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Readers Respond: Importance of Listening to Intuitive Messages

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From the article: Listening to Your Intuition
Share Post: Have you ever had a gut instinct that you simply could not ignore? Were you glad you listened to that inner voice? Please share personal stories about how your intuitions helped alert you to a problem, answered a question, or helped you in some other way.

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Always trust your intuition

I seem to have quite strong intuitive powers. Over 10 years ago on the day my grandfather passed away I was at a party and had no reason to be on edge. I felt a strong sense of uneasiness and kept going to my bag to check my phone. I checked again to find my mum had called. I called her back and she broke the news to me that my pop passed away. 4 years ago I had a persistent uneasy feeling about my dad to the point where I told him to go to the doctors. He was diagnosed with leukaemia and lymphoma. Last year I had a heart breaking dream that my husband broke my heart and was leaving and was acting like a complete arsehole about it. He woke me up from the dream and in tears I asked if we were ok he said of course and told me how much he loved me. A month later he broke my heart and acted exactly like my dream. My intuition scares me sometimes.
—Guest Jasmine

Making The Right Choice

During the weekends, I was playing this game on my phone (not gonna say what game is it) and it gave me a question and I had to pick the right answer to move on. I didn't want to pick the wrong one because if I did, then I had to start from where I left off and go to that question again. Anyway, as I was staring at the question and the answer choices I asked myself, "What is the correct answer?" And all of a sudden I felt something that rushed into my stomach area. I was confused and began looking around my room and then looked at my phone again and I looked at the "right" answer. I somehow felt that it was a right answer and tapped on it. Next thing you know, I was able to move on with my game and didn't realized that it was an intuition feeling. I told my friend about it and she told me that it was indeed my intuition feeling. It was amazing.
—Guest Anonymous

Arranged marriage intuition

I'm an Indian girl going to have an arranged marriage. When the process to search the guy started I always felt that it's not going to happen and for some or the other reason the proposal would get dropped. But recently I was asked my opinion in a guy and idk why I liked him so much and felt like he's the one just by seeing a picture. It's been some time now and I can't stop thinking about him. There have been other guys before and after him but I never felt that way about anyone. Soon things are going to progress with him but I just know that he's the one and I want him to be the one. Accepting all the good and the bad about him I want to be with him. My intuition has worked before sometimes but not all the time but such a strong intuition I never got let's see what happens.
—Guest Shanaya

Brief Thanks

I just wanted to thank you for writing this article, especially in such an open and inclusive way. I was hoping to find answers for a similar personal, pressing issue, about which I experienced a very powerful dream. Not knowing anything about dream interpretation, and only a little about healing, I found this article speaking directly to my needs in a way that was phrased gently, honestly, and patiently. Again, thank you. this has helped be a mirror to me. (Note from Phylameana: Thank you for your note. Happy to hear I've been of help.)
—Guest Panda

Gut Feeling Gift

I have a gift to tell when something is going on with my family. I also know when something good or bad is gonna happen.
—Guest Michelle's

What's Behind Your Belly Button?

A new titled "What's Behind Your Belly Button?" available on Amazon is worth a read if you want to really understand your gut feelings.
—Guest Michael

an accident not avoided

Some 20 years ago I was on the motorway with my Ex-husband. Suddenly I got that really urgent feeling that we need to get off that motorway. I told him, but he just laughed it off. A minute later we reached the end of a traffic jam. We stopped just behind a van, but the car behind us did not see and crashed into us. Only the fast reaction of my ex who turned the steering wheel around and our car was moved along instead of under the van. Well, better he would have listened to me in the first place :-)
—Guest phoenixrisesagain

Awesome Feeling

I was on my lunch hour and wanted to buy a Christmas gift for my son's girlfriend. But, I decided rather than going shopping I would drop off the coats for kids that I had in my car at the Salvation Army. As I arrived, there was a lone girl sitting on the steps freezing (it was about 40 degrees out). She had no coat on. I asked if she had a coat to which she replied no. I had one woman's coat in the bag which fit her perfectly! I think I was supposed to be there - that day at that time to help someone who needed me. It was an awesome feeling. I only wish I could have done more.
—Guest Sue

temporal lobe epilepsy and ESP

Some of you might want to look this up. There are a number of studies showing a link between temporal lobe epilepsy and ESP. We're talking University funded projects and peer reviewed papers and publications. I had temporal lobe epilepsy as a child. The seizures stopped when I was 7, then the precognitive dreams began. My strongest ability is precognition and to a lesser extent telepathy. People might also want to research the fact that ESP runs in families and appears to be an inherited trait. It runs on both sides of my family along with epilepsy.
—Guest V

My gut feeling is always right

I've just finished reading your "Gut Feeling" article which I found interesting. I have found over time that my gut feeling is always right. If I don't listen to it, I'm usually regretting it. Thank you for a wonderful site. I wish you abundant success on your life path.
—Guest P.C.

Harrassing in a bus

I went to Vegas for a long weekend one time and got on a bus. For some reason I started seeing these pictures about a person getting on that same bus yelling and harassing. So I quickly started thinking about what to do in case of something like that would happen. On our second stop on our way back, a woman with a manly appearance, got into the bus saying racial slurs towards two African American girls seated in front of me and I just couldn't believe it. I grabbed my wife's hand at that point, remained quiet, and did not look back not look towards the woman. I was ready to attack if she started messing with my wife though. Fortunately, the bus driver did not take the smack and got her out of the bus immediately.
—Guest Daniel

6th Sense

I have always felt things deeply, and been very sensitive/emotional. I used to get teased for crying so easily, sometimes I'd cry and not even know why or not feel sad (I know now someone close to me was probably sad at the time). For a while I used to ignore the intuitions n signs in my body (energy shivers across my skin) when they tried to tell me something; usually out of stubbornness. Especially in the case of guys; I'd have a bad guy feeling but was determined to prove he was right for me, needless to say every guy I've met like that turned out to be a complete jerk, has cheated on me, and emotionally abused me. I've now met a guy, and although I'm not as physically attracted to him, I sense his energy is genuine. I can sense lies/thoughts/memories too. I am very good at reading people. I once met a girl for 10 minutes and later described my impression of her to a mutual friend, who said he couldn't have even described her that well and he's known her for 5 months!
—Guest Michelle


i was told i am an empath. A person who can actually feel anothers feelings and iI also know what someone is thinking or if they're lying. It's just a knowing that comes naturally to me. It doesn't happen all the time. When have important issues to attend to, I zone out by keeping away from people, so that I can tend to my life.
—Guest nikki

Boyfriend's Ex-Girlfriend

I have been with my boyfriend for 7 months. I love him dearly, but he has some crazy ex girlfriends that will not move on from him. I had this bad vibe from one of his ex girls. Which I was right. That she was trying to break us up, and I was right. She would lie to him saying I was cheating and that I wanted him for money. I have the same bad vibe from his other ex but it's more of a feeling she's trying to get him back. I try to like her as a friend, but something won't let me because of this feeling. I don know if I should ignore it or see it through, but even if I see it through I wouldn't know what to do about it.
—Guest Bireca

Instincts predicting futures.

I, after experiencing so many things myself now know that our instincts are our true guides. I have noticed many times, suddenly a thought comes to my mind about something wrong about to happen, and it turns out to be true. Even I felt sick when something really bad is about to happen. Like this one.. One Saturday i made plans with friends, but early morning I got sick. Other day I was completely fit! Even puked and felt very very weak. then after 15 mins I got well. Around 11 am was waiting for friends to pick me up that suddenly my father came back from his driving classes and sat quietly. I asked him about the class but then felt something was wrong as he is a very 'always smiling' kind of a person. I inquired about my paternal grandfather's health. He told with wet eyes that maternal grandmother i.e my Nani expired in the morning whom I was very attached to. I was shocked by the news and what was more shocking was, I felt the same thing she went through in her last minutes!!!
—Guest Ankita
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