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Readers Respond: Favorite "Letting Go" Affirmations

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From the article: Letting Go Affirmations
Share Post: Do you have a favorite affirmation you use that helps you to release negative feelings or motivate you to stop clinging to possessions as a way to feel love? Please share any affirmation that you have used successfully to "let go" of stuff, be it emotional baggage or material possessions. Share Your Affirmations

A second time

A long time ago, I was happy to be alive every morning and enjoyed every minute. I was happy to have a family and enjoy them. I forgot how to unwind. The large family and Grand Children bring a responsibilty and worry. I felt a fettered need to look after them. Without realising it, I was losing my own happiness. It`s only recently with the guidence of a spirit I have learned again to be happy with myself. As a second time, the appreciation is more profound. It`s a matter of realising that we all have a free will. It`s of little use worrying for others pointlessly. So when the environment I`m in gets over the top, I think, "Do I need to worry"? Of course I don`t. Responsibility is one thing, carrying the world on your shoulders is too much.
—Guest Alan OBy

I am a blissful soul

kv1234, beautiful soul - If you come across a situation which you don't like....Then I affirm... I am not this, I am just the knower of this. Know the knower, I am a blissful soul.
—Guest Ms. B

Loving me..

Live Life like you have it all until you have it all...
—Guest Loving me..


I am a strong, responsible woman, I release all negativity in my life NOW!
—Guest shelteranean


My favorite "letting go" affirmation is: 'EVERYONE IS DOING THE BEST THEY CAN"
—Guest peg mcknight


I release resistance and choose acceptance and my heart becomes free.
—Guest mary


I have the power, the strength, and the courage to get through today.
—Guest Michele D

beautiful soul

If u come across a situation which u dont like....Then I affirm... I am not this I am just the knower of this.Know the knower...I am a blissful soul....


A diamond in the rough, let go of imperfections, my Dear Dad used to say to me as a child, and still rings true throughout my crazy life.
—Guest Jess

Letting go

"Can you Forgive Yourself for your Misjudgments?" I love this quote, I have a hard time letting go of people whom I feel have done me wrong.
—Guest heather_designer

whoever is depressed

I am enjoying every moment of my physical existence on this earth.

Affirmation really works for career

I put my best foot forward on the path of success and I continue to walk on the path of success.


I take these affirmations and do a round of EFT tapping using them. ( Note from Guide: EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique = http://healing.about.com/od/eft/ )

Letting go of the past

I am at peace with my past. I choose to release the past now. I move forward by letting go of the past. I choose to forgive myself and others. I am grateful and happy to experience new joys in life.
—Guest David

Letting Go and Letting Grow

I accept everything that is, everything that isn't and everything that ever wil be. Thank you Universe for clear reflections and constant growth.
—Guest Utopian Alien

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Favorite "Letting Go" Affirmations

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