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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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Is It The Beginning of The Change

Hello.....fellows, I feel those pains to all around me, I also wonder if we are just learning to help others who will soon start to feel like us. We are all different ages and all over the world and with things excellerating it makes sense we start sharing our gifts as others share their own individual gifts. Love to all of you, and try to stay as positive as you can
—Guest Lynda

I'm a milder form of an empath.

I'm 15. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm an empath. I'm pretty sure I am. But some of you can see the future. I'm a milder form of an empath. I can help people through any problems even a person who says he's and empath comes to me for help and I listen to him because I feel all of his problems and feel the need to help. I can't stand arguments they make me very upset even if their not mine any time there is one I ushually settle it very fast but I never yell. Somtimes I do get freaked out by all this :/ and wish I didn't have it but I also love it because I get to help so many people out and it made my dream to be a psychologist. One of my only escapes most the time is to be alone and go outside.
—Guest Ashley

Cons and Pros

Cons: to feel that they need or want so badly but not always in the position to help and to never be acknowledged yourself. Pros: i love helping, listening, and seeing them smile.
—Guest Pam

what a relief!

Wow. I'm so glad that I have recently discovered iIm an empath. I'm 14 and I thought that I was going crazy. It's so intense sometimes it's like i can feel every single thing other people do. All the pain, sadness and joy, everything. It's like I just touch them with my hands and I feel a rush of all their emotion. People always come to me for advice and comfort, and it's like I know exactly how to act and what to say to that exact person to make them feel better. This feels like a curse but mostly a gift. sometimes I just have to be alone and take it all in. I was so worried there was something wrong with me before I figured this out, I'm too scared to tell any friends or family about it because I'm worried they will think I'm crazy and laugh. I can understand every single person and why they are the way they are. Until now it felt like no one could truly understand me. I was scared I might be bipolar or something (I know I'm not) and I'm so happy to learn about this!
—Guest allie

This is Awesome...

I have always felt different from most other people. I could never quite fit in any one group. I've been trying to understand myself and my abilities. Being an Empath has often felt like a gift and a curse. Learning to tune out peoples negative emotions and energy has been a struggle for me, but this is like finding your ID card. Now I can drive through life or fly a plane, the sky is the limit.
—Guest Jon Lindley

So being sensitive isn't so bad!

I am so glad I read these articles on being sensitive. I've now found out I'm an empath (after 28 years!). No wonder people gravitate to me when they have problems, or that I easily cry, or that I feel so passionately for certain ideas and ideals. I just had a fight with a roommate two days ago and it led me to a soul-search. Is there something wrong with me? Why doesn't she understand me? Do I have to change just to suit those around me? She is the exact opposite of me and it has taken its toll on my emotions. She's always believed being sensitive isn't helpful and is opinionated about it. Thank you for these eye-openers. These articles have helped me know about myself and I'm glad to know there are many others just like me. I will embrace who I am and make the most of it to continue helping others and to also improve myself by developing the positive side of being empathic. Thank God I was born one.
—Guest thisladylovescats


It took a long time to accept that I am an empath. In the traditional medical field, I encounter a lot of negative emotions and illness. In accepting the empath in me, I now see more clearly how I have always seemed to wear the "name tag" counselor and people gravitate to me for advice, burdens; am that person/ear they are seeking. In response to Carrie's comment, I too struggle to release and protect myself from the negative emotions and energy fields. I don't prescribe to crystals, chakra balms and the other things that can be sold to us. Rather, I release through prayer, a good cry and the ocean. Old remedies such as sage/moxibustion used in traditional Chinese Medicine and in holistic fields is excellent in cleansing oneself. An old fashioned epsom salt bath does wonders too, we are born of water and getting in a warm tub brings us back to the source of nourishment, the womb. It's also so important for my well-being to sleep and even take a rest in the afternoon. Great recharge.
—Guest Treofflorida

Pro life

I was guided here yesterday by grace and am so greatful to have a better understanding of me. I have always thought my gifts came from being a twin, libra, and my birthdate. All my life it has been a challege for me to except that people just don't get the endeepth process I go through daily for them to heal. So many times I thought what about me? I often would say, "I clearly understand you, but you obviously can not clearly understand me!" I have prayed to find others like me and I have never been so grateful to be labeled! Finaly people who can understand me clearly! I will help anyone I can to adjust to the acceptance of their gifts. It is just that acceptance of yourself and others. Try and Embrace unconditional and then give it. It is as easy! Something I never had but always felt I wanted. As far as I have found on being overloaded that helps me. I take a reflection night every couple days to let go, deal with and process what has come into my life. I'm just so grateful to know that acceptance of our gifts is acknowledged not just within me!
—Guest Sin city chell

Empathy probs

I am a 13 year old empath. I recently found out that I was empath around a few month ago. Recently, I have discovered that I am not only empath but I hve two more gifts first, I think I am one of those people that can see the future(forgot what they were called) and I discovered my other gift years ago. Being an empath is hard enough. I mean I have to deal with social problems and with being an empath I have to face the truth that most people are lying to me. I learnt that I could see the future when I had this tingly feeling that won't go away saying that my best friend's malay teacher was coming and that I had to leave ASAP. But u ignored those feelings and continued to just talk. I first discovered that I can see ghosts was when I was around 4. I saw a translucent figure like a girl around 20 floating in mid air. I got so freaked out I couldn't scream. I just sat there staring at it. I really need help in controlling these three gifts. I like them in a way, but it still freaks me out a bit.

Exciting, yet...

Hey everyone. I'm 13 and (obviously) an empath. I just found out a couple weeks ago and am doing ALL the research I possibly can. I'm totally excited because now I know what all those weird expiriences in my life were caused by! I'm very very very Christian and I love my faith. However, only 2 of my best friends know about who I am. Not even my parents. It sucks HARD lying to them... and I hate it. The only problem is that I would LOVE to tell them but... it's soooo awkward. I'm not even sure my 2 friends believe me. I listen to alllll their problems, yet when I need help with one... nothing. go figure huh? I love being an empath though =) call me crazy but it fits. Stay close to Jesus, all you empaths who are doing drugs, trying to commit suicide and so on. Please. You will not regret it, trust me!!! Good luck, and God bless =)
—Guest Leeanne


Dave, with a gift such as yours, comes a responsibility. WHen we touch people lives, we are often not around them long enough to observe the changes in them. Even the people helped can hardly ever point out specifically what changes in their life was based on your help. Pillars of the earth you all are. Given to this world as gifts from GOd. THe human being was intended to be a certain way, lets find out what that is and what our role in this is.
—Guest rasrush99@hotmail.com

Young and Confused

Does anyone ever feel like everything they learn and everyone they bump into is for a reason? That's the only thing that keeps me whole when every negative emotion is tearing me apart. I've been battling with empathy for 5 years now and I'm only 18. I've attempted suicide, and went on crazy drug binges. Never too addicted, always gaining control. I see my my friends' auras, and I feel strangers' emotions. I predict subtle events. And I am losing faith in human kind. So many liars... and when I'm telling the truth no one believes me! So many self absorbed selfish a**holes that 'see' outside the box. Where's my friend? Where's my confort? How do I let go of these emotions? Why do I have to care so much? I do yoga, I meditate, I daydream, I workout, I write, I draw. It isn't enough. Help...
—Guest Svetlana

Am I an empath

Hi, I'm new to this site and here because I'm looking for any insight into some experiances I've been having over the last 10 years. I've always brushed them off as anxiety or panic attacks until my most recent one- it was so intense that I can't ignore it. I was listening to a gospel performance artist and quite enjoying my brunch when out of knowhere the music began to affect me so much (specifically the bass notes and vibrations) that I felt as if I was going to faint! All I could think to do was close my eyes and breate through the experiance and hope that the song would end soon. This was not a religious gospel ceramony, just a peformance artist /singer with gospel influences. I feel I am very spiritual, but do not subscribe to any particular organized religion. It was very difficult for me to keep it together in this room full of people and this is not the first time something like this has happened: I've experiances this from sunsets, concerts, and other group organized funtions such as picket lines and prayer circles in an AA meeting I went to in order to support my friends sobriety. In case you're not familiar at the end of AA meetings everyone stands in a circle, holds hands, and says the "serenity prayer." It is nearly impossible for me to handle the "energy" in a group prayer without having difficulty breathing and almost blacking out, so I have to let go of their hands (which adds to the frustration cause I feel rude not taking part in it. Same thing with the performance artist event... I feel as if I cannot handle the unified energy of the room while at the same time I can't very well up and leave in the middle of a performance,even though I feel like I'm about to black out. I suppose it's also important to note that it's not like I'm "working myself up" with thoughts of anxiety or anything else. It's like one second I'm happy and comfortable and the next I'm overwhelmed with vibrations and energies that my body/soul can't handle. One of the things that confuses me most is that I FEEL like this is some sort of positive spiritual experiance but I've an inability to let it flow THROUGH me in a positive and heathy manner. Does anyone have or have heard of anything simlar?? Any advice or anyone I should speak to about this? Is it a "spiritual experiance"? Any recommended reading or research? Anything at all really?!? As I get older it gets stronger and I don't want to pretend it doesn't happen anymore.

I'm an empath, and I can help.

Like many of us, I didn't realize exactly what I was until recently. I always thought I was just crazy....but when someone explained to me that I am an empath, suddenly I made a lot more sense. Basically, you need to shield yourself and to learn what belongs to you, and what belongs to others. I will give two different methods (which basically do the same thing) that I have learned to do this. For Christian empaths, the easiest way I know of is to center first, which means taking a few moments to focus on yourself, and bring your Self back within. I see it as an aura that I pull back into myself. Then surround yourself with the White Light, and let him take care of you. He's stronger than you are. For pagan empaths, The easiest way I know of (and the way I acutally use) is grounding, centering, and shielding. Ground by allowing your energy to connect to Earth, and to the cosmic. Let both types of Energy fill you. Then center in the same way I explained above. Shielding basically means exactly that. The first time it ever worked for me was when someone led me though a quick guided meditation. "Close your eyes. Imagine yourself being covered by a pink bubble of light, because pink is the color of love. With your mind, make the bubble flexible enough that it wont be shattered when things hit it, and thick enough to be resiliant. Make it solid first, and then let it have very small holes in it, so that you can still absorb what you need. Take a deep breath, and realize that you're going to be OK. This really IS a gift, but it can be a rough one." As empaths, we can't cut ourselves off of ALL emotion from others. We need it. I had my empathy go away temporarily a few months back and it HURT. It was like talking to a brick wall whenever I would talk to someone. I hope this helps a little. Just realize, dear friends, that you AREN'T crazy. And you WILL be OK.
—Guest Nick

Developing Nicely

I first learned of my skills in empathy when a strong female role-model in my life told me I had it, at 19. I'm 26 now, and the change I have gone through on my trail of empathic development has been astounding. I have finally managed to learn how to empty my 'sponge', as well as actually not let it become so full in the first place and have learned how to be there in the same capacity for those which need it, without being so emotionally involved that I adopt their traits or become bitter and exhausted to the point where I have nothing left. I have been absorbing for years without knowing... it is only now, when faced with my most recent subject, I can see that I want the success of happiness so much for them, that I am emotionally far removed, enabling me to be of optimum use to them. I dont need to shut down anyore before I go out and am 'open' only when I choose to be. I also have spontaneous psychic ability now too which is fantastic. I love that I am an empath, I really do. x
—Guest Steffi

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Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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