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Readers Respond: Law of Attraction Success Stories

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From the article: Manifesting Abundance
Share Post: Please share your Law of Attraction success stories. Can you offer any manifesting advice to others? What can they do to begin attracting positives and turning their dreams into to reality? Share Your LOA Successes

It really works

The law of attraction has been proven to work scientifically it is a law of the universe, it has worked for me for years with out me even knowing it. I watched The Secret a couple months ago and have been applying it to my daily life I happen to manifest millions using the LOA and using a vision board. The LOA is companied by another law, the law of detachment. This law will make the things you desire come faster please do research for proper application
—Guest 5V


I watch movies about LOA twice a week and I visualized germany winning the world cup at every match I was sure germany already won When germany won the world cup I couldnt believe it because I achieved this already in my mind it works every time !!!
—Guest steffen b.

It's better than you imagine

I used the law of attraction to get me an internship. I really wanted professional experience and would even be willing to work for free. A few months later the CEO of a huge firm got hepled me land a high paying internship in his firm. Never limit how much the law of attraction can do for you!
—Guest Banana bread

LOA really works as miracles

1 year ago, I made visual board and place five different pictures and things which I wanted like Vacation, pilgrimage, $40k, Remodelling of house and my business building.I applied LOA and visualize these and beleive in these and within a year 3 wishes came true and 2 are in the process of menifesting now. Thanks for the power of beleif and LOA. I beleive that Thoughts become things.
—Guest John

Tested LOA and it works..!

I am a firm believer of LOA..recently I anted to simply test myself. There was this guy I met at a restaurant whom I knew before, just by face. I just told my desire strongly that I want to talk to him. I was going thru a rough patch so back of my mind I was also saying "et's see if LOA works." I forgot about this small incident.. 2 days later..exactly 2 days! I get a promotional mail from a event manager for an event I was waiting for, and guess what, the contact person was the same guy! And I actually spoke to him on that phone! It was so amusing.. couldn't stop smiling for a while..;)
—Guest Andy


I have been visualizing winning the lottery for about a month... our friend won and is giving us like $5000 XD ha so thankful XD BELIEVE XD
—Guest Dirty

Winning Powerball

I got the Secret about 4 months ago, read it and tried to practise it but i would fall shot and have doubts until recently that i did my vision board and one of the things that were there was 9million in powerball and i played i won 1240.00 and i've won tonight's powerball and it's 18 millions draw i know only 2 people and i'm 1 of the 2 people.
—Guest Ntsiki

The Big Stuff

I use LOA for little things all the time; finding lost items, grades in school, gaining knowledge etc. However, recently, I've started using it for bigger things. I've manifested an amazing, super fun, and absolutely perfect boyfriend, I'm getting a job at a spiritual institute doing what I absolutely love at an age I didn't think it would be possibly to posses this job at and I've made a new best friend whom I love with all my heart and we are TV producers soon to discuss a television show we'll be hosting! I love the life I've manifested and you HAVE TO KNOW that this stuff works!
—Guest Vienna

Loa for new start

I've been applying loa for my writing career and for a new start financially to give back to my church and my family that's helped me through tough times, I've picked out my house my car and truck designed my kitchen (don't like the old one in the house) I'm playing Fantasy 5 Ga and the jackpot has grown all week, I told my family (as I do on a regular basis) that I'm winning it and we will all benefit. I don't have a car, and I live with my mother since bad decisions after my divorce and I have struggled but I know I've already won and that the agency that is currently evaluating my screenplay is going to sign me as a client. I'm throwing a BBQ in three weeks as a house warming and I can't wait to give my sons rooms again and take them on trips etc I am already blessed and happy but this changes my life. The jackpot is $715,000 which means I have a check for approximately $479,000 after taxes this money is changing my life and I won't take it for granted.
—Guest BlessedNga

Making dreams come true!

I am a major music fan, so when one of my favorite artist came to do a show where I live, I used LOA and visualizing twice to win tickets from the radio!! Then this past March, I decided to take it a bit further and visualize meeting the members of a band. I grew up listening to in the 90's. Don't ask me how, but iI found myself on stage with them and got to shake hands and pictures with them. It just proves to me that when you focus on what you want, it will happen, not how you think, but it will just happen!!!
—Guest Katie

I won a drawing at work

A few days prior, I had been "practicing" LOA. I went into work that day and noticed there would be a drawing for the grand prize of an iPad Air for showing up to a meeting. I calmly "knew" it was mine. While they were drawing the names, I looked out the window, smiled at the universe, and they called my name. I was SO happy that the LOA worked for me. More happy than the fact that I got my iPad. I truly attribute it to the LOA and now, I know I will be the millionaire I am destined to be.
—Guest Cat

Manifested Heart Shaped Rose Quartz

After reading The Secret in holiday in Goa, I requested that if what I had read was true, I wanted to meet more people that had read it and we're using it, within a day or so I met three people that had read it or we're using it, all total strangers! Cool! Also I went to a kinesiology workshop last year and had my chakras checked over with crystals. The crystal that worked with me was the rose quartz, this is for healing the heart chakra, I knew that this was the right crystal for me because I too suffered with depression from around the age of 5, so my heart definitely needed support, I have also had quite a difficult life emotionally... Anyway, a little time later whilst clearing my bedroom, under a pile of washing, in the middle of the floor, I found a heart shaped rose quartz!
—Guest Terri

Won the lottery!

I have been dying to tell someone! We are keeping it a secret for now, so I had to find somewhere to post anonymously. I won the lottery! I did it on purpose. This is something I have been trying to do since last year. I saw a woman named Cynthia Stafford do it with her mind, and I knew I could do it too. So, I kept visualizing. I made a floor plan for my new home. I found a financial planner, a bank, and an attorney. I made a vision board and went shopping online. I had my daughter pick out things for her room. I just kept meditating and believing. Then, boom, it happened. I was shocked at first. I could not believe it, and then I was soooo grateful. I cried. I just had to tell someone!! YAY!!! This REALLY works.
—Guest JoJo

Re: Ladeesse (Law of Attraction PMDD)

Hi, Ladeesse. I was in your shoes once, and I am happy to report that those days are long gone. It was a process of baby steps. The first one was that although I felt like my emotions had control over me, I realized that I still had control over my words. So I would tell people to ignore the emotions I exhibited and just listen to the words I said. No matter how emotional I felt, I found that there was a part of me that could always think clearly, even if it was only to say, "I'm not in a position to talk at the moment. I'll get back to you when my head is in a clearer place." And by focusing on that instead of the swell of emotion, over time, the PMDD went away completely.
—Guest HappyKT

True it works!!

Wow just found this site just got excited to share my experience with LOA. 10 years ago I was a dreamer, well I know everyone is. Sometime we just have to be patient surely it will manifest in time. Manifested of having my own bar and it came true. I have this vision board one by one the traveling, the new ca,r the good experiences. It's crazy, I'm being grateful for everything. We just have sometimes to be consistent on everything so that it will always be a positive thing.
—Guest Noel

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Law of Attraction Success Stories

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