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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Ear Candling

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Worked on Vertigo...

I helped harvest wheat this summer for the first time. I came back home and experienced vertigo. The doctor gave me steroids and medicine for the dizziness. Within two weeks, the vertigo came back. The doctor said more than likely I had some debris in my eustachian tube and it will just have to work itself out. I decided to try the ear candles. I did not see alot of wax, but did see a speck or two of dirt. I do not know if it was already in the candle, or if it was indeed from my ear. But I have not had any problems whatsoever with vertigo since then. I am a true believer!!!
—Guest kelleygirl

If It Helps, Why Not?

Whether or not the debris is from the ear, or from the candle is not as important as whether or not the procedure relieves pain and pressure. Do any of us believe everything we hear advertised? Ear candles are not a cure all, nor even a substitute when serious medical intervention is required, but, obviously the experience has been positive for many people on this post, including me. Risks? Yes. But there are simple ways to greatly minimize these risks. Each must decide for himself if these risks are worth taking. Personally, I keep ear candles and oil on hand for those after hour earaches when doctors are scarce. When properly done, I have consitently found the technique to provide comforting relief from ear pain and pressure.
—Guest jmt

Ear Ache

I had a small ear infection and my fiance's cousin brought one over to use. I did it in the ear that was infected and had pain. It took away some of the pain and there was a lot of red gunk n the bottom. I did it in the other ear and there was just a little wax. To me it appeared to have pulled some of the gunk from the infection. It feels much better.
—Guest Kim

To each his own

One spring I visited my aunt. Throughout our visit she suffered from intense allergy symptoms...pressure, drainage, itchy-watery eyes, etc. Her usual neti pot maintenance was not providing any relief. I offered to do a candling for her but she refused, stating that she "didn't want an open flame near her head." The last day of our visit, she was absolutely miserable!! Her symptoms had escalated to sinus pressure that caused a severe headache, drainage that was making her nauseated and her sinus was noticeably puffy on either side of her nose. I offered the ear candling again. She was so miserable she took me up on the offer. I did the ear candling for her with massage to lymphatics and sinus points. After we had finished the right ear, her headache had subsided and the pressure was diminishing. After the completion of both ears, her symptoms were completely gone! She was a believer!! I provide this service for my family and clients. All have felt benefits from the sessions.
—Guest hab04827

I don't know

I am just getting over a bad sinus infection. My right ear was completely clogged and my left was on its way to being the same. having no health insurance and decided to try candling. We did both of my ears. The right ear had a lot of dark red wax at the bottom and the left ear only had a little. We did the right ear twice because it still felt clogged and there was still a large amount of red wax. My left ear feels fine now but the right is still clogged. Maybe it was so full of wax that two wasn't enough... and it is for sure earwax because when I used a Q-tip a few days before the candling, it was the same dark red.
—Guest melissa

Very sore ears

I had candling done a couple of weeks ago. I had pain during the process in the right ear and it has continued. Planning to visit the ear doctor now and hoping that there is no permanent damage.
—Guest jean

Great for Flying

Definitely get ear coning done before flying. You'll feel no pain whatsoever from air pressure! I used to get it done every year when I travelled a lot.

Not sure!!

We tried ear candling two nights ago, cut the candle open after and yes found residue in there, then we burnt a candle just by holding it out in front of us while watching TV. Surprise, surprise there was exactly the same residue and it had not been anywhere near the ear. Also why if this is supposed ear wax residue is it not at the very beginning of the candle that sits in the ear cannal and only after the filter area. I honestly can say I dont feel any different after the experience. I still feel my ears are blocked.
—Guest tt

Send candle to lab.

Proponents should send their results to a lab that will determine exactly what the debris is.
—Guest jild

I had it done

My brother says it helps him hear higher pitches when he plays. My brother-in-law says it relieves sinus pressure. So I tried it even though I don't really have ear problems. I felt very mild warmth and pressure during the session, and I felt a little more mental clarity for the rest of the day. Is it quackery? Well, half the people I know who've had cortisone shots and back surgery regret it, Tylenol doesn't always fix my headache, and we've all known plenty of people who've had chemo & radiation for cancer and died anyway. So what is "good medicine"? I hope in the 21st century, we can move away from conforming our health to scientific method and concentrate on what works for the individual. We need to respect each other's contributions and experiences.

Benefiting from ear candling

I would recommend ear candling. I had itching and wax build-up daily, after jogging most of all. I was really bothered by it, till I had the candling at a spa and of course it was uncomfortable when I got home, but the next day I felt I could hear sounds better and no ringing before bed time. I called most of my friends to give them the low down and they think it may help them for better hearing.
—Guest silvia kim

You are all crazy!

Light one of these dump*** candles over an your kitchen table and you will see that your kitchen table has as much earwax as your ear! Just keep on buying them someone is laughing at you!

Ear candling works for me

It's hard to say what's true and what's not. I've only tried this a few times, when one ear has been really clogged up. I've always felt ok after, never been burned or anything, and I don't care about soot falling on my face. I move the candles around so that I can hear the vortex the loudest and that results in a good warm feeling moving up from my ear. I lay on my side, head on a towel over a pillow on the floor so if there is a fire problem the hardwood won't catch. The residue inside is never quite the same, and it doesn't look like it's melted drippings from the flames, it's fluffy and feels sticky like earwax. But i usually take baths, drink tea, and use Eucalyptus oil on the same day as a healing ritual so i don't know what effect the candles have by themselves but I always feel better the next day.
—Guest johnny

It's definitely residue FROM THE EARS!

For years, my doctor has recommended Water Pik to clean and irrigate my ears. When this is done, brown stuff comes out in small clumps. It looks exactly like what I just saw in the bottom of these candles. It makes no sense to say this is from the candle! I just did it two hours ago for the first time. I'm watching T.V. and can't believe the difference in my hearing. I will definitely do it again.
—Guest JoAnn

Try It Again

I recollect a time when chiropractors were considered quacks. I recall a time when acupuncturists were considered quacks. I remember when Reiki and other energy work was considered woogie-boogie. And now we come upon an alternate way of healing that bypasses the mainstream medical system and all the excessive charges and over-priced pharmaceuticals. You bet mainstream medicine is going to scream quackery. After all, it’s cutting into expensive drugs and surgeries. That’s not to say mainstream medical isn’t useful for many procedures but if simple home remedies like ear candling can meet a need – and one doesn’t need a prescription or drop a pile of cash, plus it works – then what’s wrong with that? Those who attack the results haven’t experienced a proper procedure perhaps – similar when a clamp gets sewn inside someone’s chest. Don’t discount the modality. The practitioner just might have been having an off day. Try it before you discount it.
—Guest Parker

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Pros and Cons of Ear Candling

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