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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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From the article: Traits of an Empath

Share Posts: Are you an empath, deeply sensitive to the emotions of other people? What empathic traits do you possess? Are you able to distinguish your own emotions from others? Do you feel being empathic is a gift or a curse? Share about your pro and con feelings here. Please don't expect answers to your questions or post telephone numbers in your share posts. This section is for only for sharing your positive and negative experiences/feelings. >p>Note: Also Check out Group Support for Empaths. Share Your Feelings

Empath and it hurts...

Hi. I have always been able to read people around me, specially eyes. And I could not understand why my friends did not see this. It was like I could feel if people where good or bad, and read them like an open book.. I have always been like this, and also been able to feel energies that others could not see. But it's just now that I actually found out and started to trust my abilities more. When I read this article about empaths I was kinda in shock. I felt like it was written about me. I have a tendency to attract all kind of animals and people, and people always opens up to me. I can't watch news on the TV because this has a negative influence on me. But I kinda struggle in my life, I feel different than others, and are often sad because i get all these emotions on me that are not even mine. It's hard to know what are my feelings and not. And life in general is hard. I really sometimes wish I could not feel anything at all, because it hurts a lot:(
—Guest Virvel

Out of the Closet

About 26 years ago I questioned the nature of such a thing when someone mentioned they experienced their partners labour pain. Bam I was hit later on by the Universe with a whole lot of body pain from a friend of mine. Then it happened with others. I've kept quiet for such a long time about it because I too thought it was not possible. I do Reiki and massage and I'm only just now being open with clients of what I sense. It's hard because I do tend to feel a lot from others and keep to myself a lot. I drank for many years and well now I don't. It's only now that I'm fully appreciating it as a gift but I don't tend to open up that much about it. I has made me realise that we're all connected. I'm still learning about this gift. I'm vegetarian and love animals. I cant tell when people are lying though. I think I'm a bit gullible sometimes. But sometimes I feel like I can hear thoughts.But often I've dismissed this.Great to be able to share this with other empaths.Thanks
—Guest Angelique

Read Minds

I am an empath and because of that people love me but this ability really affects in a bad way too. I am getting counseling for codependency. I feel better but people still end up sharing their most private stories with me and everyone trusts me very easily. I don't even try to open up people but they just feel very comfortable with me. Also I am known to scan people inside and out. Everyone that meets me tells me that it's like I have known them forever and everyone loves me. I don't have any enemies. I am not materialist and I love everything that is natural and pure. Also I always catch some one lying or if someone is wanting something. People have told me many times that it's like I am reading their mind.
—Guest faiza khan

Finally, A name for my abilities!!

In my teen years, i started to notice I could feel other people's intensions towards me and their lies, not a "I wonder" feeling, more like "I know" feeling. What I noticed weird about me, was that when people upset me to the core I would build up strong feelings in my gut of not wanting theese people around me, not long after those people would either move or get fired, I told my mother what I noticed about myself, she said I get it from her and that I need to learn to control my emotions because I can send negative energy to people. I have, I leave everything in God's hands, even strangers open up to me and after they tell me "I don't know why I told you that, I've never talked about it to anyone else" without thinking words of comfort and understanding just flow out of my mouth, weeks later, I wonder how that person is doing and hope they are ok, I get feelings of something is not right passing someone in the grocery store or driving through a neighborhood & I seem to know a little of everything.
—Guest Karla Karina

Why was I born this way?

Cursed life demands of us by our genetic differences to be the peace maker, the sin eater. Knowing the good and evil that lies within the people around us maybe I am different than others. Sometimes I feel like the only one that sees the evil in people's fake masks they wear. I love helping those who truly need my help but cannot hide my disguises that I see deep in the souls of others. I feel it, see it in their mind and it sickens me while I see so much good in others and will help relieve their suffering to help them feel whole. Others are afraid of me I think because they know I can see right through them their deepest dirty secrets in my mind and they can't hide it, not even having to utter a word and they know. I know it scares me at times. Why was I born this way? One look, not a word said, and I feel their guilt and the worst is I have no compassion for evil that resides in man. I feel cursed, have made no real friends in life but still try to find a thread of good in all that I can work with.
—Guest jm

Knowing What Others Feel

I have always known what I am ..and that was different. So did everyone else. Growing up was lonely and painful. I had no real friends. I had a huge family but never fit in my grandparent where the only ones ever there for me.. except Sister Jenna at the Catholic school. I went to I wasn't even allowed communion because of the priest. I should say I am not just empathic my family comes from rural Czech republic. I am second generation and different I wish I wasn't I was taught how to protect myself emotionally and how to release pain if I take it away. My problem is my husband he knows, has always known, and I try talking to him about making sure he is honest in his feelings with me but he doesn't always and then he lies says everything is fine but he knows he can't hide it from me and then tries to tell me I'm crazy. That's not how he feel but I know he lies, I feel it and it hurts so bad . He says I try to control him but I don't. I can feel the resentment, the anger.and it physically hurts me.
—Guest jenna mc

I Get Shivers

I always been a sensitive person, always caring for others people's feelings and emotions. I feel connected to nature and animals, I feel negative and positive energies and I find people easy to read and very perspective on life and wise but I also hear or know if persons near I don't know If this a genetic trait cause no one has it in my family I'm 16 and I don't know if it's normal. I'm always checking if my friends emotions are okay and if I feel and emotion or any energies I get shivers.
—Guest anna bree

Accepting Oneself

I can relate to a lot of what's said although I think I've tried to deny/hide it for fear of feeling even more alone. I've always been told I'm 'too sensitive.' That in itself hurts. It's hard when you pick up on cues, vibes and gut instincts as it's easy to feel swamped and overloaded. The upside is that it has saved me many times; trusting oneself is essential, it has never let me down. It's helped reading other's posts; I know I need to protect myself more - compassion vs care taking. Thank you.

Feels Like a Tsunami Crashing into Me

I am 16 and i can tell what people are thinking and I can tell how they will react to a situation before it happens, it can be very aggravating. It's incredible how much people lie on a day to day basis, and how much they intentionally try to hurt people without the other even knowing. It is frustrating because i can tell when someone hears something from across a room they weren't supposed to hear, and the hurt they feel, it is frustrating because no one else can feel this and they have no idea how they can affect people. I can't control it, I can't block anything out, and I can't tell someone to stop doing something because the person across the room is being affected. Everyday I walk into school feeling like a tsunami is crashing into my chest. I also have the ability to tell when someone is pregnant, i knew my mother was pregnant (at 2 weeks) before she told anyone and she is the only one who knows I'm "different." Everyday i can see more but I've had it so long I'd be blind without it.
—Guest 4iov

Not picture perfect

Since I was a little girl I always felt strong connection to the unseen, the spiritual word. I also felt the pain and suffering of others. My first scaring encounter woke me in the middle of the night, terrified, with a feeling of being stabbed in the chest over and over. Then it stopped as suddenly as it came, and the pain was gone. I used to watch the news daily until I went back to sleep and awoke to the news of a woman in Texas being stabbed (to death) during the same time. I felt her pain, her terror, and the calm of her death. I live in a violent and rude city filled with pain and cruelty. In nature, on my hikes, I sit and allow the earth to soak my pain into the ground like dried blood. I have trouble at times with my husband, as the words he speak and the emotion he feels resonates within me without escape. I become angry at times, feeling powerless to separate myself. The only time I feel in control is when I WANT to get into people's heads to help as a psych RN
—Guest April


I always collect how they feel, sometimes I even thought it was my own. I really don't care about them, but whenever I turn my back I'm still like carrying them. So I have to run miles away till they lose hold on me...
—Guest mark18

It's Not Fun

I hate being empathy it... gets in the way of things. I feel an urge to help someone even if I don't want to. I also don't enjoy knowing how people feel at all times. Really the only thing I enjoy about it is knowing when someone is lying to me or hiding something. I don't like knowing when someone hates me and not being able to do anything about it because they haven't done anything to give me a reason to.
—Guest mando

Empath Traits Without Feeling Emotions

i don't know. i have all the traits-but i don't really FEEL emotions of others, it's more like-a fuzzy aura around people and sometimes it's strong, sometimes it isn't. and it's easier with animals-they are more open about themselves, rarely have the complicated masks that people do. People just drain me in general because they are so complex, and their emotions aren't clear to me, I can only really tell when someone has a really strong emotion like anger or sincere happiness. And I can tell when people are lying, which they do a lot. ugh. humans.
—Guest lucy

My Pros and Cons of being an Empath

The Pros: Having the ability to feel, sense, know, understand, empathize... It is a gift! The Cons: having the ability to feel everything can sometimes get very heavy, you literally feel the weight of the world, plus I can sense and feel death the moment it happens even from half way around the world... This gift can be very isolating!
—Guest Dana

Empath-Me - It's rough

It took me a very long time to figure out I was an empath. Now that I have figured it out I use it more to get to know people on a level they could only dream of getting to know me. It's hard though because I know people better than myself and I feel things other people don't. I was reading the article on here and going through it. Most of it is spot on for me except the being the peace maker part. I see pictures online of cruelties especially to animals and I immediately hate humanity. It's rough to always be in a constant state of having all these emotions that aren't mine in my head but I live with it.
—Guest slydeviltkd

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Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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