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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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From the article: Traits of an Empath

Share Posts: Are you an empath, deeply sensitive to the emotions of other people? What empathic traits do you possess? Are you able to distinguish your own emotions from others? Do you feel being empathic is a gift or a curse? Share about your pro and con feelings here. Please don't expect answers to your questions or post telephone numbers in your share posts. This section is for only for sharing your positive and negative experiences/feelings. >p>Note: Also Check out Group Support for Empaths. Share Your Feelings

the daily confusion

Daily, I ground myself and try and clear out all the negative things I receive from others, and daily, that pool fills again. I've drawn broken, hurting people to me my whole life, ones needing to be fixed, somehow knowing that I would do everything I could to help them. My "path" I was given. Being connected strongly to someone heavily into drugs, that had given up on life and finding a better path, and ultimately, wanted to end life, nearly ruined me. Feeling every ounce of their pain and hopelessness wore off on me, and I had to claw my way out of it, and heal as much as I could. Now everyone who "finds" me just scares me. Reminds me of that and as much as my instinct and nature wants to help (and ultimately, it wins, even though I don''t want it to) it cripples me. I'm searching for strength, but they unknowingly are draining it from me. I continue to give, but they don't get better. They don't see the damage it causes. And I am fighting with all of my strength to control it....
—Guest firefly


Isolating doesn't even describe this. It is ruining my life. For example... if someone yells at me, I completly freak out because im not just getting a higher tone, I am absorbing their anger and it can be debilitating at times. This crap is getting old because some days I dont have contact with people at all and I am a true people lover. I have questioned my sanity because the roller-coaster of emotions but there is no ignoring it anymore. I have tried to avoid it for a long time (many years) I have to deal with it now. so nice to see people like me here, what am I supposed to do with this. I dont want it.
—Guest yolo

I can see the world falling apart

Being empath, it can be punishing at times when you are stuck with some assignment or anything and you just cant concentrate because of the things going around you, the people who affect you.. Its just that you can perform at your best abilities only when with the person who we are deeply attached with and suffer the trauma when left alone.. It doesnt have only cons though, you earn the respect from people for being good with them...
—Guest Aditya

Tired of being an Empath

It's a been for years that I have realized that there is something within me, something that gives me the ability to read and know the feelings of others. In the beginning it felt good, but later on I realized what a curse this could be while being raised and grown up in a war torn country like Afghanistan where every person is deeply depressed, sad and hopeless. Over the years I have tried to help people around me, but as I was growing up I realized what a mess I have entered. On daily basis I feel the overwhelming exhaustion, even by crossing a crowd, my energy gets drain that makes me paralyzed. I try a lot to understand how to cope with this, but still living in a place like Afghanistan and being an empath is the worst possible hell a person would be condemned to, I need help, please share your experiences.
—Guest Farah-Afghanistan

It's a tough world out there

Being an empath, I do not know if you would call it a gift or a curse. I find dealing with people tougher than you can possible imagine. I have to shield myself regularly from other peoples thoughts and feelings. to sense another's pain, to feel another's life in ways people can not even imagine. Imagine being connected to someone who wants to commit suicide, its dreadful experience. Curiosity drives us to meet new people, but I cannot handle the emotional backlash that comes with it. I love to meet and read new people, Problem is at times I cannot control what I get in my head. sometimes I get every emotion under the sun and cannot shut it off. I feel disconnected from everyone when I'm not switched on. In some circles this would make me a loner, someone who struggles to deal with the real world... I just wish I could control it better...
—Guest Darren981

The Physical Side

All my life I had an open sense of major awareness. Even as a toddler, I had such emotions that I could never pin point or control. I knew when people were bad and I knew when I could trust them. I CONSTANTLY felt this stabbing feeling in my gut. I always felt pity for other people because all I could see was their pain and suffering. I wanted to do something so bad but I never knew how or what I could do. The headaches were unbearable. I never cried for almost anything. And these head pains put me in fits of uncontrollable sobbing, I couldn't breathe and on the worst of times pass in and out of consciousness. Then one day it just got less worse to something that was just only noticeable. But then I felt numb and emotionless a lot. I secluded myself a lot and never really felt lonely because I could concentrate better on myself. I enjoyed playing by myself even tho I had siblings. But I'm still having this constant sick feeling. My neck hurts the worst.
—Guest empatheticlypicses

Searching for inner peace

I was sexually molested by my brother in law from 10 yrs old until 15 1/2 knowing I felt spirits surrounding me, it was as if I felt protection while I was on self destructive. Since 11 I always said I knew I had a purpose cuz He was not letting me out of this journey - I yelled at Him asking what the hell can I do for anyone? Spirts surround me, I've gotten pushed off a tombstone, one family/friends die - I feel it immediately I hear their name. I know when my son, who was in the Navy is in pain, hurting, and mad - his wife cried cuz I got it - I get a shaking sick panic when I know my daughter is in trouble. I've always been honest with my kids - I want to focus finally on advocacy to abuse victims. I've had many out of body experiences. My daughter had empathy, talented, trusting, and knew when my sister died when my daughter was 4 years old. My daughter is going through a lot of negativity, my mom's aura I can see is darkness around her. I'm nuts since I believe in spirits

Not so alone now

I'm happy to see I'm not crazy and alone. I've finally accepted that I'm an empath. I've read a lot of comments and I actually felt a couple of you speaking. :) Made me cry a little. I'm working on categorizing the different energies I seem to pick up on. Sometimes it seems as if I can feel the Universe itself and how everything is connected. I can pseudo mind-read sometimes, I guess it's by reading their emotions. I can pick up on a lie or deception easily. Sometimes I "know" things out of the blue. I can project energy to people sometimes if I'm in the right....state of being?Mind? I think I've used it to heal. Once for sure. It was the most powerful emotional experience I've ever felt, no joke. I can read and connect with most animals. CONS: Wow...a lot. Isolation, emotionally turbulent, wondering if your crazy, anxiety, depression, anger issues. Etc. I could go on but we all know the massive emotional strain being an empath can have. It's a curse until you can control it somewhat.
—Guest Tommy Salvador

Overly Sensitive

I don't really think I'm an empathic but I guess I have always been overly sensitive. I always cry when I see someone crying. A song can make me cry. I just thought I was paranoid. I read motives behind what people say and do. I can sense someone's impressions of me or others. That would be called overly sensitive especially when I get hurt easy. My husband swears that "thats not what I said," but that's what I clearly heard him say. Is it what he said or what I thought he meant??? I am a painter, love gardening, fall, walks in the wood, and all kinds of crafts. Reading is my escape from reality and stress. After I read a book I feel so connected to the characters, I think about and miss them. My children see my husband as controlling when they confide in me. My husband had felt that I had a better relationship to them, till my son, now 30, feels more at ease talking about, women, and guy stuff. I always worked with chronicly menally ill. What do you think am?
—Guest karen davids

See Through You

Being an empath is difficult, but I am proud to be in tune on this facet. I can see the imbalance (darkness as some would call it) in others, which comes with subtle visions and knowingness that transcends space and time within a moment. I have created much calamity for my heart in this life, but I am among the strongest of spirit. We are empaths because we can handle what we understand. Though it is often a lonely path, being an empath is like an inherent transcendence beyond superficial modes of living, thus we can deal with loneliness. What we do with our understanding and wisdom is up to us, but we can't escape our virtue and our ability to passively inspire and heal others, whether we know we're doing it or not. If you're reading this, cease the thought of alienating yourself as 'special', and simply aspire to always be fascinated in what you come to see and ultimately know. After all, separation is an illusion. You are both creator and created; alienation is impossible.
—Guest Jon

I absorb it all

I've only recently learned to apply the word 'empath' to myself. I've heard, and known, my whole life that I'm sensitive, emotional etc... but never had a word for it. Usually, when people tell me I'm sensitive, it comes off like a judgement. Like I would be better another way. Like I should be the one to change. I've always loved this part of myself but recently I've felt overwhelmed by it. I haven't learned much about how to create boundaries and protect myself and it's so hard sometimes in this world to move through it without letting it crush me. Only two people who know me have ever understood. I've been single for so long now and I find myself wondering if I'll ever find someone who can truly be with me. I've been told that I'm "too much". I get emotionally intense and so many men don't seem able to deal with it. I love this part of myself, but I also resent it. I've said more than once lately that I don't want it anymore. People are so hard. So few of them make sense.
—Guest vagabond

There's a name for it???

I always thought I was just extremely empathetic towards people and animals. I am just now becoming aware that this is a gift. I work in the medical field and have a difficult time with anything that may cause a patient pain. Others don't seem to have that problem. I feel very connected to nature, trees and flowers. I do have a difficult time with confrontation and will do almost anything to avoid it. I put it in God's hands and release the worry. I am known as the peacemaker at work.
—Guest Autumn

Bugs Drawn to my Light but I get Zapped

Unfortunately I attract a lot of "broken" people. Many of them are abusers. They are drawn to my light. I feel like one of those bug zappers. I draw a lot of "bugs." My life feels like a zombie movie!! And then the abusers abuse me with all their might trying to put out my light. So I feel like a bug zapper that draws bugs, only I am the one that gets zapped!!
—Guest Guest Tracey

Emotions, art, and crippling depression.

I match the traits of the "universal empath." I am incredibly artistic, and can hone the skills needed to master any medium of creativity. I am not only burdened with the ability to physically feel their emotions, but I am extremely gifted in the art of reading ones body language, and tone of voice. These abilities have helped me progress in many situations. But there are side effects. I am often very depressed, and suicidal. I can't even begin to explain the true suffering and affliction torturing my soul. I unfortunately discovered the effects of opium. These expensive prescription pills leave you feeling numb and relaxed. But they have side effects of their own. I imagine one day I will gain even minimal recognition for some kind of artwork I produce, and possibly die at a young age, one way or another. But who am I kidding? It will probably be from an over-dose. We can only hope I have a brighter fate ahead. That's all for now.
—Guest Justin

Being an empath

I'm not sure you can decide to become an empath, as you said in your opening lines. It's my belief that you are or you aren't. There are different levels and types of empathic abilities, but I don't think you can just one day decide you're going to become an empath. And yes, it's very much a blessing and a curse. It took me 30 years to realize my abilities and another 10 to accept them.
—Guest Christy

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Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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