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Readers Respond: Why Suicide is Not the Answer

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What would you say to a teenager who is contemplating suicide? Please share a supportive message, or share your personal perspective, or give advice based on a past experience that helped you learn the value of staying alive and living your life in more fulfilling way. Give Your Advice

Loving ourself

From the age of 14 - that was 50 years ago - I felt suicidal and made several attempts to take my own life. Now I understand that excruciating mental, emotional and physical pain are our greatest teachers once we can welcome them as such and access the support we need to work with these teachers. You are deeply loved; whether you feel this love or not it is there for you all the time. Please trust this is true and talk about your feelings with as many people as possible who are willing to walk beside while you travel through this period of darkness. It is not who you truly are - it is sent to strengthen your commitment to your Self, your love, your life, your creativity. You are unique and here for a unique purpose only you can fulfill and what is more, you do have the capacity to unfold this glory even though you may not feel this at the moment. Love and accept yourself first and then you will find the strength to love and accept each moment of your earthly experience.
—Guest Jeannie

Lots of Love

Please stop and consider that what you are contemplating. You will never be able to turn back once it's done. There will be no second chances once the deed is over and done. You cannot turn around and say, "I'm sorry now, I don't want to do this." You are feeling sad now, but it will not last forever. Your life will get better, absolutely get better. Hold on and finish what you came here to do and learn. What you are feeling now is not going to last forever. Hang on, don't dwell on the awful things that got you down in the first place. Look to the future. You have every right to enjoy your life as others do. You are worth it. Nobody in this world is any better than you. Everyone is equal. There is always someone that will love you and enjoy your company. Lots of us have felt sad at your age and felt we'd never feel better but we do and it does get better. My Dad told me this when I was fourteen, and he was right. It does get better and life can be fun and will be, you'll see.
—Guest ChelseaChris

Not suicide

I worked with troubled kids for over 30 years. My response would be: "This feeling will pass, even if you don't believe it will, it will, I can promise you that! Suicide is a permanent and final solution to a temporary problem. It hurts the ones who love you, and you never see the happy ending. You have to slog through this period, using all your bravery." It is hard! Does this young man have a counselor or doctor to see? Perhaps that would help as well! Every youth I saw who attempted and almost succeeded suicide said a year later that he or she was glad the attempt failed!
—Guest Pamela

A Mother's Love

On January 8, 2003 my world changed forever. My oldest son took his life. I knew the moment he left this world. A black hole opened in me. His death devastated his family, friends & community. He left behind a 3 year old son who now at age 13 really needs his dad who isn't there. Only memories are the ones we tell him. How funny, smart & loving his dad was. What a great dad he was & how proud he was to be a dad. Those words are hollow to a 13 year old that is being bullied. We love our children & grandchildren. Life is the most precious gift. Please fight for yours. Blessings & with love.
—Guest Nancy

permanent answer to temporary problem

This may not be the answer you're seeking but my daughter was diagnosed bi polar & when we changed her diet & got her 'balanced' she was a different girl. If this is a 'bullying' problem remove the child immediately! There are many other options- ex. Cyber school. This isn't running away, it's taking a 'breather.' We all need that. Then have him write a list of all the things they would like to do with their lives if it were 'different.' Help them see the 'possibilities' not the problems. Then help them take 'baby steps' to achieving one or two small goals. Open the doors of the World to him. Talk about the problem. Don't minimize or 'pooh-pooh' it & say 'get over it.' To them it's real & it's huge. There isn't a 'magic word' or sentence ...there is love & actions.
—Guest Patti

people LOVE you

Everything looks bleak to you right now. Everything looks impossible and you don't want to carry on. But there is so much more to you than the you that feels this way. Try and sit and visualize your true spirit. I know it is hard, but sit quietly and just breathe in the power that you REALLY are. We always feel small and insignificant and we never feel like it will ever work out. But I know that God has bigger plans for you, ones that include helping others, eventually, deal with the same issues as you are dealing with right now. Only you will be able to make a difference for them, because, you have been there. Coming to the earth and having a body in this place is the hardest thing a soul can do. IT IS NEVER EASY. But, you are here, chose to be here and I know that God will give you the strength to keep going and not give up. ASK for HELP! Ask for medication to get you through this hump. AND KNOW THAT EVERYONE WHO READS THIS POST IS PRAYING FOR YOUR SUCCESS AND WELLBEING. Bless you!
—Guest Patricia

There's So Much Left to Do

I will never forget June 3rd, 2012. It was the day I got the phone call that my good friend had been found dead in the bathroom. I still think of her most days, and still haven't erased her number from my phone. I wonder where life would have taken her if she'd kept going. Now, she'll never go to college, never move out of her parents' house; she'll never go skydiving or see her artwork in a professional gallery. Kids and grandkids and so on will never be born and grow up, someone she might have married will never meet her. When the day is awful, and the week, the school year, the whole life, try to take a step back and dream about the future you could shape if you just push through the hell of right now. There's a whole world of infinite possibility waiting if you'll just give time a chance to bring it toward you. I don't want to trivialize right now. It's important (and worth it), too. When it is all too much, though, imagine the future you want instead.
—Guest Kirsten

We Must Learn to Laugh

Dear Friend, One of the best ways to fight sadness is with comedy. In 2008, I found an inspirational routine from a man named Katt Williams. Although he is quite profane, he made me realize a truth that everyone should know. This is what he said (minus the profanity): We need to be a bit more selfish. We're going around all day trying to please other people, while we forget that we need to please our Star Player - that person we see in the mirror every day. That needs to be the person you're concerned about. Forget what other people are talking about. Some of us are mean to ourselves and say terrible things about ourselves. ~ You need to say things to motivate yourself. If you're real to yourself, haters are going to hate you with everything they've got. You need to remember to laugh, you don't have to wait for a joke, the hater is the joke. They hate you because bad things happened to them, and they want you to feel just as them. (To hear more, just search his name on YouTube)
—Guest David

It is NOT the answer

Suicide may seem like the only option to teens, when people and just life overall seems to get you down, it may look like the only way to get out. But it's not. It is so not. Maybe you have had a bad day, week, or even few years. There's more to come to everyone in the future. Miracles. Dreams achieved. Love. Being a teenager and dealing with things that seem like the end of the world is tough. But never let anyone or anything negatively affect you. People who pick on you now won't be important to you in 5 years. Be strong. Keep your head held high. Do not let people get the best of you! Prove whoever doubts you wrong. Thank the people who support you. Even if you think that no one is there for you, think again. There are people out there who really do care, who really do want to help you. Just don't turn to suicide. There's so much out there for you. Across the seas there may be something out there that is just for you. Don't end things early. Stay strong, you can come out on top. :)
—Guest Helen

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Why Suicide is Not the Answer

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