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Readers Respond: Circle-of-Healing-Light Prayer Requests

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Healing for daughter

Please send healing prayers for my daughter Cecile. She is healing from celiac disease and stress. Thank you for caring about people.
—Guest Yvette

prayers for my sick mom

please pray for my mom she is in the USA and am in india studying just got a call that she has been in coma for 2weeks now. help me pray for her she is the only person i have got....cry
—Guest ikechukwu okolo

Ailing Brother-in-Law

Please offer prayers of healing for my brother-in-law who has undergone a series of operations to remove a brain tumor, and is in pain. May the light and mercy of God help him heal and ease his physical pain, as well as the emotional pain my sister and their children suffer watching him go through this difficult journey.

Total healing

My husband has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and we believe for total healing in Jesus name
—Guest Peter Archibald

A little prayer for my aunt

Please pray for my aunt, as she is suffering from leukemia, and in a very hard condition. My mom loses her sleeps and her eating pattern is messed up. Thank you very much in advance, and god bless x
—Guest Geena

for my sick siblings

Pls,pray for my brother's health cos he's been having this strange sickness that strike like madness.Pls join me to pray that God should return that sickness back to sender. My lil sis was also hospitalized,I pray for speed recovery Ijn....amen
—Guest mary

Healing, abundance, prosperity, luck

I would like to a pray for me to heal my fibriods and maintain excellent health, remove all of my debt and supply a stream of cash flow monthly. Also remove negative energy and replace with white energy. Thank You
—Guest Kit2go

Focus for good grades

Need a pray for my daughter Brina who's in college and need to retain information and bring up grades. Also she needs some abundance, prosperity, good health, remove negative energies, bring good luck/energy and a new job. Thank You!!

young and suffering

Please pray for the love of my life. He is 29 and has cystic fibrosis. He is hospitalized and not doing well. He is a good man and deserves to see his 30th birthday.
—Guest Christiane R

be well

to guide and heal a spirit so broken with life's trials endured
—Guest butterfly

please pray for my Dad.

After taking ambien for insomnia for a few months and stopping it abruptly, our Dad is suffering from severe psychosis. He is being taunted by auditory hallucinations and is very paranoid. He never had a mental situation before taking ambien. He is going to be 75. He doesn't want to go to the doctor. Please pray for a complete healing and protection from evil. Thank you very much. I am forever grateful for your prayers. God Bless you.
—Guest Jennifer

perfect health

My intention is to dissolve a mass on my lungs and have perfect healing.
—Guest dale

healing prayer for my wife

My wife got pregnant with multiple fibriod and a doctor told us to terminate the pregnancy so as to operate the fibriods.please pray for my wife for healing of the fibriods and to give birth to the baby.
—Guest johnson adekunle

Husband's Addiction to Gambling

Please pray for my husband for him to stop his addiction to gambling (cockfighting, mahjong,card games). It ruins our relationship as husband and wife as well as our family budget. Moreoften than not, he's the kind of person who is a one day millionaire. Thus, the burden always goes with me alone. Please help me pray for him to change for the better ASAP. Our children are already in college, financially we need it urgently. Thank you very much for helping me and GOD Bless us all in Jesus name, AMEN.
—Guest Virginia N. Aguilar

Prayer for healing and recovery

Please pray for my father, Donald, that he may be healed of his encipholitus and returned to good health and happiness. Thank you so much.
—Guest Aly

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