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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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From the article: Traits of an Empath

Share Posts: Are you an empath, deeply sensitive to the emotions of other people? What empathic traits do you possess? Are you able to distinguish your own emotions from others? Do you feel being empathic is a gift or a curse? Share about your pro and con feelings here. Please don't expect answers to your questions or post telephone numbers in your share posts. This section is for only for sharing your positive and negative experiences/feelings. >p>Note: Also Check out Group Support for Empaths. Share Your Feelings


I always thinkI was alone like a mind reader who see sthrough the layer that people put to protect themselves but loneliness and drugs for years didn't change me. Im sad that I see but it make me what I am.
—Guest philippe

I don't know

I do not know if I'm an empath,but it seems that often times my mind is preoccupied with other people's emotions, dilemmas, etc... dilemmas are problems. For instance at work someone told me they were tired, I did not have a response, I did not know what to say, so I said in a humorous way "maybe you should get you treads checked out", sometimes humor is good remedy. I wish I could have helped, you know, made them feel better. Afterwards though I kept wondering in my mind how tired they were, or she was, but was unable to help. The next day I was kind to her because she told me in confidence her problem. I did not let the negativity, negative side win. In my mind I attempted to comfort her with a little humor. Other people's emotions often take up my mental processing time but not always, but I feel that it's in vain, but at least I'm aware of them.
—Guest Domenico

It's overwhelming..

My empath is draining me. I work in really negative atmosphere and feel so many emotions all at once. I am very, very, sensitive and cry daily because if the negative energy mirrored towards me. I sometimes wish I could take the ability away when there are bad times and keep it when it's good. I was born to assist and help anyone but I have been mistreated by most I have helped. I really need to learn how to controll this because I am a basket case.
—Guest Martini

Empath help please

I am new to being an empath. Well that is to say putting a title on whatever this is I am. I have always been considered strange by all my friends and family and just ignored it until now. My career choice is a Hospice nurse and I was doing very good at my job, I was able to individualize each patient because I could feel each one and know what they needed I was in an accident and now I have brain damage and can't work. I have been stuck at home and surrounded by people that are negative all the time and I was becoming that way as well. I need to start and separate from the low emotional state that is the rest of my family. I don't know how because I don't know what is my own and what is theirs 1/2 the time. I can feel so much more then what is right in front of me too. Moving out I our old 200 year old home helped that house made me hurt all the time. I feel pain from the plants dying outside, so I pulled the landscape and I felt better, guilty but better help!!
—Guest Angela


I only just discovered I was an empath & it's doing me both good/bad. It's great to know that I am truly not clinically depressed & being able to handle & assess my situations comes from an awareness outside of a mental illness. The worst aspect of being an empath is feeling the emotions of a sad animal or being unable to block of the negative energy of people you live with. Walls aren't thick enough to block out energy & perhaps living in an apartment building is causing havoc on my heart. I've always been one to say, "it's not the day," to complete work when I was in school because after taking in so much energy during the day, I was left unable to function & found solace in distractions like food & the internet. I hope my experience helps others understand theirs. It's really a blessing to now be able to explain my disposition to my friends, family, & partner.
—Guest Cara

Being an empath

Being an empath is definitely genetic. I am a 4th generation empath and shared a very strong connection to my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother as well as with my own daughters and grandchildren. I have found it to be an incredible gift and, although draining at times, something that I embrace wholeheartedly. We are never given more than we can bear ~ God assures us of that. People will naturally come to us (empaths) for help and helping to ease their burdens can be a positive thing when prayer is utilized. An empath must never neglect to renew themselves in some way. I use prayer, animals, nature, and yoga to do that. I can tell when the phone rings who's calling, and I can sense distress when I'm near someone who is ill or unhappy. I can also 'read and connect' with another person through the written word. My advice ~ don't fear it; accept it as the blessing it is and always remember to take the time to recharge your inner self by spending time alone with God.

re-healing (advayalove)

i too find myself shutting off and just being with my kids and dog...becoming a recluse as a means off self preservation as otherwise folks negative energies swamp me and i'm left knackered and depressed.

Natural Now

At first, it was rough. I felt EVERYTHING. I didn't even remember what I felt like anymore. I was beaten into submission by every stray emotion out there. I developed severe anxiety and panic attacks. I could feel the spirits of living and NOT living people! Eventually I learned how to live with it. I learned how to put up a filter so only potent emotions could get through. Now it acts as my warning system and allows me to get a read on new people. I automatically know if someone is good or bad for me. Also, I've learned to heal. Unfortunately, I learned this BEFORE I learned to take in energy from around me and ended up sleeping for days afterwards. It was a rough start, but now I don't know what I'd do without my empathy! Losing it would be like losing my sight or sense of touch!
—Guest Jazzy

not connecting with people

I realise that I'm always scanning people, looking for people to connect with. I feel like regular communication doesn't cut it. I've never met another person who "connects" but have had paranormal experiences where this happens. I can read other people but they can't read me - it's a bit frustrating. I' beginning to accept that I'm just different.
—Guest pineapple

I feel I may be empathetic

I feel different than others at times I don't understand myself I get to emotional and I can't control my feelings it's like they overpower me. I know we are suppose to think with are heads but I've never truly been able to. I always do what my heart tells me and when I love someone its to powerful. I think they feel I'm suffocating them and then I don't know how to let go I feel I can save them but my emotions get the best of me and I feel I push them away. I feel lost and alone and it's weird because I isolate myself. I like being a loner and sometimes I fall into depression because I've isolated myself from people around me. I've had episodes where I just faint and no one can explain why I know when it's going to happen. My body senses tell me and I can't control it and I get nausea before it happens and headaches I feel weak for no reason. I can't stand being in crowds with lots of noise it bothers me so much I love the silence and being close to the ocean or water with breeze.
—Guest maria


Being an empath is great but when i come in contact with negative energy i have serve headaches and feel drain had my first one today when dealing with constant negative energy. One thing all empath should remember you can not save everybody sometimes the best thing is to let God deal with issue sometimes you have to step back and let God do his work. Remember God does not give you more than you can bear even though you feel alone remember their are other just like around the world or even near you who feel and connecting with your own energy. being empath does not mean other can feel your feelings too project positive thoughts and remember to stay strong my fellow Em- paths we are the (paths) others follow and look too for strength but remember you can learn from those you help and gain wisdom and strength.
—Guest Daze of Ace

the daily confusion

Daily, I ground myself and try and clear out all the negative things I receive from others, and daily, that pool fills again. I've drawn broken, hurting people to me my whole life, ones needing to be fixed, somehow knowing that I would do everything I could to help them. My "path" I was given. Being connected strongly to someone heavily into drugs, that had given up on life and finding a better path, and ultimately, wanted to end life, nearly ruined me. Feeling every ounce of their pain and hopelessness wore off on me, and I had to claw my way out of it, and heal as much as I could. Now everyone who "finds" me just scares me. Reminds me of that and as much as my instinct and nature wants to help (and ultimately, it wins, even though I don''t want it to) it cripples me. I'm searching for strength, but they unknowingly are draining it from me. I continue to give, but they don't get better. They don't see the damage it causes. And I am fighting with all of my strength to control it....
—Guest firefly

the comments

i find my story in bits and pieces of other comments, and i don't feel so alone. i never knew there were others like me, whose experiences mirror my own so closely. is this phenomenon a blessing or a curse? yes.
—Guest sigh

Nightmares are the worst

The hardest part for me is the nightmares. I can deal with the headaches and assorted ailments that come from the flaring energy of my close friends. If my mentor isn't close by, I do have trouble with large crowds. But the nightmares are the worst. I recently met my demon in one, and sorting through that, even with my mentor there, induced a panic attack that left me helpless for an hour and sleep-deprived for a week. When I first started seeing the vibrations it was disorienting. However, even then, I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I still do. As empaths, we have an enormous capability to heal and protect. That is our responsibility: to heal and protect. That is why we are the way we are. We don't just have a responsibility to the world though, but also one to ourselves. Those of us who are coming into our gifts need to be taught and guided. Too often we neglect ourselves, and then we're of no use to anyone. Remember yourself and you'll be just fine.
—Guest Maggie

I never realised

I never understood why I couldn't control my emotions. It felt like I could read people's minds when they talking to me, but now I find out its just emotions that you feel from other people. I could never understand I had such hightened emotions and have been chuckling down depression pills and seeing people, but just to find out now I'm an empath. I can't say that its gift, I just can't cause the pain and feelings you go through is just unbearable.
—Guest wolf

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Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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