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Readers Respond: Using Tea Tree Oil for Treating Toe Nail Fungus

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Share Post: Have you tried using tea tree oil to treat toe nail fungus? What was your experience? Please share your successes or disappointment in tea tree oil as a natural remedy. Share Tea Tree Results

It works great!

I've had fungus on my left foot for about 4 years now to the point where my 5 toes were lifted off the nail bed with fungus. Gross! Once my big toenail fell off I started putting it directly on the fungus itself since there no longer was a nail in the way. I found that if you put the TTO directly on the fungus itself it will start clearing up but you have to keep up with it at least 2X per day. I've been cutting my toenails down as much as I can trimming away what's infected and applying the TTO on right after. My big toenail is back to normal, the other toes are getting cleared up also besides my little pinky toe, for some reason that one is taking a little longer to clear up. I've been using a mix of mostly TTO, coconut oil(which also has great fungal killing properties), and almond oil which keeps the nail and toes from drying out to much. I would recommend, it just takes patience!
—Guest Marie

Tea tree spray

If you use an alcohol tea tree spray it will clear up in half the time as tea tree by itself keeps the area moist...I'm in Australia and use Bositos spray and it kills all fungus...
—Guest Chris A


I have toe fungus on my toes, especially my big toe on each foot. After using TTO, it truly shows a difference in two days. I'm excited to continue 2x a day and see a complete healing. Everyone should try TTO.
—Guest Tammy

Still awaiting Results - Almost a month

Have fungus on my two big toes..they are both yellow. I have been taking tea trea oil twice daily for the past month there has been an improvement but feel another two months will be needed to kill the entire fungus. #Patience
—Guest Bryan

It works

I used tea tree oil for three months on my toe nails for a very mild fungal infection . It cleared it. Sadly I dislike the smell but it was worth it.
—Guest Cheryl

Not what you would think

I actually had more success using a treatment containing Tolnaftate. If anyone is having trouble, I recommend it as an option. There are plenty of great treatments containing tea tree oil, undecylenic acid, and a breakdown of other ingredients at toenail fungus reviews dot org
—Guest Kristie


I have had fungal nail on one pinky for about seven years but never know what it was then I got pregnant and got it on nearly all my nails had a big toenail almost fall off started over the counter remedies and spent a lot off money for no result heard about TTO and couldn't figure out best way to apply well I have coconut oil that I use as lotion I put a bunch of TTO in some coconut oil and use a makeup concealer type brush to apply twice daily not messy and its slowly but surely working its magic I can't believe I might be able to wear sandals someday and not have to put band aids on my nails :)
—Guest Candace

About 3 Months to Success

So on both my feet my big toe was yellow and pretty bad fungus.. I used pure tea tree oil 2x a day on my feet and took about 3 months to be totally gone. Definitely took more than a a day for any sign of result, maybe like 4 days.
—Guest juliee215

Worked for nail fungus

My large toenail had a bad case of fungus. It even fell off but the fungus returned with the new nail. I've been applying tea tree oil 1-2 time a day for several months. As the nail grows back in, it's smooth, white, and healthy. Now 6-8 months later, it's now almost grown out. I might be able to wear sandals again next summer!
—Guest Kim

Works if you keep up

I've been using this for a few months. I started to feel like the TT oil was drying out my toenails even more, so I combine it with a little vitamin E oil, applying both 2X per day directly to my nails. I've seen a huge difference over the last month or so. I had toenail fungus for years and years and am thrilled with the results. My nails almost look normal now!
—Guest Jim

Seems to be working for me

I've been using tea tree oil for about 3 days now. I've seen some improvement. I take a Q tip and put under as well as on top. Then just let it dry/ soak in !! They aren't as yellow as they were!
—Guest Sharon

Lamisil is Lethal

I have tried it all, tea tree, mellaluca, Oregon, in different strenghts mixtures whatever, does not work, Lamisil was the only thing that even improved it but the chemicals almost killed me.
—Guest Oil Smoil

Miracle for me

I have four toes with toenail fungus and the surrounding skin was tender and itchy, I soaked 30 minutes in Apple cider vinager then applied tea tree oil, I repeated two days later. The tender skin got better in one day the nails have already begun to look better. I will continue this until it's gone.
—Guest Katie McDonald

no change yet

I don't get how people are saying they see results after one day. I have been applying tto several times a week at least for a good 4 months now.. the first month nor two I applied it 1-2 times every day.. so far not much change.. a slight improvement if any... sticking with it and hoping for the best though.
—Guest Rose

positive results w TTO

Use Apple cider vinegar first. At 100%. Then apply TTO. U will c results. I not embarrassed to walk around barefoot. Seeing results in 4 weeks. Healthy nails.
—Guest emr

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Using Tea Tree Oil for Treating Toe Nail Fungus

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