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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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Dave, with a gift such as yours, comes a responsibility. WHen we touch people lives, we are often not around them long enough to observe the changes in them. Even the people helped can hardly ever point out specifically what changes in their life was based on your help. Pillars of the earth you all are. Given to this world as gifts from GOd. THe human being was intended to be a certain way, lets find out what that is and what our role in this is.
—Guest rasrush99@hotmail.com

Young and Confused

Does anyone ever feel like everything they learn and everyone they bump into is for a reason? That's the only thing that keeps me whole when every negative emotion is tearing me apart. I've been battling with empathy for 5 years now and I'm only 18. I've attempted suicide, and went on crazy drug binges. Never too addicted, always gaining control. I see my my friends' auras, and I feel strangers' emotions. I predict subtle events. And I am losing faith in human kind. So many liars... and when I'm telling the truth no one believes me! So many self absorbed selfish a**holes that 'see' outside the box. Where's my friend? Where's my confort? How do I let go of these emotions? Why do I have to care so much? I do yoga, I meditate, I daydream, I workout, I write, I draw. It isn't enough. Help...
—Guest Svetlana

Am I an empath

Hi, I'm new to this site and here because I'm looking for any insight into some experiances I've been having over the last 10 years. I've always brushed them off as anxiety or panic attacks until my most recent one- it was so intense that I can't ignore it. I was listening to a gospel performance artist and quite enjoying my brunch when out of knowhere the music began to affect me so much (specifically the bass notes and vibrations) that I felt as if I was going to faint! All I could think to do was close my eyes and breate through the experiance and hope that the song would end soon. This was not a religious gospel ceramony, just a peformance artist /singer with gospel influences. I feel I am very spiritual, but do not subscribe to any particular organized religion. It was very difficult for me to keep it together in this room full of people and this is not the first time something like this has happened: I've experiances this from sunsets, concerts, and other group organized funtions such as picket lines and prayer circles in an AA meeting I went to in order to support my friends sobriety. In case you're not familiar at the end of AA meetings everyone stands in a circle, holds hands, and says the "serenity prayer." It is nearly impossible for me to handle the "energy" in a group prayer without having difficulty breathing and almost blacking out, so I have to let go of their hands (which adds to the frustration cause I feel rude not taking part in it. Same thing with the performance artist event... I feel as if I cannot handle the unified energy of the room while at the same time I can't very well up and leave in the middle of a performance,even though I feel like I'm about to black out. I suppose it's also important to note that it's not like I'm "working myself up" with thoughts of anxiety or anything else. It's like one second I'm happy and comfortable and the next I'm overwhelmed with vibrations and energies that my body/soul can't handle. One of the things that confuses me most is that I FEEL like this is some sort of positive spiritual experiance but I've an inability to let it flow THROUGH me in a positive and heathy manner. Does anyone have or have heard of anything simlar?? Any advice or anyone I should speak to about this? Is it a "spiritual experiance"? Any recommended reading or research? Anything at all really?!? As I get older it gets stronger and I don't want to pretend it doesn't happen anymore.

I'm an empath, and I can help.

Like many of us, I didn't realize exactly what I was until recently. I always thought I was just crazy....but when someone explained to me that I am an empath, suddenly I made a lot more sense. Basically, you need to shield yourself and to learn what belongs to you, and what belongs to others. I will give two different methods (which basically do the same thing) that I have learned to do this. For Christian empaths, the easiest way I know of is to center first, which means taking a few moments to focus on yourself, and bring your Self back within. I see it as an aura that I pull back into myself. Then surround yourself with the White Light, and let him take care of you. He's stronger than you are. For pagan empaths, The easiest way I know of (and the way I acutally use) is grounding, centering, and shielding. Ground by allowing your energy to connect to Earth, and to the cosmic. Let both types of Energy fill you. Then center in the same way I explained above. Shielding basically means exactly that. The first time it ever worked for me was when someone led me though a quick guided meditation. "Close your eyes. Imagine yourself being covered by a pink bubble of light, because pink is the color of love. With your mind, make the bubble flexible enough that it wont be shattered when things hit it, and thick enough to be resiliant. Make it solid first, and then let it have very small holes in it, so that you can still absorb what you need. Take a deep breath, and realize that you're going to be OK. This really IS a gift, but it can be a rough one." As empaths, we can't cut ourselves off of ALL emotion from others. We need it. I had my empathy go away temporarily a few months back and it HURT. It was like talking to a brick wall whenever I would talk to someone. I hope this helps a little. Just realize, dear friends, that you AREN'T crazy. And you WILL be OK.
—Guest Nick

Developing Nicely

I first learned of my skills in empathy when a strong female role-model in my life told me I had it, at 19. I'm 26 now, and the change I have gone through on my trail of empathic development has been astounding. I have finally managed to learn how to empty my 'sponge', as well as actually not let it become so full in the first place and have learned how to be there in the same capacity for those which need it, without being so emotionally involved that I adopt their traits or become bitter and exhausted to the point where I have nothing left. I have been absorbing for years without knowing... it is only now, when faced with my most recent subject, I can see that I want the success of happiness so much for them, that I am emotionally far removed, enabling me to be of optimum use to them. I dont need to shut down anyore before I go out and am 'open' only when I choose to be. I also have spontaneous psychic ability now too which is fantastic. I love that I am an empath, I really do. x
—Guest Steffi

Not Necessarily Welcome Knowledge

Read" intuitive gift or curse", took quiz @ 100%. Feel like "Johnny in "Dead Zone." I'm a guy and won't wear all this jewelry. All the chronic pain/inflammation and lifestyle won't permit it. Terrified at the idea of expanding clairvoyance because of the futility of knowing yet unable to change the outcome. What's the point?, it causes more pain. If someone loves me and I love them, it becomes OK to flow briefly. This puts my circle very close and disables casual relationships entirely. I hope others find this empathic thing easier to function with. It has brought me physical agony and considerable worry. I realize there is no magic fix for me which seems absurd as this empathic trait is a psychic, impalpable ability. I consider it quite different from bending spoons or speaking to dead spirits. It has made me more open minded that such things could be real however. I am enslaved by it and in need of practical knowledge that keeps me functional.
—Guest Jay


I've been encountering many people with tales of shocking animal cruelty. I tell them not to tell me but they do anyway. The emotional pain I feel for animals is unimaginable and I've often wondered why I seem to feel so much deeper than many of those around me. I'm grateful for the comments of others to help me put this dilemma into perspective. Blessings.
—Guest rslmichelle@aol.com

Finally I know

i always thought everyone felt others pain, but I didn't know how other people could hurt peoples feeling without feeling the pain they have given them. I find it hard to clean or work around people who are sad or depressed as I can feel their pain too. I always thought i was super sensative also. I'm only a 15 year old boy and I feel like I'm 80 or something. I always put my needs at the end of my list until I was forced to worry about me and only me when I was forced into rehab for bulimia. I guess I'm glad I found out the truth behind me, and it is nice to know I'm not just an ordinary person. But it upsets me that it is a common psychic power, good luck too you all.

wow wow wow

I just cannot believe how sensitive I am to others. I never quite understood why I had so many mixed emotions when I went to parties or crowded areas. I am pretty sure that my mom, grandmother, and great uncle were empaths. My grandma and great uncle were in the mental health field and were very successful at that, now i understand why. :)
—Guest jordan


Hello, I begun reading all the comments but I suddenly had to stop and decided to make my own. Hopefully I'll be able to help some of you... So my fellow empaths, this 'gift' is definitely not a curse as some of you think, we just need to use it the right way! When you feel like your being drained or absorbed into negativity just let it flow through you, learn with those feelings and you won't need to live most of the hardest situations in life. Yes we can help others, and I believe that's what we're here for... but never neglect your own self, because you won't be of any help to anyone if you can't deal with your own emotions. So please my friends, allow those feelings to flow through you, you have the capability to shift their polarity into positive and even learn with them without having to live them yourself. Be proud and never forget to take care of yourselves, because the world needs us to be strong. May the light be with you all. Blessed be!
—Guest Pound

Searching for answers

Well, I finally know what's wrong with me! Believe me most of the time it's a curse, especially as I get older. It gets more intense. I think most hermits had to be empaths. I think I first really realized something was going on when I couldn't take my kids to see the animals at the county fair. The feelings were overwhelming and I started to cry. I can't watch hardly any movies. I take on way too much and feel constantly guilty that I can't do more. Is there a medication that can be taken for this? It is making me crazy and it's very hard to explain to anyone what the problem is.
—Guest Nancy


I have recently found out about empaths and then came to the understanding that I myself am a Tele-empath. It is scary and hard. I hear it is a gift but lately it feels like curse. I feel as though I have stepped back in time within myself since coming to this realisation. I am finding it difficult to function and work in a normal world and job, let alone trying to have a normal relationship when half the time I am dong and saying what the other person is thinking and feeling. I do believe it is a gift rather than a curse, maybe it is about spiritual progression and activating what we know into reality. How do we do that when majority of the population doesn't understand what an empath is???
—Guest petra

100% empath in all areas

Hello everyone, I have been trying to get information on being an empath and dealing with it. All of sudden I am being flooded, and at my age. My grandchildren are definite ones also. I need some information on others though that their % honestly comes back 100% in all areas. I would like to know, because do not want my decendents feeling the drain of all mental and physical energy that I have felt in the past. As a child, I knew my family knew something. I was never allowed around mourners while pregnant. Anything different was discouraged by my dad, using reasons not our religion. I do realize now what they were trying to do. Protect me. My grandmother was a sensitive. Now I see my children and theirs very much so. But anyone scoring 100% honestly and a true empath I would like some information. I was recommended The Book of Storms. I know I will come into myself, but so much inside you feel like your inner self will explode. Thank you for listening, Joan
—Guest golden


I sometimes find myself having to leave libraries, movie theaters, or other over crowded places because the emotion level is so high that I get migraines and I have also taken on other peoples anger. I am still learning on how to control the empath side of my life. If anyone else has this problem please let me know how you deal with it from day to day.
—Guest robert


Recently found out that empath is an actual thing, i was spiraling and thought I was going insane. All my thoughts and feeling were jumbled and messed up. I didn't know what I was feeling. Thank God I'm not alone, and I'm not crazy. :) Still find it difficult to know what are my feelings and other peoples though.
—Guest luigi

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Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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