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Readers Respond: Tips for Leg Cramp Relief

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Share Post: What is the best way to get rid of a painful leg, foot, and toe cramps? Share what leg cramp remedies works best for you.

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a teaspoon of mustard

I was having cramps in my calves and feet every night. I read that mustard would stop them and it did!! At last RELIEF!!!
—Guest norma j

My Personal Miracle Cure

I had excruciatingly painful leg cramps every night. I noticed that when I ate kimchi (Korean fermented cabbage) the cramps would go away for days and if I got a cramp it was not as painful. Then I read that artificial sweeteners eliminate good bacteria in the gut, or interfere with absorption. When I eliminated all aspartame, saccharin and Splenda from my diet, the night cramps never came back and I sleep like a baby. There are many fermented foods, besides kimchi, such as sauerkraut and pickles. These foods add good micro-organism that help absorb and digest nutrients. Add fermented food to your diet and eliminate artificial sweeteners that may be interfering with absorption of minerals. Then you may also share in this miracle I am experiencing and sleep peacefully through the night.
—Guest Madeleine

Pickle Juice

I have leg cramps from the top of my leg going down to the middle of my calf. It does not tingling like restless leg syndrome, it cramps and is hard to stand or walk. I was told pickle juice.
—Guest Peggy

Moist Towel Wrap

I wrap a hot moist towel around my calf and that takes the pain right away. Of course it's agony hopping around on one foot while you're finding a towel and waiting for the water to run hot. But once I get it on my leg, it works instantly. If only I could prevent them in the first place...
—Guest Kakthy

Preventative Measure

I keep a bar of any brand of soap at the foot of our bed between the sheets it's a sure preventive for me!!!
—Guest r robertson

Stopping leg cramps

I have had leg cramps for a long time. When I go to bed, I am shortly there after awaken with cramping in my left leg. I have tried everything, and nothing seemed to work. Until I got to thinking about what was I putting into my body that could have this type of effects. I quit taking Statins, I have high cholesterol. I was told these are a very definite cause of leg cramps in some people. Even after a month of no statins, I was still having outrageously painful leg cramps. I went back to looking into what I was eating or drinking. The only item I consumed on a regular basis was Diet Coke. I was drinking at least five cans a day! So I quit. After about a month I noticed that I was not having any cramps, just little hints of a leg cramp wanting to start, but never did. I stayed away from the Diet Coke for about two more months, give or take some days. I had no leg Cramps at all. Then I started drinking Diet Coke again. The cramping returned. I think it's the Aspartame in the coke.
—Guest Gregory

Point Toes to Nose

When I get cramp I just strech my leg out and point my toes to my nose and it goes straight away :)
—Guest leanne

Leg cramps

A bar of soap under the fitted sheet will help leg cramps.
—Guest Sandra

Yellow Mustard for Leg Cramps

I have proven to myself and to some of my family and clients, that "yellow mustard" takes cramps away. Not the best tasting remedy but a very positive one.
—Guest Smclark33

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