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Readers Respond: Circle-of-Healing-Light Prayer Requests

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I am very ill, and nothing the doctors have given me is helping. I have a very week immune system and I have been diagnosed with 37 different conditions. The biggest problem right now is in my lungs. I am being treated for acute bronchitis, but I can't breath. I am using a nebuliser, 2 inhalers, and antibiotics, but I am getting worse. It hurts to breath,, and it hurts to inhale or exhale. Please pray for me. I am only 45 years old,and my children need me. Thank you in advance, IolandaWe are not able to get all my medicine (bad insurance) but we don't get any help from normal channels because we are not poor enough. My husband is a professional and I am a starving artist. Hy husband was interviewed by a wonderful company and he is one of two top candidates. Please pray I get better and my husband gets the job. He works so hard, and he is not able to feel like a good provider. Pray for him ( Gregg) to get the job, and for me to survive so I can take care of my sick child. Please pray.
—Guest Iolanda

Husband's job

Asking for prayers for my husband and guidance toward a job. He carries the families health benefits so we are praying for divine intervention.
—Guest cece

Pray for my Brother

Please pray for my brother, he has liver cancer. He is in the hospital. He is soo sick. I will pray for your family. Please, pray for mine. Ive already lost 2 brothers. I cant loose another, he is my last brother alive. I pray God has mercy and lets him live. My mother n father cant loose another child. God Bless you all
—Guest Little sis


Please pray for my friend who is in the hospital with an infection in his blood. The don't give him long
—Guest Beverly

prayer to be healed of HIV

Please pray for me may God heal me and make me free from the HIV virus in the name of our lord Jesus Christ
—Guest ISAAC

my parents

Please prayer to heal my father from his sickness and therefore my mother from the stress and worry of caring for him.
—Guest molly

prayer for my grandma

Please pray for the recovery of my grandma and that she will gain her strength. Remove all her sickness right now and that she will relief from whatever pain she is going right now.. i ask in the name if JEsus our Christ. Amen
—Guest mel

Brother fighting brain cancee

Please pray for my dear sweet brother fighting brain cancer. His family loves him and needs him very very much.
—Guest Laura

Release of fear

Release my crippling depression and fear. Let me feel joy and purpose. Namaste
—Guest Irene march

healing prayers

am requesting all prayer warriors to pray for my daughter to be healed from lymphatic muscle myomatosis in the name of Jesus because all things are possible with God when you believe and I believe with all my heart that God will heal me from this disease, amen.
—Guest bernadette wicker

Prayers for wife and her mother

Please in the name of Jesus Christ pray for the well being of my beloved wife Calliope who is facing very stressful moments daily caring for her mother who has Alzheimer's. Thank you and God Bless.

Please help

Please everyone I need your prayers at this time. I fear that I have a terrible disease and I need your help
—Guest billie bob

Healing for my self

Please pray for me, I'm sick and when I went to the hospital they couldn't find anything. Please I really want to be healed in the name of our Lord.
—Guest Naambo

Prayer for my mother

Lord please heal my mother's collar bone and free her of any cancer. Amen
—Guest Erica


Healing for my son of all his pains. Smoking.fears. All blockage is in his way
—Guest Sherry Ann Charles

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