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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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I take on peoples hurt and pain. I let their problem become part of my energy field. I carry them with me for days. When they are no longer with me they are always healed. I am left very tired. I have asked God to channel himself though me, but I am not doing a great job protecting myself. Energy should be limitless if it is given. I wonder why I am so tired.
—Guest kirsten

I dunno...

I think that empathy just touches the surface of what humans are capable of, but shove aside. Like, sometimes I feel closer to animals the people because they don't hide behind things that I can see right through anyway. Nature too. Oh well, I'm used to being different by now. When I was really little Id cry at the smallest things and that was it for showing it. I've always been the youngest in everything I do (I'm in high school and I'm STILL 13) I have to deal with spirit stuff and some have taken advantage of this and screwed with my emotions because it was "fun". Yeah, uh, not for me. See? DIFFERENT. And people just know it. Like instincts or something. They just tell me things, things that they don't tell anyone else because "I understand". Which is helpful sometimes. ^.^ it does suck when people are sad though. And when you can tell they laugh at you. Watching Christmas shows with the family was miserable.
—Guest Bri

empath curse

I have always struggled with the fact that I couldn't control my emotions around some people. I would take on their pain or sorrow and had no clue why. I am 48 years old and finally met another man like myself who is a bit older and said that he has learned to control it and to guard himself from the curse. I still don't know how to do it and it gets my to the pit of dispair sometimes!!! I cant even watch a movie that is too emotional or I find myself completely sucked into the caracter as though I am living the role myself!?!?!? If any one else can relate it would be good to hear. I thought that I was just crazy until I started studying up on EMPATHS. When I told my girlfriend about it I don't think she understood what I was trying to say. When I say I'm an EMPATH I don't just mean I can feel you in a sympathetic way... I mean I can actually feel the pain in my soul!?!?!?!? That's why I call it a curse sometimes. Can someone please tell me that they are like me??????
—Guest 4qball

It's a gift and a curse...

Ever since I was a child, I knew there was something different about me, not a normal child should be. The things that really messes me is that even though I am never asked others tell me about their problems and miseries. That's the one thing I kinda don't understand those days. But as I grew I was more struggling to know what had I become. Sensing the feelings of others without even touching them. It's like hearing the people's heart and mind. Including animals, trees, insects. Yes I kinda prefer being more close to nature than having to live in the city. It is where I get to refresh myself. I really don't like having to be with people around me. It's like I can read their thoughts and their hearts. I feel I'm so different. I thought I was alone, but as this goes, Is this a gift to be nurture with or a curse to be forever with? I can't even find someone to love. Well, I already found her but she's already taken.

Me, too!

Like so many others here, I knew as a child that I was different. Along with the empathy, I can see and talk to ghosts. So, double weirdness, right? I've learned to shield myself and it does help. I visualize walls going up, kinda like the old Get Smart intro when he walked thru a corridor and doors shut behind him. Strangers tell me personal details soon after meeting me; it's a bit disconcerting. I've been told many times how easy I am to talk to. *shrug* My sons have inherited this, my daughters too but not to the degree my sons have. Just learn to shield yourself, remove yourself from negative people whenever you can, switch channels when TV makes you uncomfortable, etc. I carry quartz with me and it helps, too.
—Guest Morrigan

Me too

I cannot say how relieved I am to discover I'm an empath. I always was so shy so uncomfortable in so many places so aware of others feelings reading faces always seeking peace. Needing to recharge and be alone. I seem to attract "troubled" people who need my "calm". I am having the hardest time right now, I have a bipolar 18yo son living in my house and it's hard to block his negativity. But, I keep loving him with all the bad he does. I am searching and absorbing all this new information with such a thirst. I am not crazy and I am not alone.
—Guest MissT

Thank you.

I have always known I could read people, but I didn't always understand it. I still struggle with intense emotion and will have to leave a room, building or area to regain myself or my composure. I can bring myself to tears easily. I try to avoid the news if possible because it is hard to not "take on" other's emotions. I just need to learn how to deal with this or how to "control it" if there is any such thing. For nearly a year I have had a "nagging" feeling that something was wrong and I couldn't figure out what. I always felt it had to do with my mother-in-law, but couldn't figure out what it was. I figured it was just her stress was so high. We recently learned she has cancer. In the past week, that nagging feeling has all but completely gone away. Thank you for this insight, hopefully I will learn better how to separate myself from others when it comes to my emotions and senses.
—Guest Jen

It doesn't have to be a bad thing

I have been a very strong empath since I was a small child. I was so strongly affected that at the age of 4 or 5, I walked into a busy street praying for the cars to hit me just to stop the unexplained pain I felt. Then, when I was 5, a wise old man showed me how to create my shield. Yes, we are Empaths, but it doesn't have to mean that we cannot control this ability. It is up to us to learn how to decipher what is ours and what belongs to others. You CAN learn not to be totally open all the time. You CAN learn to feel without letting the emotions of others get you off kilter. It is all about control. One of the first things to learn is to examine each emotion, especially those that don't seem to fit or change very rapidly without explanation. If you explore an emotion and can see no reason for you to be experiencing that emotion, it is most likely not yours. It is then up to you to decide how to manage it, but please remember that it is NOT ok to invade the psyche of others.
—Guest Kore


I am an empath, I work really hard at blocking people out that I am exhausted all the time. Problem is at least 2 of my children are also empaths and I havn't gotten a handle on this yet myself and I don't know how to help them through it. My youngest daughter is the strongest empath I have ever met, I believe she also has other gifts that I have yet to figure out. She is 5 years old. I don't know who to ask for help.
—Guest jessl

Always knew

Ever since I was around four years old I knew I was different from everyone else. I was extremely shy and reclusive because whenever I was near people all that I could feel were their emotions multiplied by ten and I was able to tell where their angst or even happiness was coming from without even speaking to said person. Once I started school it became much worse and I often found myself sitting off in the corners and such because of the overload I would get from sitting around everyone. My mother even sent a note into the school saying that I had to sit somewhat away from everyone so I would be able to pay attention. So for quite a while I hated this ability I had, not knowing what it was at the time, but as the years went on I gradually learned how to muffle the bombardment of emotions to a dull thrum. It is still very difficult to deal with from time to time whenever I am having a rough day or something myself but after all these years I've learned to love and accept this gift.
—Guest Kat

I'm still not sure

My whole life, i've been there for everyone else in my life. I could always tell just by looking at someone how they were feeling. Whenever I first meet someone, i can tell if i can trust them or not. That can be a blessing! I never see my grandmother's sister but whenever I do see her, I always get this bad vibe and I know when she's fake. Whenever I go into a situation that turns out bad, i always get this bad feeling before hand. I always go into a project/situation with negative thoughts anyway so that I don't end up let down but when it really does turn out bad. I always get this weird feeling! Sometimes I'll get this feeling that something is wrong with someone so I'll text them. Or I'll be thinking about how I miss someone and then I get a text from them at that moment. I never knew what was going on with me. I always thought I was just a caring, intuitive person. But then I was watching Charmed when Phoebe becomes an empath and that's when it clicked! I'm still not sure if I am.
—Guest Charmed

Recently Discovered

Well, I never knew what an empath was until about a week ago. I was told by someone that they were an empath and they explained to me what empaths are and what they do. As he was telling me, I realized I do everything that he does. I am an empath, and so is my mother. I'm just a stronger one, or so she says. It's new to me, but I find it unique. I thought everyone had these feelings every day, I didn't think much of it until about a week ago, and now I know. I had no idea.
—Guest Amanda

just different 3

I guess I should mention the positives too. I like that I can sense presences, alive or dead. I am only distubed by evil ones that I call on Jesus to remove and it always works. I like that I can tell when someone is thinking of me right before the phone rings. Babies gravitate towards me and smile at me as if they can see the goodness inside me. I can sense danger and avoid it such as something falling off the back of a truck right after I get over. I have great intuition and angels. My angels even stay close to me in dreams. I can see a painful event in my dream before it happens so I can prepare for it. I knew a loved one was going to die so I said good-bye before it was too late despite a fight we had. As a child I knew things I couldn't possibly know. I wish I still had that. I think if we could train ourselves to cope or control our senses, it wouldn't be such a burden. My suggestion is to always have a way to recharge yourself before or after your daily grind.
—Guest Ariana

just different 2

An associate of mine came to my house uninvited and while I was charging my batteries or spending time alone in my pajamas, she asked me to go out to eat. My least favorite activity since so many people are buzzing around I can't relax or digest my food. She knows I don't like crowds but insisted I go out for her since she has been depressed. What is frustrating is in the restaurant she told me I need to get over this problem and not pay attention to others. I felt violated and offended by her lack of understanding. I should just change who I am to meet her ideal of normal. I was feeling good before this incident and after she hugged me and I went home I was so drained I went to sleep almost instantly. So much for my road trip. I do not avoid all things or places, I just take them in strides. I go to Walmart at 6am when it is not crowded. I drink tea before a meeting at work that I expect to be stressful. I know myself, but it hurts when people think I am broken.
—Guest Ariana

just different

I have read about empaths when reading Emotional Freedom by Dr. Judith Orloff. It is great to identify what it is so that I don't feel like something is wrong with me. I know why certain places or people make me uncomfortable and when I ignore my body's signals I regret it. Once I met a man who literally made me so nervous he took notice and asked me if he made me uncomfortable. I said no and dated him anyway. I eventually found him to be an abusive troubled man suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from serving in Iraq and a bad divorce. He was attracted to my nurturing spirit as he was desperately in need of help, but he was a danger to my mental and physical health. I too would become angry or afraid if he was. Ironically, my profession is a caregiver for the mentally disabled and all my clients adore me because I am able to solve their problems or bring them comfort. However I am totally depleted when I end my shift.
—Guest Ariana

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Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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