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Readers Respond: Reasons Why I Love Massage Therapy

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Share Post: Are you a massage lover? If yes, please share why you are passionate about getting a massage. What benefits have you gotten from receiving massages? Do you favor one massage style over another? What is your favorite type of massage therapy (Shiatsu, Swedish, Hot Stone Massage, Rolfing, Yogassage, Thai, or some other style) and why do you prefer it over other massage techniques?

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I love massage

Because it's great detox love feeling refreshed.!!
—Guest Mystery

Massage is Part of Health Care

Matt, you make a great point. It is hard to convince clients massage is more than pampering. I feel like half of my clients go the spa way and the other half want elbows up the erectors because their shoulders hurt. I think, off the top of my head, one in four come for general wellness. How do you convince your clients massage is an important part of health care?

Need to be touched

I'm in a sexless marriage. No intimacy in nearly 5 years, not even snuggling. This is a very lonely way to live and I use massage therapy as the only way I get a woman to touch me any more. Sad, but true.
—Guest Jason

The best massage I ever had

As I always love massage and have had a best massage last week from a lovely man (Robin) from Malaysia who know many types of massage and technique and he combined all techniques and applied. I felt really heaven and I am going to stick with him for my regular massage therapist.
—Guest Roy

I luv massages

I love massages, it makes me body feel much younger! Any pains that my body has seems to disappear during and after the massage. And I really love it when the massage therapist LISTENS to me and does what I WANT, I especially love having my mid and lower back, my hips and upper thighs are being massaged! I also adore hot stone massage because it reminds me of a small sweat lodge. I swear by massages, not just as a treat but a required health procedure that everyone should have at least bi-monthly.
—Guest AMber

Love Massages

My best bud, Dawn is my masseuse. After my first massage, I felt incredibly happy. I looked at the world in a new light . . . I was open to really enjoy and love being alive. What a feeling. After my massage I wanted to hug everyone and everything. I wanted to shout: I love this planet! She does a variety of massage and I tried the stone massage and I loved it. In the middle of Winter, I felt like I was laying on a tropical beach. Very cool. I wish I could get one every week. I think we all should. Every time I get a massage from Dawn, I am reset, rebooted, ready to go. That is amazing. That is a gift.

Deep love of touch

My first massage was 4 years ago after my 1st wife passed. I was feeling awful and just wandered into a little spa in LA. I received a Thai massage and loved it, for weeks later I felt good. I then started to visit spa regularly. It took a while to find the right match but I did. I tell my masseuse to switch techniques and sometimes and love to try new things. My favorite is the back walking (Shiatsu). I still feel great after a massage.

stone massage

i love watching stone massage,, i love to feel the warm stone deep into my body
—Guest dianna jane gripp

Chakra Colors?

After only a few sessions with my practitioner, and in a VERY relaxed state, through aromatherapy massage I now nearly always experience something strange and interesting. With my eyes closed, I see vivid colours, usually just 1 colour at a time, sometimes moving shapes, sometimes just a wall of colour. The first time this happened I found it startling, but now just expect and accept that it is happening. The practitioner, has on occasions felt strong energy coming from me. Could this be connected to the chakras?
—Guest ww

Meditation on massage

For relaxing we visualize each part of the body getting relaxed. Instead of just visualizing body parts, why not visualize massaging each part. Strong visualization should give us almost similar relaxation as real massage.

My Salvation

When life is taking me down the rough path, I turn to massage. I tend to carry my stress in my shoulders. Once that stress has reached my little finger it is way past time to act. The total experience of the deep tissue massage is like my personal heaven. The room smells relaxing, the music is soft and soothing. The lights are very dim and the bed is warm. I lay down and close my eyes. My mind can think of nothing but how good my body feels, right now. The tension is slowly releasing, allowing my body and my mind to relax. I enjoy the touch, the warmth and the over all experience, from head to toe. I would love to be wealthy enough to allow myself the luxury to enjoy this wonderful feeling more often. As it stands, I allow myself the chance to go to my happy place, when life is not so happy. I do have some power over how life will affect me. I believe that massage has saved my sanity more than once, along with taking care of my body. If life allowed one luxury, it would be massage!
—Guest Kim Perry

Giving as good as receiving

I am a massage therapist and I love to give massage. It's rewarding for me to work with someone who has never experienced massage and bring about that body awareness and treat them to the tender touch they deserve. It is relaxing for me to give massage. The combination of music, movement and being in ones state of calm is healing for me as well. I love to have massage on my shoulders and lower back but I find that giving is what feeds my physical, mental and spiritual being more everyday. You never know what kind of positive things will come from a massage.
—Guest tlee

Love Massages

I love massage because it is sensual and really makes the body feel alive. In Thailand they walk over your body and practice manipulation to revitalize. In Jamaica the famous Aloe Vera massage. They strip leaves of Aloe and coat your body with the natural juices. I travel a lot in the third world and find that it is best to experiment and try assorted massage techniques. The feeling of massage opens up my physical, mental and spiritual channels and makes me feel more intune with life and my body. Each therapist is different in their approach to massage, but when the massage is finished they are the artist signing their work. No massage is the same and I make sure I don't fall asleep so I can experience the opening of channels, and the sensation of relaxed muscles. The massage therapist does not have to speak the same language because after the massage, it speaks for itself. I went To Wat Po in Thailand to learn the secret of massage and to understand it better. I love massage.

The Holy Trinity

I'm one of two massage therapists working for a local chiropractor who also owns a fitness center. I'm married to an lmt as well, and I still can't get enough massage. I prefer deep tissue - it gets rid of muscle imbalances, postural problems, improves flexibility, and it makes me feel wonderful. Massage, chiropractics, and fitness... the holy trinity for good health and holistic wellness.
—Guest mary


For those who cannot afford massage, massage schools offer student massage at a very low rate.
—Guest kperry

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