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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Ear Candling

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From the article: Ear Candling
Share Post: Have you ever been given an ear candling treatment? What was the experience like? Would you recommend ear candling as an effective treatment? Or, do you feel ear candling is ineffective. What is your opinion of this ancient therapy? Share Your Opinion


The white powdery stuff is the the wax that dries, the amber brown stuff is ear wax. There will always be the white dry powdery stuff.
—Guest Stax

It worked great for me

I'd been feeling clogged up in my ears for a very long time. I had my ears candled and I feel so much relief. I feel my ears have unclogged and I even slept better. This is my second time doing it in years and both times were very positive. This practice has been performed for millennia and safe.
—Guest Sunny Zee


Tried a few times and cannot work out how the supposed ear wax builds up on the wrong side of the filter in the ear candle when burning. Surely it's just candle residue? It's The same mentality as believing spiders end up in the bath via the plughole. I mean - how do they swim around the 'U' bend? Obviously Impossible, they just fall in, like ear candle wax residue falling back down the ear candle and building up on top of the filter. The procedure is very relaxing when done right and would do it again for that reason alone. They just don't remove wax.
—Guest Daz


I have used ear candles for relaxing. I checked out the manufacturers info, and they say that they are not for removing wax. Apparently the powdered wax in them melts to a soft yellow ear- like wax. So I burnt one in a cup, and it was full of ear wax afterwards. So, like the manufacturers say - great for relaxation, but won't remove wax.
—Guest ben


I would have never thought in a million Years that candling could make me feel so good, my head feels so light and airy. I only did one cone per ear. But next time I'm going to try two of them.
—Guest Phillip


i candled my ears like 2 weeks ago and my ears STILL itch and are sore and clogged
—Guest Patricia

Ear Candeling is for me

I had a horrible sinus infection a couple of years ago to the point when I would bend down there was intense pressure in my head and bright yellow stuff would pour out of my nose and pool on the floor. Gross. Anyway ever since then I am so prone to sinus problems, headaches and itchy sore ears. I use a neti pot on a regular basis to irrigate my nasal passage. I also began to candle my ears just to see what would happen. Today I just had them done again (I do it 3 times a year) because I was getting plugged ears and sinus pressure. I immediately feel the pressure relief, I can smell and hear better right away. I works for me. I never do it myself as not all ear candles are equal. There should be very little wax on the cotton cone itself so it does not drip into your ear. I always go to a professional to have it done properly. She gives a facial massage along the forehead, cheeks and along the neck under the ear using essential oils as she lightly massages. Relaxing!
—Guest Jennifer

I'm a believer!

Had severe pain in my ears for months, went back and forth to doctors with no relief. Being a medical assistant I knew all that could be done for patients. Nothing worked until a friend recommended trying Ear candling. Pain was gone within a day. I now do it to my friends and have saved them loads on medical bills. I have seen amazing things come out of the ears and the results have made believers of my friends and family over the years. Until you have real ear pain you cannot understand how debilitating it can be. But I recommend at least 3 per ear. Yes it can be unsafe if not done properly but so can driving. Have a friend do it, don't do it yourself. And give it a few days to work. Really don't care what studies show... I know what I have seen and I know what I have experienced! And I am a big fan!
—Guest schmazmom

This stuff works!

My uncle has been using ear candles for a while, and just today he brought two over, and since I have alot of wax in my ears, I said, What the Heck? I did it, and my ears feel pretty darn good. The only con is the SMELL! but it's only been a few hours since I've had it done, and I guess I should go shower and see what that does. But there wasn't enough wax in the candle for what wasa in there, and some yellow-orange powder was in there too. I guess it was just wax something-or-other too.
—Guest thats how it works

Works for Me

I had a severe ear infection in CA about 14 years ago. After a bad ear doctor blew compressed into my ear and added pain, I took the advice of a friend who suffered from sinus problems (severe). She had it done and smelled a rusty chain out near the parking lot. She had not smelled anything in weeks. After the "quack" put the air into my ear and argued with his admin staff about a lawsuit from a patient, I tried the candling at a holistic salon. I could not only hear (something I could not do after the "quack") but could smell KFC that was 2 miles from the salon. Coming back to Cinci, OH I use these several times a year, with GREAT results. Less ringing, less plugged feeling and better balance.
—Guest Carol, Cincinnati

Works on my Vertigo

I have been dealing with Vertigo on and off for almost 10 years. When it gets really bad, I have my ears candled and it takes care of the problem almost immediately. What works for some, may not work for others, just like pills... which don't for me. I pay extra to go to a professional and have never had a problem. Don't do this on your own, get a professional and you will be happy with the results.
—Guest Reno Robin

No good for me!

I had my ears candled. Now I have a horrible itch in both ears! I have tried everything to stop it- hy pro, medicine, and it won't go away! My ears feel clogged, heavy and sore- :( no good for me!
—Guest Simone

I like ear candles

It seems to me that there are ppl that troll the Internet looking for ppl talking positively about something and then waste their time calling them idiots, which is dumb. About the ear candles, i like them. I know lots of ppl that have used them. I just used one 20 mins ago! It helped my bad earache that I've had for days and the ringing I've had for years! I have met ppl that say blowing cigarette smoke in some ones ear will relieve pain and pressure. I'll stick with the less second-hand method of ear candling, but it is proven that smoke has anti-bacterial anti-fungal and anti-viral properties as well as everybody knows drying properties. So, it may be the smoke not the vaccum properties that are relieving the pain and pressure, either reason I say that if ppl have been doing it for hundreds of years and it's not hurting anyone why not try it?

ear candling gives relief

I am a firm believer in ear candling. I am a severe allergy suffer and my sinus were totally blocked. I had my ears irrigated at the drs office which was painful and so was introduced to ear candling. I now do it when I suffer from allergies and it takes away the swelling in my face and I get immediate relief with my sinus pressure. It has helped me so much. What does a person have to lose from not trying it and may just find many benefits from trying it!
—Guest melody glamm

Ear candles work

I love using ear candles. My ears seem to get very plugged up and there gets to be a lot of pressure. Using ear candles helps me SO much. They also IMPROVE my hearing because after I use them my ears are no longer plugged. If you use them and your ears still seem to be plugged up, you may need to use them again! And the kind that you can buy at any health store, do not drip wax, so you're safe.
—Guest UtahGirl

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Pros and Cons of Ear Candling

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