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Readers Respond: Purposes for Using Flower Essences

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From the article: Flower Essence Formulas
Share Post: Have you tried using flower essences? For what purpose? Did you have success using them? Which flower remedy did you use specifically and were you happy with its effects?

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ever since this experience....

About 15 years ago when I was working at a veterinary clinic, we just lost a litter of kittens. I was upset about this. One of my coworkers offered me some Rescue Remedy. I had no preconceived notions of what to expect. In fact, I didn't expect anything. I just put 3drops under my tongue and went on about my work day. About an hour later, I suddenly noticed that I felt better. Much better than I would have had I not taken the RR. I been a firm believer ever since.
—Guest Xena44

Flower Essence stress

EVERYTHING I take is stressing my heart. Works for a couple days, then the stress causes me to have to prop myself up at night, but it also is stressed while standing upright. I have taken many drugs over the years and smoked marijuana, drank tons of alcohol and taken many, many supplements, half the time eating VERY well organically but also eaten badly due to cravings for sugar and carbs and have drank WAY too much Pepsi in a can. I am trying to re-balance my system and change my life. Have had very little alcohol, drugs, quit smoking. It takes very little to stress my system now. Tried homeopathics a week ago, tons of stress again. Rescue Remedy caused more stress by day 3. Also tried Tibetan herbs, same thing. I currently go for JMT but last time it wasn't needed apparently and I get core syncronization to reset heart, etc.. Have had many symptoms, hormonal imbalance for years, pain, you name it. JMT revealed thyroid which is holding now. I just want to be healthy and help myself.

Australian bush essences

Definitely worked fir me too! I love Australian bush flower essences! I can feel my deep rooted childhood anger lifting daily, my creative abilities returning, food tastes better! I laugh more, my insomnia is improving! I like lotus flower too from Flower Essence society, I have spent a small fortune buying loads of the essences, but I feel it's worth it because I can help my family and friends and I would like to explore a flower essence course some day!
—Guest Guest

Aspen for my panic attacks

I really was so ignorant to flower remedies till my husband bought me aspen for my panic attacks. It has worked for me more than any medication I have taken without the grogginess.
—Guest Rosemary

Divine Healing

Because I am so connected to nature I feel that flower essences are a gift to all of us. Imagine them talking to our hearts as they help us heal.
—Guest Linda L

Rescue Remedy

I have been giving this to my dogs for years for anxiety an now my dog that gets seizures I give twice a day an seems to control them alot..I wouldn't be without this..anything is better than steroid meds. Now after reading above comments I will look into more for myself on the healing type...
—Guest shotzie

Bach Centre Flower Remedies

My mother has just phoned to get her some more of that 'Spray Stuff'. She had a long wait at the Doctors & had to take her car to be inspected. All a bit stressy for an 85 yr old. She says she literally felt her heart stop pounding, blood pressure sink and she felt really at ease. That's a comfort to me too!
—Guest ToTheRescue

Recue Remedy

This is a wonderful product..I love it..it helps so much when I feel anxious..try it..you will love it!
—Guest Lhynn

Essences that work for me

I was introduced to the Flower Essences through WeMoon moon cycles calendar for women and I have to say OH My Goodness! All the ones that I have tried are absoutely amazing. I use different ones and combinations thereof for various reason and I can not say enough about them. I use Flora Sleep (which is a pre-blended formula) and every single time I use it (spraying it over my head and face 3-4 times at least 30 min. before bed) I wake up refreshed and ready to greet my day. I also use Grounding Green (another pre-blended formula), which is excellent in helping me with grounding during my meditation practice. Other essences I use are, Bleeding Heart (helps me with my rollercoaster emotions), California Wild Rose, Madia, Mallow, Baby Blue Eyes, Pretty Face, Cosmos (in combination with Madia), Chamomile, & Canyon Dudleya. I use them at different times and in various combinations depending on what I may be going through at the time. I love them all and the results are great!

Rescue Remedy

I swear by Rescue Remedy. I used it today before a big meeting. I have a picture of me on my wedding day with my rescue remedy. I just floated through the day and wasn't nervous at all. I'm constantly buying it because I end up giving it away to people because I believe in it so much. At one point I would give it to my goalie daughter before her games for focus. I use it whenever I'm overwhelmed or going into a stressful situation. I always have it with me.

Learning from the artificial mistakes

I have tried rose essence and wasn't impressed until I found what I used was an artificial concoction of chemicals. Then I boiled some rose hips from my garden's roses and mixed with glycerin and other essence and I have been pleased with the results ever since.
—Guest Lilly

Aspen for Anxiety

I have had limited success using most flower remedies - in their defense, I will say that it is probably because they are supposed to be used on a long-term basis and I always forget after a day or two. However, being a person prone to anxiety, I have tried a kazillion different cures, both natural and pharmaceutical, for anxiety. Aspen is probably one of the best (perhaps the second best, after beta-blockers). It's strange that I see such an immediate effect from Aspen, and not with other remedies. Rescue Remedy doesn't really do much for my anxiety. But Aspen is a godsend! Feel anxious, heart is pounding, breath is shallow, and I'm just scared as hell, although I don't know of what... A few drops of Aspen + a few minutes later, I suddenly realize that I'm not feeling so bad anymore. I may need to repeat after an hour or so if my anxiety is particularly bad, but definitely better than taking chemicals that mess about with your brain chemicals!
—Guest Anne

Dot In Circle Treatment Helped Me

Owing to stress and life changes I have had chronic fatigue and comorbid depression and anxiety for a long time. I was forced to go down the psychoactive meds way for a few months. And I can definitely say it was a horrible experience. At one point I had begun to feel hopeless too. I think my immune system had been badly effected. Perhaps the depression had begun to take its toll. My therapist suggested I rebalance my diet and start exercising. But I just did not have the energy to move. I got a newsletter fwd from a friend about Kayce's energy treatments. Quite reluctantly I ordered. In 4weeks I began to feel subtle rise in energy levels. It was quite different from the drug/stimulant energy boost. It felt very natural - as though feeling I have earned it. In 3 months I could actually go jogging in the morning. The energy boost helped me to do all that I had planned and could never do - I felt motivated and positive. I must thank flower remedies for this transition.
—Guest Vic

Love Flower Remedies

I use Bach's Rescue Remedy and Aspen, for stress, anxiety and fear. The Rescue Remedy has stopped panic attacks and the Aspen is helping with my anxiety and fear. I feel they work best with regular use and I have felt an over all improvement. I plan on using other remedies for other purposes and I do not leave home without my Rescue Remedy!!
—Guest Andi6693

Mimulus for Animals in Fear

I have used flower remedies a lot, but I've seen the most dramatic results with fearful animals. When my dog got caught on an electric fence, she wouldn't come out of her kennel for two days, but as soon as I put Mimulus in her water I saw her out running around the yard a few minutes later, as though nothing had ever happened!
—Guest HealItAll

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