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Readers Respond: Tips for Leg Cramp Relief

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Share Post: What is the best way to get rid of a painful leg, foot, and toe cramps? Share what leg cramp remedies works best for you. Share Leg Cramp Remedy

Point Toes to Nose

When I get cramp I just strech my leg out and point my toes to my nose and it goes straight away :)
—Guest leanne

Simple beverage

try a teaspoon of baking soda in 8 oz of water, mix an drink. Cramps will be gone within a minute of drinking.
—Guest crampy man

leg and toe cramp remedy

Apply cream with glucosamine sparingly and massage gently to affected areas.
—Guest constance ratisai

Walk it Out

If I get a leg cramp at night I get out of bed and just walk around until it goes away...
—Guest nene


Drink lots and lots of water and also a teaspoon of mustard
—Guest Rachael

Yellow mustard

Try a teaspoon of yellow prepared mustard. I did tonight, sounds crazy but it worked.

how much mustard should be taken?

my mother has severe leg cramps. Doctors told its due to the deficiency of vitamin D. I want to know how much mustard should she take? and should it be mustard powder or mustard paste?
—Guest alia

Bar of soap under the sheet

Where is this bar of soap supposed to be positioned, head or foot of the bed? Under the leg? I didn't quite understand that part. Thanks in advance for your help!
—Guest Carol


I get leg cramps in my shins and toes and feet at night or just sitting still, only in the evening for some reason. I rub on Aspercreme, it works immediately. Hope this works for others.
—Guest tess

Magnet Therapy

I am an Energy Medicine practitioner and I use the north side of magnets on clients' pain all the time. I found I can use a simple doughnut magnet to alleviate night time muscle cramps for myself. I keep a plain doughnut magnet in my night stand. In case of leg or foot cramps, simply hold the magnet directly on the skin over the cramping muscle for 3-5 seconds, then flip the magnet to the other side and hold. Keep flipping and holding the magnet in this manner over the cramping muscle, up and down it. After half a minute or a minute, you will feel numbness, sort of a tingling in the muscle, then it will relax completely. Flipping the magnet between the north and south sides 'resets' the muscle's electrical pathway, similar to when your computer is acting up and you just unplug then plug it in to reset its system. Works for me every time!

Vinegar cramp treatment

3 tablespoons of plain apple cider vinegar in 1/2 cup of vegetable (or orange) juice at bedtime prevent my calf/foot cramps. Juice is healthful and vinegar reduces body acidity.
—Guest G. Conner, M.D.


Try TUMS!!When I was going thru cancer treatment I heard someone say that's what they use, so I said what the heck. I tried it and it works. You have nothing to lose but the pain.
—Guest Guest JD

A tonic

My mother told me about tonic water when I complained about cramps I had been getting. Now I keep a small bottle of tonic water next to my bed. There does not seem to be a single medical explanation to explain why I get cramps, but a small drink of straight tonic water works so fast to make my cramps disappear completely that it seems impossible... a miracle. And a small bottle of tonic water is way cheaper than some of the remedies I've seen. I don't know if it works with gin, but I'm sure somebody is willing to do the necessary research.
—Guest UpstateSteve

Good for Cramps

Drink tonic water - it contains quinnine - and keeps you hydrated!
—Guest Sally E

Cramps on lower body part

I have been having cramps on my stomach, thighs and legs since I was 17. Cold weather/temperature worsen the pain. I always take ibuprofen to relieve it.
—Guest Mandy

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Tips for Leg Cramp Relief

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