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Readers Respond: Reasons to Love Siddatech Flower Essences

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Are you a fan of Siddatech Flower Essences? The Siddatech Flower Essences was a finalist in the 2011 About.com Readers' Choice Awards for Best Online Flower Essence Market. Tell your fellow readers what you love about them and why they should try them.

Siddatech Flower Essences

Love love love Sddatech flower essences. Sleeping, healing, de-stressing and literally changing my attitude. Read the articles on their site, call them, visit them, try it. Solid company and genuine product that works for me and my family. Enjoying it for 6 months.
—Guest malachite

Supposed 2 be subtle, actually powerful!

My acupuncturist said flower essences are supposed 2 be very subtle healing remedies. Holy crap! I got a bottle of Siddatech detox and a bottle of Siddatech lung n sinus. I got them because they were so inexpensive. The stuff WORKS!! and fast!! nuf said.
—Guest Pauly from the shore

Highly Recommend "Detox"

I’ve used almost every brand of flower essence over the years and none have been as powerful as Siddatech essences. I literally started noticing right away that they were having an effect on me, it wasn’t like the “i think this might be doing something” feel I had with other brands. I would highly recommend “Detox” if a person wants to see that for themselves. I also get a great response from “Voice” – it makes my presentations at work much more fluid and effective. Siddatech is an incredible brand – I confidently recommend their essences to everyone! I plan to keep using this brand indefinitely.
—Guest ShivaLyle

Very Powerful and Effective

Siddatech Remedies are a little bit beyond the other flower remedies. Very powerful. Heavy duty R&D behind each and every product. Extremely effective.. Highly recommended….
—Guest Steve Bell

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