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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Ear Candling

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Varied Results

I am one of those people who finds ear candling enjoyable and relaxing. I also notice a difference in my hearing - it is more sensitive especially to high pitched noises. I have also performed this technique on several of my friends and I have noticed different results with each person. When you're finished and you cut the remaining cone open you see that some people end up with more of the brown residue than others. And some people have more of the white powdery residue, which is supposed to be yeast, more than others do. If it has been "proven" ineffective then why are the results so varied from individual to individual?
—Guest burquegirl

Prefer to use Hydrogen Peroxide

I've used ear candles on myself and others, with both good and neutral effects. Never negative. Still, I have seen for myself that wax can travel DOWN the candle, so I always position them at a 30 degree angle, not straight up and down. Also, I never let them burn more than halfway, as I was taught when I first started. I do think they have benefits, but I am much more likely to put a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in my ear for 8-10 minutes and let that get out the wax and bacteria than use an ear candle: No fire or hot wax to worry about, and I can do it myself, which is an added bonus.

Still on the Fence

My son has terrible ear wax problems. the procedures at the doctors' offices sends him into panic attacks and he always screams in pain. Before candling, his ears will stink like goop is rotting in his ears. After candling, it doesn't stink anymore. I am careful to oil his ears after the procedure. I have no doubt that the candling draws out earwax. When finished, I cut the remaining portion of the candle open and the goop at the bottom is bright orange. It can no way be the wax from the candle, which is pale white and made with beeswax. I began looking at the cons of candling because my family practitioner advised against it, but seeing my son have panic attacks at the ear "specialist's" tactics, I think that I will stick to candling.
—Guest tracie

Felt Suction in My Ear

I just did it. Both of my ears are getting over infection.. and one was totally blocked today ( left ear) and the other was only partial. (right) My husband didn't believe at first that what was inside was ear wax until he saw the difference. I did BOTH ears... The one ear that I was having MOST trouble with have at least 3 or 4x more "wax" In the candle at the end then the other one. I definitely felt a suction in my ear as it was going soooooooooo.....
—Guest guest

On the fence about this

The first time I heard about ear candling I was at a spa. I had a migraine that was going on for three days with no relief so I thought sure why not. Within a short amount of time my headache was gone. So I bought some and have done my husbands and my fathers ears, both of them have lots of earaches. Since then they have had fewer and less intense earaches. I've also notice that there was more "wax" in the candle their first time and less after. We use to do it twice a year. But the last time, I noticed wax in the candle that looked like it dripped from the top of the candle...inside. If that drip went into the ear......OMG. So now I'm not to sure about this and if its not FDA approved, I don't know if it is worth the risks. Both my husband and my father have been bugging me to candle their ears again because they are starting to hurt. Hope this helps.
—Guest nottosure

Definitely Not Ear Wax!

I know for a fact that the ear wax looking substance at the bottom of the candle after the candling process has been complete is Definitely Not Ear Wax! I have heard of placing the candle into a cup and proceeding as if you were candling an ear. In the end, You will have the same waxy substance at the bottom. Its a selling point. I also was on a site that sold ear candles and they bared the truth on this. Why would the manufacturers say this if it were in fact not true?
—Guest Frank

Helped with Sinus Pressure

After healing my body with food to completely releive the chronic rhinosinusitus I have lived with my whole life, I could finally breath but noticed a clogged feeling in my ears. Since I was not getting infections anymore I decided to ear candle and see how it was. I really enjoyed the feeling and relief from it. It was crazy how much wax came out of my boyfriend ears! He had long thick amber drips up the side of the candle. I had tons of powder with little chuncks of amber wax, like little pebbles. I liked the experience very much. I will continue to candle as well as research.
—Guest Cahaus

Yes, that gunk is ear wax

Some people say that its just crap from the candle, when you cut open a used ear candle. but if you are brave enough to touch it to the tip of you tongue, you will surely know its earwax, and I do recommend brushing your teeth after that. lol
—Guest someone

It works!

I was having terrible dizzy spells a while back & squishiness in my ears, also car sickness. Candled them & it was gone!
—Guest Dreamspirations

It does NOT work

Folks: It does NOT work, there is NO negative pressure, it has frequently been tested (scientifically rather than from hearsay) to find ZERO effect apart from being a potentially relaxing experience. Any residue is ALWAYS from the candle, NOT from the ears. It's like the Emperor's new clothes, not enough people are willing to ask themselves how it could possibly work, without there being a vacuum at the very least. Wake up, you'll laugh at yourself for having believed in this :)
—Guest Harry

Sore Ears

I had it done about 2 months ago and at the time I really enjoyed the experience because I had Reiki at the same time and afterwards a lovely face massage but in the weeks after the treatment my ears really hurt and they are only just feeling okay now.
—Guest Amy

My Hair Caught on Fire

Ear candling can be hazardous to your hair and possibly worse burns to your skin. My hair caught on fire the last time I had my ears candled. OMG... thank goodness for the nearby bowl of water that got dumped over my head. I'm still willing to have my ears candled again because I've had it done several times before and do enjoy having it done. Just be careful!
—Guest Lisa

I love the ear candles

I have candled so many ears over the years and I have to say that it not only loosens the wax from the ears that a q-tip only pushes deeper in the ear but helps remove yeast that can build up in the ear and cause ear aches. I love the ear candles.
—Guest redfoxthehealer

Gentle and Relaxing Experience

I started having a drumming noise in my left ear... which was steadily growing worse. There was also some pressure and aching. I was in a craft store and came across the ear candles they had for sale. I purchased 8 of them, along with the instructions. Later that evening, I had my husband candle both of my ears for me. Along with being a very gentle and relaxing experience, I was astounded at the amount of wax that came out of my ears. The wax that came out was NOT from the candle. Ear wax has a distinct odor, and what came out was definitely ear wax. But the best part was that the noise and pressure in my ear was totally gone. The next evening, I candled both my husband's and son's ears. If done properly, it is an extremely safe, gentle, and natural procedure. I have seen ear irrigation done in the doctor's office, and it is painful and very unpleasant. I will always keep ear candles on hand in my house.
—Guest shewalksdogstoo

Helped With Persistent Ear Infections

I am a Colon Therapist and became interested in ear candling to further benefit the entire body cleansing. I tried it myself but was not impressed and felt it really did not serve a good purpose. I learned the procedure in Sedona Arizona after having it done professionally at $60.00 per treatment. That amount was absurd to say the least. Although I did not feel I reaped benefit from it I did find it helped those with persistent ear infections. Those individuals had fewer infections, pain, and discomfort after the treatments and did not have to go back on antibiotics so I changed my opinion. It is a very old procedure so it must have been helpful when antibiotics were not available. Now that antibiotics are so over used it can be another way to help with ear problems.
—Guest Dorothy

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Pros and Cons of Ear Candling

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