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Readers Respond: New Year Resolutions

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From the article: New Year Resolutions
Share Posts - January is the time of year when we strive to be different, take action, and become better in someway. What are you resolving for the new year? Do you have a plan in place? Tell about your new year resolutions. Share New Year Resolution

Meditate Daily

My New Year Resolution is to make more use of my time, read more and meditate on a daily basis :)
—Guest Julie Lamb

Living in the Moment

At the end of the year I'll say I walked the dog daily, I sat still more, I spoke the Truth with Love, I cooked healthy good meals at home with friend, I played more board games, I went to the movies, I saved for retirement, budget and plan. I had always been a dreamer and reality is facing me at 54. I would like to make my reality a happier place on a daily basis for everyone in my life including me. I Loved more.
—Guest Michele

New Year Resolutions

I want to lose 35 lbs., concentrate on my artistic career as an artist, actress and singer.
—Guest peanutbutterhair

New Year's resolution

To have a balance of receiving and giving in my life.
—Guest Monica

New Year's Resolution

With building still underway for my new Treatment and Training room my resolution is to practice patience...all good things come to those who wait (though a little pro-action helps!) Looking forward to guiding my Holistic Therapy and Reiki students to be the best they can be and encouraging them all to reach for the stars!
—Guest Susan Davis

The year of me

As a wife and mom, I put a lot of attention and energy on my family. My intent this coming year is to focus more on me, especially spiritually, emotionally and physically. I have a small list of goals in each area and will take my time concentrating on one goal at a time.
—Guest Debbie

My new year resolutions

1. No expectations 2. Say NO when I wana say no 3. Act more, think less 4. Get engaged 5. Be a better being (clairsentient-guy.blogspot.com)
—Guest Clairsentient Guy

Keep Spaces Tidier

I'm in a much better place when my spaces are clean and organized. I'm going to try to keep my home, office and desk cleaner than I did this year! Still figuring out the best way to do that, though.
—Guest Lynn

Time Management

This year, I will work harder on time management. That means being on time, meeting deadlines early, planning for the unexpected, and spending less time watching t.v. (and more time exercising and meditating). I'll then move on to other goals with my newfound time.
—Guest Elizabeth

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New Year Resolutions

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