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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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Rebirth today!!! Finally I know!

OMG today I can finally put a name to what I am!!! I cannot tell you the number of times that strangers come up to me and tell me their life story..sometimes we end up crying together...my husband will walk in on me at the supermarket and know instantly that I made a new friend. He tells me all the time, "no more friends." It's this and also the fact that I feel a person's physical pain to the point that I have passed out... even helping someone in the hospital by translating for them. I always wondered what is this? And why am I so open about myself and "connect" with people so easily?? Now I know.. Thank you God for showing me this answer! Today I am reborn!

a talent and yet a curse

Pros and cons, so many to choose from. I've discovered my unique ability after many years of being with out emotion, not caring, not understanding, and not living properly. In this state of solitude, I have learned to be more in tune with ones self and I have just been released from this. Now i have regained my sense of emotion (still working on it though). Anyways, now that I am deeply in tune, I can also sense every one's vibe, deep or shallow. my biggest con is the fact being as I am still getting use to my emotions, I am easily influenced in attitude by this energy. Many negative people = me becoming them, but if there is only one, I can coop with it. The pro is by using this feeling, i can better understand where they are coming from, and I can better advice them in a caring matter. I've been able to help many in this manner, but I still cant stand large groups (more then 5 at a time) for I just can't handle it. I tend to tear up, due to the many differences in emotion. Time will help.
—Guest Seeker

Want to learn how to protect myself

I know how you feel, it's really weird. I can just tell straight away if someone is lying to me or making up stories. I can tell what people are thinking. I don't know how, i just do. I like to be in my own company most of the time. Going to events with lots of people drives me insane. Headaches I get very short tempered. It's nice to be able to talk about this as people do think you are weird and judge you. I feel a lot of people open up to me, some people I don't even know and will just sit there tell you everything drain all your energy and just leave you. Would love how to find out how to protect myself from feeling like this.
—Guest rob

You have to take care of yourself.

I guess I am an empath, I have been having visions since I was a teenager and do feel the energy of others, call it astrological placing... Neptune in the first house, Moon in the 8th, Scorpio rising....nonetheless I do not always like feeling what others are thinking, etc etc, and having dreams that come to pass... It is a blessing and a curse, I enjoy knowing that my gift has protected me all of these years... I am 43,and has aided me in making better decisions.... it is all in how you use it. I have been working on setting boundaries around myself to ground my energies. This gift makes me so emotional and very much like a sponge. I't is a work in progress for me to shake off the energy of life.. good and bad. When I work with others in my field, which is counseling it helps me to be very present with my clients... and yes debriefing is a regular thing. Keep affirming who you are in the midst of the energy you feel, because it is not you... Be blessed!
—Guest Jan

Tips for the Empath

I'm slowly realizing I'm an Empath. I've gone through so much of what I've read here about ups and downs just because of the energy of the people around me. Also the frequent interactions with complete strangers that want to tell me their life stories, and always connecting with people when they are down, I feel their pain and am drawn to listen and let them vent and try to offer understanding. And it feels good. But working in the healthcare industry and around lots of people is a no no for us. I've just quit my job as an RN in a hospital for 4 1/2 years and have never been happier. I'm pursuing my dreams with art and music and staying home and minimizing my interactions with large groups of people and it has helped so much. I know not everyone can just quit their jobs and magically afford to live. But with the willpower and use of the amazing Law of Attraction, us empaths deserve to be happy :)
—Guest Bex

So now I know for sure!

I always wondered how I knew how someone would react even if I didn't know them. The consuming anxiety I have at social gatherings. The gut twisting need to help someone who is hurting. I feel their hurt on an emotional level that just drains me. I can unententionally tap into someone else's sexual feelings (that one got me into some uncomfortable situations in my younger days), feel the fear and anxiety of others especially children and animals, I can siphone off some of the pain people feel for them but have a hard time releasing it. Sometimes know what they are thinking or feeling. I am 51 and this has been going on for as long as I can remember. I am a loner by nature. Thought I was different from the others and I am. But it's OK. I have learned to cope.
—Guest Peggy

It is so good to know!

Finally a word for it! I have always felt the emotions of people and animals since being a child. This can be extremely scary and overwhelming. I still remember doing a swedish massage course aged 19 and everyone I massaged in the course cried! The massage teacher said that I had a 'gift' for healing and bringing out the emotions of others through touch. My 'real job' is as a primary teacher and being an empath means that I know who needs help, how and when a lot easier than most. It also means that my job is exhausting and draining because of this. I have found meditation and kinesiology helps balance the body so that I can more easily cope with the many emotions of the kids around me. I would highly advise seeing a kinesiologist as a great way to manage the struggles of being an empath. Meditation can also keep your spirits high so that you don't 'surrogate' for others and take on their stuff. I am now choosing to embrace this gift and study to become a kinesiologist. Yours in spirit

So apparently I am an Empath!!

I have never understood why I am the way I am. Overly sensitive, always needing to solve and fix the worlds troubles and problems! I have always had an uncanny sense knowing that someone is troubled, and how people and animals seem to be attracted to me. Finally after so many years I think I see why I am why I am who I am.
—Guest David Orr

Since the beginning, I was called weird

I remember being called weird when I was three by the other children. I am called weird today, at 30. It's ok. I don't mind anymore. Someone (some entity?) has told me that it is my purpose to simply BE who I am, and learn and grow and be myself. I remember feeling the stingy, buzzy energy of an angry elderly woman that judged people harshly and immediately upon sight. I FELT her crazy, biting energy dissipate when I chose to confront her. She was telling her granddaughter that I was a no-good mum and my type lose their children to welfare and whatnot. Without even knowing my name! She judged me and my daughter, playing on a picnic bench by a tree. Well, I told her, "I can hear you." She replied, "I wasn't speaking to you." I further replied, "But you were speaking ABOUT me." She then said, "You people have problems, I've seen you around that apartment...." blah blah. I told her, "You know nothing of me, my problems, or even if I have any." She went away angrily and the web was broken
—Guest Lauren

Empathy: Blessing or a Curse?

I always had a feeling that I was different. Ever since I was a little kid, I was more sensitive to just about everything, especially negative environments. I thought I was just weird, until I realized that I felt others' emotions. I'm still debating whether being an empath or an HSP is a blessing or curse. There are times where I am able to help people due to how I am, but am subjected to the pain and negativity that they are feeling. But it's not impossible to live with this. You just have to be patient with yourself and realize that you aren't just a freak of nature. Try to look at the positive side of things, like the fact that you are able to notice emotions easily, and you can work to help people, but you must also learn to separate your emotions from theirs. Being an empath isn't easy, but all of us can still find happiness in life, no matter what we've been lead to believe. Bless you all
—Guest Ann

How do I cope?

I'm 15 years old and I found out a year or more ago that I can feel other's feelings and emotions. I can't go into big crowds because I can't handle all the different energys. It's draining and tiring. I want to use it for a good cause, but how do I pick out MY feelings and emotions from OTHER'S? That's what I'm trying to figure out. If anyone could help me that would be awesome. :) I've helped a friend a couple of times because I could feel the pain she was feeling. I don't hate this gift, but rather greatful I have it! I just want to learn how to pin point whose feelings are whose from mine. The reason this is bothering me now, is because it seems as if it's getting stronger then before and I think that's why it's bugging me. I didn't pay much attention to it until now because it's becoming more noticable.
—Guest Millie


I know I am an empath, but I am not able to control and cleanse myself after being around negative emotions. Please help?!?
—Guest Rachel

I've always known

I've always known that I am an empath. I can even feel the emotions of a large number of people when they are somewhat in tune.

Empath's purpose

I was also so very relieved to learn what an Empath was. It wasn't until my 30's that I decided to go outside traditional medicine and talk to spiritual teachers about this. I took a psychic development course at a local bookshop and there I learned I wasn't alone. I also learned how to stay in my own energy. Every day I clean my aura by visualization techniques bringing white light through me like a waterfall pouring on top of my head and washing me clean of anything that is not mine or that which is detrimental. Intention is powerful for us. Energy follows intent.We are actually in control of this. I have found that my desire to help someone, to take the pain away that was the trigger, also the fear of it. I learned to focus on bringing through healing light and energy all around me and to them. We are healers. we can stay in our own emotions and let people hurt without staying tuned into them. It takes practice. Pulling your aura in close to you helps. blessings to you all~
—Guest Alicia Mcnaughton

Being an Empathic Teacher

I teach. I connect energetically w my students. This helps me know when they understand, are confused or hesitant. I check by asking or observing. But at times it can cause troubles, like when their emotions seem overwhelming. Ppl can project wishes or ideas onto you, and if you can't feel it it's not a big deal. But if you can, it can throw you off. This last time, I asked in meditation what it was about, was told inwardly, it's for me to learn about setting limits to my role as teacher, so since the expectations were sent energetically, not consciously, I sent back messages that way (telepathically, really, just with intention). This is what I am willing to do and this is what I would like from you. This other thing is not within my role and I'm not willing to do it anyway. And I directed their energy to God. It's better to get what they need from the divine, or from family n friends. Also I feel my feelings, theirs, n be aware of which is which. Practice helps! Peace to you
—Guest Rachel

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Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

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