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Readers Respond: Law of Attraction Success Stories

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From the article: Manifesting Abundance
Share Post: Please share your Law of Attraction success stories. Can you offer any manifesting advice to others? What can they do to begin attracting positives and turning their dreams into to reality? Share Your LOA Successes

Lottery Winner

Guys i'm winning 25.000.000€ tonight. So happy ... My dream have come true...
—Guest Sim

Manifesting Pocket Change

I listen to the 'Secret' CD almost every day. I made a vision board to sell my house when the real estate market was really down and I sold my house for what I wanted, not what it was worth in the market. After that I asked to manifest finding a quarter, I've found smaller change while out walking but never a quarter. To my surprise, and I wasn't looking for it, I found a quarter and then another soon after. Now I have made another vision board to gain wealth in my retirement years, something I didn't ever really care about in earlier years, and when I achieve that I will pay it forward to help the elderly and throw away kids that want an education. I was raised in foster homes and no one ever talked to me about the future and I know there are kids out there that need someone to care. And our elderly struggle with daily activities on a daily basis. The LOA is real and I truly respect it, Expect A Miracle!
—Guest Annie

I Am Ready to Receive

It’s funny that I have procured the book 4 years ago then gave it away to my sis. A year later a friend of mine gave me the book as a gift and I even just added another book to the shelf. Few months the same year, a nice fellow got in my life and handed his USB to me to watch the movie and I did not bother. Just last September I decided to read the book and OMG – it’s dynamite; I found peace of mind, got healed in days, got my relationship on track in weeks and money was coming to me daily! Currently, I am trying to use the LOA to land the job of my dream and glad I came to this blog this morning as I was feeling blue but after reading all above; I feel re-charged and that what I want – is happening now – Thank you ya Allah for this miracle – I am ready to receive.
—Guest Sammy

Wishes Are Coming True

With this secret, I passed my licensure exam,which I failed 3 times before no matter how hard I studied. After that I can see how my wishes are coming true. Its works. Thank you, thank you, thank you god, For giving me secret.
—Guest pavi

Vision Board Magic!

The law of attraction has totally changed my life! In 4 years I've manifested 2 vision boards, and gone from a broke single mom to one living my dream life. It really is life changing. I've posted about my journey proving that it can work for anyone! I have tons of proof, on my blog Thoughts.Stories.Life .com it's really amazing. When you understand it and get results you want to share it with the world, because it's so simple and easy and results are almost immediate. Thanks for spreading the word!
—Guest Sarah Centrella

Thank You

I am winning the jackpot tonight, and I thank you. Everything I need will be taken care of, a new house, financial freedom, more time with my boys, my own business, etc. I truly believe this, and I thank you
—Guest Me

Suprised Effect!!!!

I am 20 yrs old and just discovered LOA from my best friend and he recommended to watch. When I saw the movie, it changed my way of thinking and I started to think I've always been happy. After 3 days, my friend registered my name in CS game in college event and I didn't practised for 3 years. My friends told we just participate for their experience and I thought why to apply LOA in this event... so I started thinking that I have entered in Finals and I was shocked that my vision come true.. I was excited, shocked, happy and i can't express ..whoa (just started dancing in my mind) and now I have created vision book and I hope this will work.

My expectations

I discovered The Secret a couple of years ago and it saved me from a breaking point, I was then super happy and was radiant with joy and positivity, my friends were loving it, over time I forgot how to keep applying it or I got lazy and until recently I let negative thoughts take over me, I had the sudden drive earlier in the week to buy the book again (I gave the old copy to someone in need of it). I knew it was going to sort my head out again, instead this time of just using it to sort my mind out and give me peace, I've used the LOA to ask to win the lottery this very saturday, I am fully confident about saying this because I have felt this sensational feeling go over me and I know I have received it, i'm so happy and so excited.
—Guest Ryan

Works for Little Things

I can't say that I'm new at this, because I've read The Secret and watched the movie 2 or 3 years ago. But I can say that I consider myself inexperienced when it comes to making my life better. Yes, it worked couple of time, like for coffee or for little amount of money, but never for bigger things. The problem is that I'm that kind of person that when I'm thinking positive, I always have the back up plan in my head, just in case things don't work out. For example, when I like some guy and I decide to approach, even though I think positive, somewhere in my head I always think "But what if he refuses me?", so I'm stuck. :/ I need help guys, please. I really need to improve my life, it's only going worse. :(
—Guest Cheesecake


I read about LOA about a month or so ago. I was going through a painful breakup and needed something to get me through it all. I watched the movie and decided to start implementing the program the next day. What I did realize is that I was using this technique many times in my life even though I didn't know what it was. It worked with my previous relationship (for the good and bad) and other aspects of my life. Recently, I was having car troubles. The place was going to charge me $600 to fix it. I said I didn't have the money and the lady called me back to say it would only be $358. The next day, my car overheated. I took it to the same shop and called the next day to see what the repairs would cost me. The same lady from the previous day said that a customer paid for the repairs! I couldn't believe it! Later that night, I visualized me winning at bingo and I did! I won $134. I stopped believing in it because I started to feel guilty. I'm back on it now and am hoping it works again!

So true

I was using the law of attraction for many years without knowing. I actually started to think I was clairvoyant or something because when I would think about thing the used to happen! About 2 years ago I suffer a crisis of faith and blame other as to why my lucky streak had gone not realising it was my negative thinking keeping me down. But now I have managed to manifest an amicable split from my partner which is so amazing considering the relationship we had. I have just started practising again and I am a hundred and ten percent sure this is just the start of all the things I want and need coming into mine and family and friends lives xx
—Guest Dream girl

Winning Contests

I am 17 years old, and I found the LOA about 2 year ago. I am from Moldova, which is a very small country in Europe. My biggest dream for 5 years was to live in USA. I was dreaming about USA, I imagined how I will take the plane, how I will go in regular American school, how I will do different topic,s American things, even like fastofood fo. When I changed in high school in my country in first days of school I found about a contest which help you to spend a year in US like an exchange student, but I wasn't sure to participate because my english was pretty bad, and I forgot about this. After few weeks my friends took me to that contest even if I was afraid and guess what, I passed all 3 parts of contest (my friends failed from first round) and here I am living my dream life, with and amazing host family and going in american school. My biggest dream ever came true and I am already for 5 months in USA. I am so thankful for everything I have and so thankful for LOA
—Guest Felicia

IT WORKS :))))

I Have been practising the LOA for about 8 months now and I have attracted 4 items of my visual board its amazing. I have been winning on the lottery on several occasions and friends have been too. I am grateful for all my wins and I will be posting on here again very soon once i've won the big one. I also won £1,000.00 in a comp I just cant stop winning things its great. I also attracted a partner he was exactly what I had imagined in my mind. Believe and give love for things and they just come. Love love love LOA. Reading all your stories has inspired me so much so thank you
—Guest Hayley

No More Pain

From last many years I had pain in my hand. I went for checkup but all useless doctors couldn't find out why my hand is paining. They took x-ray, nothing was to be seen. So I was disturbed. One day I took one paper and started writing "I am Happy, I am Lucky, I am Healthy" and many more things. Sfter few week i noticed pain gone. LOA is powerful, it works but the only thing is to have lot of will power to focus on things. I do beleive in LOA but not enough strong to focus for more time. But I wish you all good luck, it helps a lot.
—Guest meena

This works

I read "The Secret" about 5 years ago, since then I've read many books on the Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, etc. At one time about 1 year ago, I was visualizing wealth, I even made a vision board, over a period of three months almost every lottery scratch ticket I bought was a winner. One day I was waiting for a bus, a woman I never seen before walked up to me and said " would you like a million dollars" I said yes, she gave me a million dollar bill, it wasn't real of course, but it was a very positive sign. I think if we could "allow" ourselves to "believe" despite all of the crap to the contrary that we have been fed all our lives, we could manifest anything we want.
—Guest Carl

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Law of Attraction Success Stories

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