J. She is on ventilator (breathing problem). Please pray for her healing. Thanks.
—Guest neelam

Prayer for my Mother

Pls. help me pray for my mother, she had chemo and her liver was affected, I pray to the Lord Almighty to spare her more time to be with us. I believe in the God, He is a healing God, He is merciful God. I will pray to you each day for her fast recovery, Amén.
—Guest Fe

Mental illness

Please heal me of my mental illness, my depression, my anxiety and my paranoia; and please allow me to repay all that my friends have given to support me.
—Guest Simon


please pray for a blood cover, financial blessings, daughter make all A and B's, my mother is totally healing, and healing in my body(allergies and sinus problems) and restoration of my voice that the hoarseness will go away in mighty name of Jesus
—Guest k

help him to sit up straight and walk

my son is sick and can not even walk or sit after 1 yr 4 months. I am requesting for help in prayer to leave my son to God to help him. thanks
—Guest Jamai

healing of my dental and financial

pls pray for me to healed of dental problem and financial problem
—Guest Luciana njoki


Please pray for our daughter Sondra who, very recently, has been diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia. Thank you.
—Guest Sondra

lord i ask your help

prayer for the healing of spirit and soul cleanse me lord of stress anxiety and depression and lonliness. help me find my soulmate through this life by my side forever.also friendships with strength and love.i would also like physical healing inside and outside.i also ask for work and financial blessings amen also bless all friends and family past present and future
—Guest jayglenmcn


Please pray for Jen &send absentia healing engergies that she may be healed of blood disorder she was recently diagnosed with, Dr's say there is no cure for. May the healing light of the Lord surround her healing her, leaving her body healthy with no traces of the disease. Also pray that her daughters, ages 7 and 9, stress and worry about their mothers health will be eased at this time! Please also pray for financial resources to help ease the financial burden this has caused for her as well.
—Guest Anonymous


pls I need u guys to pls PRAY for my brother name ogbili Akhator Andrew who has bee down with STROKE for 3years pls l need ur HELP.Thanks n God Bless
—Guest Ogbili Akhator Andrew

work+ finance and skin+health

please pray for me in my search for work i really love and and financial success also for my skin problems and health.may god bless you as well many thanks and love
—Guest jayglenmcn

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