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Readers Respond: Using Tea Tree Oil for Treating Toe Nail Fungus

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Share Post: Have you tried using tea tree oil to treat toe nail fungus? What was your experience? Please share your successes or disappointment in tea tree oil as a natural remedy.

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Green Tree Oil Works...

I like to apply (after washing and drying feet) and then applying some more on a tiny piece of Kleenex. I put it directly on the infected area and secure it with a Band-aid and medical tape so it stays nicely moist and secured. I do one in the morining, after shower and another one before bed. This way it will be exposed to Green Tree oil for x24 hours. Do it day after day until you see results. Also, make sure the toenails are clipped as short as you can.
—Guest Moh Mah

Fixing my toes

I had toe nail fungus for over ten years. Tried laser treatment, tried the topical order of the mail products, all with no success. After reading all these home remedies I have a new direction on how to get rid of it. First soften the nail in bath or shower then take a 80 or 100 grit toenail file and start removing the nail surface very slowly not to cut yourself. Next use a good cleaner, then use TTOil on the toe. It takes a long time but I have noticed a improvement, I will keep you updated on my progress, filing down the nail is scary but it needs to be done so all of these great home remedies can work.
—Guest Lare toe


Tea tree doesn't work. I've been using it every day for 9-10 months with zero success. Tried Vick's Vapor Rub for a year before that. Guess I'm stuck with it.
—Guest cycle gyrl

Fungal nails be gone!

After reading here ,and on other sites I`ve bought some TTO to try for myself.Both my big toes are affected ,one worse than the other after I had it crushed in an accident. Even after so short a time the colour has improved ,which gives me hope! for the chance of wearing open toe sandals I`ll tolerate the strong smell!! Thanks for the tips!

It really does work

Today is 7/2/2014 and I started using tea tree oil a few weeks ago for my feet on 2 of my toes and using it 2 times a day and my feet are not that yellow as they used to be. I know it will take some time but it is really working! I haven't been able to wear any shoes at all except 1 pair that is larger as my big toe was so inflamed and was very painful all the time. Now after a couple of weeks I can actually put on a pair of sneakers. I know it will take time, but to me it's well worth the try.
—Guest Suzanne

How to..

You can use white vinegar but apple cider vinegar works also. Soak your foot/feet in a bucket of very warm water mixed with vinegar for about 30 minutes then trim the nail apply tea tree oil, repeat 2 times a week until the nail is gone. This works for me!
—Guest Blane


Have had it on three middle toes, each foot ,for eight years plus. but only on the tips. It pushes the nail away from the bed. Been using 20% TT then 100% for the last 10 months. No success. It just doesn't seem to kill the fungus. The quack want's to put me on tablets but i'm scared of side effects.
—Guest bob richardson

at least 2X daily

Fungus is a sneaky bugger. You have to clean and treat at least twice a day to see good results. Literally as often as you think about it... 3, 4 times a day (or more). And keep it going. The damaged nail has to grow out, but I could see a difference on day 2. A couple of times a week just won't cut it.
—Guest Abby

Using Tea Tree Oil TTO for treating toe

I like TTO, but often hard to find. If you've used that, an antifungal, or diaper rash creme with little luck over months or years, Try using a menthol vaporizing chest rub like Vicks. If you have a dollar store close by use their brand. This one has 4.7% Camphor, 1% Eucalyptus, 1% Menthol. Worked on a not too bad fungal infection in a few days to dry it up by applying/rubbing it on your toes daily. I'd be interested to hear if it helps, especially people with long term fungal infection. It also helps with Keratosis pilaris.
—Guest Sherry Friedrichs

It works great!

I've had fungus on my left foot for about 4 years now to the point where my 5 toes were lifted off the nail bed with fungus. Gross! Once my big toenail fell off I started putting it directly on the fungus itself since there no longer was a nail in the way. I found that if you put the TTO directly on the fungus itself it will start clearing up but you have to keep up with it at least 2X per day. I've been cutting my toenails down as much as I can trimming away what's infected and applying the TTO on right after. My big toenail is back to normal, the other toes are getting cleared up also besides my little pinky toe, for some reason that one is taking a little longer to clear up. I've been using a mix of mostly TTO, coconut oil(which also has great fungal killing properties), and almond oil which keeps the nail and toes from drying out to much. I would recommend, it just takes patience!
—Guest Marie

Melaluca Works

I have struggled with toenail fungus on each of my big toenails for years. I tried Lamasil and it was working, but after 2 wks I lost my sense of taste. My Dr. wouldn't let me try it again. I started using melaluca (tea tree oil) in the morning and night. I started noticing a difference in about 2 weeks. I've been using it for approx 3 months and fungus is almost completely gone! I'm so THRILLED! You must be diligent and use it at least twice a day EVERY day. Good Luck
—Guest Cari

Love the smell

I have filed down the thick nail off the top, so my nail thickness is back to normal, and it will absorb better, and cut them as short as I can get them. Then I have applied the TTO under the nail as much as I can, and rubbed in in all over the nails, sides and skin around. I am doing this 2-3 times per day. I got it from an apparently unclean pedicure place. I have it mostly and mildly in my big toes and a little on my middle toe. I remember because it showed up after I went to a place that wasn't my normal pedicure place. Very annoying. I hope this works!
—Guest Cath

Tea Tree oil and Fungal Nail

I see fungal nail infection on a regular basis, the two most common types are Dermatophytic Onychomychosis (this causes the nail to look yellow and the nail to crumble) and Trychphyton Mentagraphytes (this usually presents as a white discolouration on the nail). Most nail infections derive from a fungus called Trychphyton Rubrum, Tea Tree Oil is very effective in the treatment of these infections. There is an element in TTO called Melaleuca Alternifloria, this directly attacks Rubrum fungus. I know this works as I see it every day as I re-visit my clients on a regular basis and observe the results close up. The best method for application is to warm up about an egg cup full of Extra Virgin Coconut oil by placing the bottle in warm water. Once the oil has liquified pour it into a suitable container then mix in 15 drops of TTO, mix thoroughly to disperse the oil evenly. Allow the mixture to re set in the fridge or a cool place. Apply to all infected nails daily after showering.

Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil

I caused myself a mild toenail fungus by wearing nail stickers for too long, but having dealt with nail fungus in my elderly dad I knew about the remedies. I had a bottle of Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil on hand and tried dabbing it on daily to avoid the fungus getting worse. It's working great! Be consistent with it and it will clear up!
—Guest Cathy


There is no denying that some of the discoloration was gone within 24 hours (and no, cleaning solutions did not have the same affect). However, I was born with club foot so my nails are thick layered and curled. Just slathering the TTO on the surface has little lasting affect as it doesnt penetrate deep enough into the nail on its own. I will have to bathe my feet in the stuff for several hours to achieve significant results, and at 15$/100ml that isnt exactly an inexpensive option. So I'm going to combine oral antifungals with a 1x per week TTO foot bath and daily topical TTO application... no half measures here, I'm tired of this problem.
—Guest Logan

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