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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: Importance of Listening to Intuitive Messages

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I am getting an intuition that a shipwreck is going to happen soon somewhere. posted on 26th Dec.2010
—Guest Manohar Philip

Stranger on the Bus Gave Me Bad Vibes

This happened two years ago. I was riding on the bus and was sitting towards the middle of the bus. It was after nine at night and I was on my way home from church and was feeling kind of tired. This man whom I had never met in my entire life had come from the back of the bus and sat in an empty row of seats in front of me. Then he turned around and looked me dead in my eyes. I just got the strangest and most horrible vibe from him and my walls just went up. Red flags were popping up all over the place. This man immediately struck me as the "I don't take no for an answer, I will "MAKE you like me" type. He looked like the type that would blow your phone up eighties times a day. He asked me for my number and I said "NO", but shortly after that experience, he continued to try and pursue. Thank God I stopped riding the bus for a while because it throws him off when he thinks that I'll be on the bus. He tried so much to look like a "Nice Guy." Please! That's how the game always starts. I'm too smart!

Absolutely a dimension of healing

I recently came across a website that referred to the five dimensions of healing. One of them was the "subtle," which I believe can be a good description for the gut instinct - although sometimes it comes across as strong! Mine's right about 95% of the time.
—Guest livesimply2livewell

Inner knowing: the key to bliss

I am a medical doctor by profession who graduated from a school in Jos, Nigeria. I was in search of a housejob and had this gut instinctive feeling that I was going to do it in a particular hospital in a different state. Following my feeling, I declined to write interviews in Jos where I knew I would have been given the job without the blink of an eye and decided to follow my feelings to go to a place where my chances were logically less than 50% and I did not know very well. Turned out it all worked out well. I now am enjoying my self in this new state. Doing things I never dreamed would have been possible. Oh! would have shot myself if I didn't listen to that inner feeling! It really is a way God connects us to all of nature and we are able to know everything because it is all there, all written. "Intuition", so much better than any "tuition" any external source can give. I'm learning to follow it more and more each day.
—Guest Guest Wale

A Sorrowful Event

It was just after a tiresome day at work.I was having a phone call with mummy then suddenly I felt dizzy severely, I looked at the chandelier over my head. It was as if it was swinging. I thought there had been an earthquake as it often happens in my country. I asked my hubby if there was an earthquake at that moment, but he said "no." And as he was saying it to me the doorbell rang my little daughter was in the arms of our doorkeeper, her head was bleeding severely she had been hit with a big stone on the head by a boy who is not a friend of her. I still couldn't forget that moment.


I have always had strong intuition but it's only lately that it's been happening more frequently. I don't know if it's only with the people I am close with but sometimes I instinctively know how people are feeling even if they seem fine. For a whole day it happened to me, I was laying on the bed just thinking about things and my boyfriend was over. It was silent and I would be thinking about something completely random and he would say it. Once, I woke up with a feeling that something bad was gonna happen on that day. Later that day my mum collapsed and had been diagnosed with throat cancer.. and boyfriend at the time was with another girl announcing his feelings for her. I am almost always right about my feelings about people but my nature of giving people chances and believing in the good in people have always proved to be damaging to myself and I always ask why I didn't listen to my instincts before. Sigh, story of my life.
—Guest Guest, Trang.

Sensed My Son's Fear

My son was spending the weekend with my exhusband, about 25 miles away. it was past my kids' bed time, about 9pm. I had a wave of climate change wash over me, knowing instantly that my kid was scared. I waited a couple minutes, wondering if I was imagining it. The "knowledge" persisted. I called my ex. His girlfriend answered and said my son had been in bed already 20 minutes now. I told her my feeling and asked her to go check on him. She let me go. I paced for 15 minutes as I waited, wondering if she would call back or if I would have to be the paranoid exwife/mother that wouldn't give up tonight. She called. She was amazed and a little shaken. She entered my son's room and he was sitting ramrood straight in the middle of the bed. He told her he felt a "crawl" and thought something was in the bed with him. She had taken awhile to shake out all his sheets and blankets to assure him before she called me back. I honestly was a little amazed myself. Now I listen to any whim given.
—Guest karen

Gut instincts intuition ect

I have often been reguarded as having a good intuition about people. Some people I have not liked for no reason at all from the day I met them. It always turned out to be an advantage, when ignored it often led to problems, some worse than others. I used to get uncomfortable at parties in my youth and leave, shortly after the party was busted up or there was some sort of trouble. I get feelings about certain things, even the most mundane of which, and I tend to follow those "instincts." I know I am slightly touched with some sort of ESP, though not especially strong. It seems to manifest itself more in times of need in my case, though I do not complain. I have been trying to strengthen it with meditation and concentration, but it seems the harder I try the less it comes. I would like to be more of a "defensive instinctive" person, but lack the knowledge or potential. Trust your feelings, even if it seems stupid it can save a lot of trouble or pain, trust me, lol.
—Guest Jack

Middle School Insights

Its weird, I don't know a person but I have a sudden dislike about that person, or a sudden pull to talk to them, I also find it easier to talk to that person or laugh with them. About three months into my 8th grade year ( this is happening now ) I am able to tell what people I have been around ( this is only if I am around that person in a class for awhile, not really any connection ) if they like me or not, and sometimes why. Even now when the people I really know. I can also see people's inner beauty, and most likely, I can't see their outer. Some people are beautiful, and some people are dark, as if they were on fire. Whenever I have one of these feelings I steer away from why people hate me. But some things are just teenage things, jealousy, hate crimes, racisim ( I am rather pale ) and another, which I have not yet learned about. I am starting to lead toward 'intuition' rather then a physic ability.
—Guest Brittany K.

instinctive listening

My intuition is strong, about people, who is gonna call, visit, who needs me, even subtle shifts in the weather. I trust it every time. I know when I'm gonna get the job I apply for. When certain people come into my life. I'm also attuned to people's feelings. and can sense negativity from people or other feelings. Strongest one I had was about a friend. I was alone in my flat and an overpowering feeling that she was in danger came upon me. I ran the mile to the flat just as the ambulance was pulling away. Her partner had viciously attacked her. I had tuned into her fear. Even times when natural disasters happen, I get feelings of fear and dread a few days beforehand, but not specific.
—Guest pamela

Gut Instincts Keep You Safe

In the past I have always ignored my gut instincts and every time I have got into serious danger, especially with relationships i.e knowing there is something wrong about the man I'm about to date but I fancy him so I ignore the instincts. Because of that I ended up in a very violent marriage that destroyed me and my children. Because I would not listen to my instincts to start with and just listened to my desire of the physical type this has really strengthened since. I have met potentail relationships and I can with such force really pick out the dangerous personalities to the more kind genuine ones and I have been right every time. My psychologist who treated me after the trauma fom my violent ex-husband said my instincts have got immense and strong and this is often the case with trauma victims. Instincts are there to protect you so please if you have the icky feeling abouth that potential mate trust it. Only follow the feeling inside that feels safe at that time. Always be safe.
—Guest sam

I know what will happen

Sometimes I just know for sure that something is about to go wrong. And it does, each and every single time. When I get mad at somebody, something bad happens to them, again every single time. I never wish it on a person - it just happens. I also get very negative feelings when introduced to certain people. I don't know them and I've never met them before, but these people always tend to turn out to be negative in some way or another. I'd love to be able to develop my sixth sense more, but from what I've learned through personal experience is to always trust my instincts.
—Guest Heather

Instinctively Knew Something Was Wrong

This happened several years ago. I was taking a late afternoon bath. My bath time is sacred to me. It is a time when I can relax and let the warm healing waters release any stresses. I hadn't been soaking for more than a few minutes when I got this very "sick feeling" in my stomach. I climbed out of the tub, wrapped myself in the towel and slowly made my way into the bedroom. I sat on the edge of my bed feeling more and more sick. I knew something wasn't right. My mind was in a swirl of confusion. I felt I was needed to be somewhere but had no clue where. Then the doorbell rang. I heard my husband answer the door. He soon hollered up the stairs for me to come quickly. It was the neighbor boy reporting that our 13 year old daughter who had been riding her bicycle down the street had been hit by a car. I threw on some clothes and went flying out the door. I got to her in time to ride with her in the ambulance to the hospital. She had bumped her head and had also broken her arm.
—Guest Ann

Didn't Feel Right

My girlfriend came over to introduce me to her new boyfriend, I didn't feel right when he was here. My plants were falling over on to the floor which I thought that was strange. Finally he left. Later found out he had escaped from a mental ward! So, I saved my friend's life.
—Guest mary

Following my Instincts about People

There have been a few people in my life that when I met them, I had a very negative reaction to them for no apparent reason. In each case, the person ended up being someone who caused me trouble in one way or another. I always follow my gut instincts and am wary about people who make my "spidey" senses tingle!
—Guest Connie G.

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