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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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19 and nuts

I was diagnosed with bipolar when I was nine now I understand I was taking on the emotions of those around me. I'd like to say it got better as I got older but it didn't. Being around others hurt cuz I take so much in. My family thinks I'm a freak. They know I'm different. Though others in family are gifted they keep it to themselves because being normal is the way to go They keep everything to themselves. Bottled emotions = pain. I get a touch I feel it like a slap and tell them to stay away. I'm not mean, it just hurts. People seek me out subconsciously, I help on a good day. But for the most part as much as I would love to be social and stop feeling so alone the pain is too much. I met a guy who fell in love with me because I have a calming air about me as he put it but aside from not liking him back his very presence causes me pain, even his touch. Since being "normal" isn't an option I wanna hide under a rock. I hate being alone but it's the only way.
—Guest teary41

It's a mission

To be empath or higly sensitive person is a greatest gift and burden too. I have troubles to cope since I was a child. I felt like no one understands me and I do not know where is my place. This journey is a journey of a loner and takes great courage to walk it! I do not drink, smoke, though I tried it to fit somewhere. I don't like loud noises or crowds as I quickly absorb everything from others and it makes me ill. Peaceful music and nature helps to cleanse, also doing protections around the body, but if we are still living dictated, stressful and timed life in order to pay bills or place where you live, it's not easy to make it peacefully :) - I pray that changes will soon happen and people will recognize the truth, be honest with each other and I pray that same like people will meet each other to help themselves on this journey! I'm 31 and till this time I used to meet the opposites of me, who were maybe lesson to be learn but they also took a lot of advantages of my personality.
—Guest Malinla


I'm 13, and all my life I've been extremely sensitive to others. When my grandmother was ill in the hospital, from my house it was like I could actually feel her pain. I bawled my eyes out and scrunched myself into a ball, shaking. I think I do a good job of hiding my emotions, since my parents and friends have no idea. If I have to cry I force it under until I'm alone. Rarely I can get angry when I discover any thoughts that are cruel or self centered. There are plenty of nice thoughts though, and I just want people to be happy. Sometimes I feel bad though, like when little kids run up and want me to play, and I try to say no, because I feel their disappointment. Not that I don't play with them, it's just a constant come play princess with us. Hmm, well everything will be alright. I consider it a gift, and I intend to do good with it.


Often I've felt others pain, joy and sorrow to the point of tears and great outburst of happiness. One bad thing is that I do so often put my problems on the back burner, for other things to occupy my mind. I also pray for others, lots of whom I don't know and heaps of sympathy. Strangely often times I also have ailments and sickness that I pray for others to leave and they come to me. Why is that? i would love to understand this. I totally don't mind that last part, but, I do have to be careful about what I pray.
—Guest j


I am glad to know that there are others that are like me. I thought I was crazy. I'm sensitive to smells (especially perfumes), loud noises, and people. I'm able to get vibes from people - good or bad. Most of the time I feel like a problem solver for everyone- especially my family. When I become overwhelmed by other people's issues and emotions, I become physically ill and withdrawn.


I'm definitely an empath, knowing what others think and say before they do say. It's border line psychic. It's hard to deal with sometimes because I wear it for days. I often wish I were not so sensing.
—Guest Ron H

thoughts. . .

I've always had this feeling around people. These emotions that I knew weren't mine. I didnt know exactly what it was, but i knew it was their emotions. Sometimes i was able to help them other times their emotions were good ones and they wouldn't need my help. Sometimes their emotions were so deep and conflicted I would become overwhelmed and I would have to run off because I felt sick. I've always helped others and put their needs before my own. When I read this article it seemed to all make sense now. Although being 'empathic' is just a title I'm glad I now know I'm not alone or just experencing the inevitable. I am proud to say I'm an empath.
—Guest unknown

It hurts

It is a painful experience being this sensitive, I struggle with it every day. I run my brain like a program and try a remember that some of these feelings aren't truly mine and that others are entitled to theirs but it's hard when I know what theirs are and they're bitter and twisted. One of the nastier impressions is pure disgust, that's an easy one to spot, other feelings that come quickly are embarrassment. You can feel these being projected easily but they feel awful. Some annoy me because their feelings are so unjustified. I want to scream at the person and say how dare you feel that, your interpretation is so wrong. Then again I've also been called psychic through reading people, one girl(complete stranger) I guessed practically her life story, occupation, ambitions etc. etc. just from being sensitive and reading her, try it its fun. But learning to block certain evils has been hard, people don't want your sensitive prying ways it affects their sense of control.
—Guest Found it

Confined and Lonely

Been couped in my house for over 6 years now. When I go out, I hope no one sees me. I cover myself in black, hide behind sunglasses and a big hoodie. It's my way of pushing people away. I want them to fear me, especially when I put on spikes and put my hair in a Mohawk. Shock value = Distance, but also draws attention because I stand out to the norm. Been very empathic and aware of energies since a baby. I've cut all my friends off and completely removed myself from any social gatherings, events, circles, coffee crews, and so forth. A black sheeped black sheep. Due to my distant behaviourism over the last 6 years, my relationships have been zero, and frankly, I'm very lonely. Wondering if I will ever meet a woman who shares a similar trait and would like a quiet life. I fear I will be single for this life now thanks to the exploded 'gift.' Way too much pressure on being social in this speedy society. I cannot watch violent movies, stand aggressive music, or be around anxiety based situations such as accidents, police speeding around and so on. All I feel in the world is tension. Everyone's pain all at once. I even sense that old Chinese guy from Zhengzhou buying fish trying to feed his son... need I say more. The world is VERY tense and very angry. Being a filtration system for this violent species is one of the hardest careers in the universe. What is the purpose of the 'ability'? Are some sort of worker bee making sure the quality of honey, 'energy', is clean enough for survival of all? I mean, c'mon, what is this really? Why do we have it, and what is it for?
—Guest Alnitak

Mild Empathy

As everyone previous has said, I feel the hurt and suffering around me. On the other side I feel all of the happiness around me as well. Sometimes I do get overwhelmed, everything being taken in, it's sometimes too much to handle. My friends love talking to me when they have a problem or just when they want to talk. I figured I was just nice and everyone else was just cruel and didn't acknowledge others' feelings. Though now I understand that I'm not alone in this and that I am blessed to have this gift of empathy. It brings me a lot of joy to help others and make them happy, which is what I strive to do every day of my life. I had a hard time as a child since when my father and mother separated. It caused a lot of fights and a lot of pain *I know it does everyone*. Now things have gotten better with my stepmother and father, and whenever she has a problem she comes to me. It makes my day every time I help her through a rough patch she's in. I look at it as a beautiful gift. :)
—Guest Scott

If you want control read at least end

15 and ever since I can remember I've felt others emotions but I learned to shield myself as got older and separate the feeling within me. I feel my own feelings in my heart and others in me stomach and I usually cut off strangers altogether. I think I subconsciously learned to do this because the scariest thing I ever encountered with empathy is when someone feels absolutely nothing unless they're angry. My dad was like that and I had to gather people around me when I was with him because otherwise the cold terror and sickness was overwhelming. I guess I also had to learn to turn my empathy on and off and concentrate on it so I could help and take care of my friends. I couldn't do that if I wasn't able to stay stable for them. All though if I'm by my self and someone yells at me I will cry and sob and all those unpleasant things. Mostly if you want control as an empath it's easier to do it for others so that you can help but you have to make limits. Also you have to have time fully alone.
—Guest La lune

Only just found out

I've only just discovers I'm empathic. My mum was telling me about it but I didn't understand why I was acting the way I was. I'm only 15 and it scared me. I couldn't control when I was angry and upset. It was actually scary. I only found out yesterday that I am empathic and it's hard to get hold of and get used to. I'm still scared of it because I can feel how animals are feeling as well as humans :/ I didn't realize this until I rode my horse yesterday and his ears flattened back and I felt moody all of a sudden :/ it's rather scary that I can take on board and understand other people's feelings but I haven't discovered the feeling of pain yet and hurt.
—Guest Jessica


It helps knowing there are more of you out there. I see myself in most of your posts. This makes me happy and that's really all I can say.
—Guest Some guy


I recently talked to a psychic for the very first time. She told me that I was an empath healer in my former life and I am in this one as well. That explained many things in my life. I have always been able to feel other people's emotions and have been able to feel when they are ill or are in pain. I have even predicted death on several occassions (when no one knew the person was sick). My psychic explained that I was a very good healer in my former life and that I have the potential to be one now if I gain the knowledge of how to do so. I have been struggling with what to do after hearing this information and just stumbled across this website. This makes me feel so much better, realizing that I'm not alone!
—Guest Kimberly

A very ancient time is more modern

~ The Earth is my Sheet Music ~ The Stars are my Notes ~ The Constellations are my Chords ~ The Galaxies are my Instruments ~ The Universe is my Song ~ Everything to me is vibrations. I see matter as frozen sound or chords and notes played to sustain their resonance. Music is this reality experience for me. The entire grid and matrix as I see it is sound. Everybody's field is sonic in nature, and I sense all beyond. I come from a very old heretical family line that dates back to Ancient Kemet. My whole family line when traced was murdered, excommunicated, or exiled wherever they went. Our names have been changed for eons as punishment for our sensitive and loving nature. We've kept our lineage and ancestry open for each of us new born to see. Our latest incident was in Ireland. We were banished from the Church for being empathic and some were burnt as witches for communicating with the 'devil.' A curse, or a gift? Each of us in our bloodline has been asking this for a very very long time.
—Guest Alnitak
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