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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Ear Candling

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From the article: Ear Candling
Share Post: Have you ever been given an ear candling treatment? What was the experience like? Would you recommend ear candling as an effective treatment? Or, do you feel ear candling is ineffective. What is your opinion of this ancient therapy? Share Your Opinion

ear candling is a scam!

I got vertigo and tried to clear and ear wax with this remedy! I used two in the ear that felt most obstructed and one in the other ear! All three times I got the exact same result of wax???? volume residue in the bottom of all Three! In other words what you see in the bottom of the candle will be the same wether you put it in your ear or not!
—Guest paul seeman

No More Dizzy Spells

I was getting dizzy spells when laying down and standing up and went to doctors and I say more then one! They each had different views saying I had vertigo or some other thing, it will pass. For months ig went on and my chiropractor sent me to get my ears candled and after months of feeling sick and dizzy when going to bed or standing up I thought what the hell and OMG IT WORKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never had a dizzy spell since.
—Guest Ness

Naturally effective!

I have used the sinus medicated ear wax candles for years, on myself my children and friends! It works, and you should use an oil afterwards to protect the canal! Then..there would be No Itching! About 8 years ago I had an sinus infection & my Dr stated I had huge wax built up in my ears ( my hair is past my knees & very curly & thick. My Dr. Inserted oil & then a 12" steel rod w/a hook on the end of it into my ear ( her way of removing wax build up) needless to say, gagging..after she removed the rod! She got nothing out of my ears! In pain from this ordeal, I went to a All Natural Store & read about the ear wax candles & the differences in the different types of candles for different purposes to use them. Everything doesn't work for everyone! Try it, you may or may not like them, but afterwards cut the candle open and see what's Really inside! You will want to do them Again! Happy Candling!
—Guest MsWv

Be Your Own Judge

It is very important to keep your patient relaxed and confident in your treatment. I have performed this treatment on my mom and wife multiple times and I do not trust doctors. I always explain what I am going to do how I am going to do it and why. I wish to leave no question as to my integrity. Don't go by somebody else's advice be your own judge. I offer this treatment for 60 dollars I use two candles in each ear, the first candle is to warm the ear up the second to do the rest and repeat in the other ear. I use a plate bowl of water tweezers to pinch and cut off the ashy part of the candle. I put the candle though the plate to prevent any ashes from falling on my client. I will also throw in a towel for extra safety if needed.
—Guest Snoopy

Really does work

Don't believe the doctors that say ear candling does not work. They want you to use s"modern medicine". But the truth is ear candling really does work, if you have wax in your ear to get out. You do have to do it just right like many others have said. Also you may have to use several candles before enough wax actually comes out. With myself I found that the first candle helps to loosen it and 1-3 more candles will help to remove the debris in your ear. I'm not sure why some people get itchy ears, perhaps they did not use enough candles.
—Guest Tracy

They work!

Tried them today and would do it again... used the candles that have a filter in the bottom to prevent wax dripping into ear canal. I also used them on my hubbies ears too. The result was different. Mine was full of orange wax and my husbands only had powder with odd wax blob. I will be doing this on regular basis.
—Guest kim

First time

I just had an ear candling and don't feel much different. Perhaps there is a placebo effect in addition to the lymph massage given to me. I wanted to find out more so I read this few articles and now I'm getting all confused and wary. I hope nothing goes wrong, seeing that some had experienced side effects.
—Guest aishah

It Worked For Me

I used to get ear infections every year in the spring then a boss told me about ear candles and I tried it and the candle was full of yellow gunk. I haven't had an ear infection since. I thought maybe it was from the candle itself so I burned one while not in my ear and nothing was in it afterwards. Make sure you only burn it down to about 3-4 inches and use a paper plate with tin foil on top with supervision from someone, do NOT cram the candle in the ear canal just at the opening. Afterwards wet your finger and wipe the inside of your ear to alleviate the itching. Hope it works for you and Be Safe.
—Guest JP

Ear Candle myths

The procedures related to ear candles are unsafe and risk damage to the ear canal. Moreover, these devices are simply not effective for the removal of debris or sebum/cerumen from the ear canal. They simply DO NOT WORK. Anyone who experiences "relief" is likely experiencing the placebo effect. Or, the motions you go through by lying down / getting up may cause pressure differential that help your ears "pop" or feel better. A few drops of warm water or warmed mineral oil may be all you need to help loosen excess wax. Wax is normal and protective. If you feel you have excess wax, please please visit a licensed medical professional and have an evaluation. DO NOT USE EAR CANDLES.
—Guest Dr. J. Stern

Home candle

It really helped. I have an abundance of wax. Each ear cone had wax residue...one ear had more than the other. I recommend ear candles verse what the drs prescribe any day. If you are too scared of fles close to your face and hair simply use a paper plate at the bottom of the cone to protect you from harm.
—Guest Krissi


I believe the "pollen like" material that people are talking about on here can be Soap Scum/shampoo residue, which is the main thing that comes out each time I candle my ears. It is white and very fine, but it's from all the shampoo that we use. I believe ear candling works 100%. There is proof when you cut open the candle when you're done! :)
—Guest Ali

It works.

I understand why some think it's a scam. If the candle is pushed in too hard, the hole closes and you get the pollen-like debris in the candle some report. But if you're gentle so the hole remains open during the process, and importantly if there's wax in your ears, then you can feel the suction and you'll be amazed at what you see when you cut open the candle. The ear canal is about an inch long 1/3 of an inch wide, and can be completely full of wax. A symptom of this is oily ears. It's a mind blower when you can hear better and feel air in your ears for the first time in years.
—Guest ETE

Terrible itching

Had it done a few week ago and the itching it's horrible!
—Guest Cassie

Ear Candling Facts

If you have an impaction, you may not notice any tenderness in your ear prior to ear candling. When you release hardened wax you increase the circulation and always should put Similasan ear oil into the cannals after candling. NOTE: The residue from the candle is different from the wax. Sometimes with full impaction it may take soaking canals 24 hours prior to wax extraction and up to 4 candles per ear to remove hardened buildup wax... I have used this on my patients for over 30 years and it really does work. But note that in my experience, most people do not know how to do it. Also please put the oil in your ear after. It takes down swelling and heals the ear from previous impaction.
—Guest gwarren

Happy with the Results

I am very happy with the results and I do hear better afterwards. It not only gets out the wax and yes, I believe it is was, it removes the junk from son's ears who works in high industrial areas and there is more than than the was residue in the cone.
—Guest Donna

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Pros and Cons of Ear Candling

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