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Readers Respond: Meridian Tapping Stories

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From the article: Meridian Tapping Techniques
Share Post: Have you tried finger tapping on your meridian points to clear away anger, pain, or frustration? Do you feel that tapping is a helpful methodology for healing the emotions? Please share your experiences with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or MTT (Meridian Tapping Techniques).

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Only A Tap Away

I was working through some major trauma with a friend tapping for me and into the second round I stopped and cracked up laughing because suddenly the pain and distress just didn't matter anymore! My therapist had to stop and laugh with me. It was as astonishingly simple as that. One could not charge or put a price on that freedom! Antonette

EFT is amazing!

I am very claustrophobic, and when my Dr ordered an MRI, I was terrified. I tapped and tapped. I went to the MRI, had the procedure without difficulty. Could never had MRI without being sedated otherwise.
—Guest Rose

Simply Tap

MTT is a powerful healing technique which forms part of my Goldenrays Integrated Energy Therapy - GIET. It combines effectively with my Chakra Points Stimulation and Whole Body Flushing techniques to give total clearing of negative emotions at all levels of being. It has helped me immensely and has been helping my clients on very many issues of life. When you don't know what else to do, simply TAP - Founder of GIET-Healing
—Guest Chief (Dr) Iwowarri James

Does this work? you betcha!!

Iwas introduced to Meridian Tapping 6 years ago. Re-discovered it through this site. I work a midnight shift permanently, so I needed energy the following morning, to do a lot of chores before New Year's Day. At work, did the tapping sequence about ten times, requesting energy for the day ahead. Tapping and the Law of Attraction came together and I got all my jobs done, never slept before work, worked a full shift with energy to spare! Amazing! Any residual skepticism is forever blown away! Tapping requests manifest themselves in unusual ways, unexpected ways, so when you tap, keep a sharp mind to be aware of the 'requests' that come your way! Be careful what you ask for! Introducing/showing/doing this with anyone/everyone I know! I have Life left in my years to live! Skeptics - believe! Be careful what you ask for! Believers - Keep Tapping! And, I have many more examples from my personal life, it never stops!
—Guest Ben Kouwenhoven

Improve speed & effectiveness of EFT

I've also found EFT to be very effective for a many different emotional and physical applications, but have recently discovered something that I believe is faster, possibly more effective, and that can integrate and combine beautifully with EFT. That said, I'd like to offer a review of an energy healing tele-class I recently participated in called ''Chinese Energetics.'' I have studied & trained in many holistic healing methods. some of the most effective modalities I've come across include; EFT, TAT, Seemorg Matrix Work, PEAT & the Spiritual Technology of Zivorad Slavinski--(all energy psychology based approaches) as well as John Ruskan's Emotional Clearing work, NLP, hypnotherapy, Matrix Energetics, and the Yuen Method. Paul Wong, instructor of Chinese Energetics, is highly trained and skilled in the Yuen Method, which forms the foundation of his own healing system. i took his tele-class to gain some additional distinctions and refinements in my own understanding of the Yuen.


Tapping technique works. I tried it the first time and became noticibly relaxed. The second time I had the same response. Bravo.
—Guest juanito

I've tapped into a better golf game.

When I played a golf game a week ago my ball was all over the place. Yesterday, before the game, and during, I tapped saying "I know I'm not real great at golf but I deeply and completely accept myself." My drives were straight. Not all, but most. Putts were good. Coincidence? I'll try it more.
—Guest Jim Buckland

EFT, relationship issues cleared!

Several years after a traumatic divorce, I began a whirlwind of discouraging and disheartening dating. I felt I was ready for a healthy functional relationship but it eluded me. I was chosen to participate in an EFT relationship study conducted by Gene Monterastelli in which we had 1 phone session of tapping and a couple of e-mails surrounding my relationship issues. Approx 1 month later I entered into a relationship with my "soul mate" that is beyond anything I could have imagined. Over two years later we are combining our families and both continue to use EFT when we have any type of an issue that needs clearing! I have co-facilitated a workshop on EFT and recommend it to everyone.
—Guest Kimberly

EFT Share Your Story

I am living proof that this funny looking but incredibly effective technique does in fact work. For well over 20 yrs I suffered from anxiety attacks and flashback nightmares. (2 huge problems associated with my PTSD). After 1 week of using EFT Ive never had a single nightmare or panic attack. In March it will be 2 YEARS! What an amazing gift to mankind... EFT4MeDebi
—Guest Debski

EFT Helps with jet lag

Last year, I flew to Europe and I tried the EFT techniques to help with jet lag. (I chose the option of "tapping" on the points in my mind so fellow passengers wouldn't think I was strange!) When I arrived, I was tired, but not as much as usual. And I used the techniques coming back to the U.S., and I barely experienced any jet lag. I will add, though, that it doesn't work every time that I fly.... but more often than not, it does.

Prefer Psych-K

I find that EFT is often too abrupt a shift for me. I like the gentleness of Psych-K but use EFT when I'm really stuck and need to shake it up a little bit.
—Guest Pat. D

Co-Founder of MTTProNetwork.com

It's great to see Meridian Tapping Techniques "MTT" getting the exposure that it deserves. MTT has helped me personally - from getting rid of a lot of pain, to feeling better about things that upset me during the day. Meridian Tapping continues to be a wonderful self-help tool that I use all the time.
—Guest Brandy Oliver

Tapping Away for Flight Fears

I'll be tap, tap, tapping to help me step on a plane next week.
—Guest Janet
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