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Readers Respond: Tinnitus Coping Strategies

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Tinnitus sucks!

I've had Tinnitus for over a year now and it was from shooting guns all my life. DO NOT EVER SHOOT GUNS WITHOUT EAR PLUGS, NOT EVEN ONCE, YOU WILL REGRET IT FOR LIFE. The fan is all that helps me sleep.
—Guest James

Solving the riddle... tinnitus

If you have tinnitus have your doctor check for a fistula. My dad suffered for many many years with tinnitus and it was very hard for him. He went to MAYO Roch, MN and after much time and care it was found he had a fistula which MANY MANY doctors overlooked. He had a surgery 2 years ago where they unblocked the fistula and has been tinnitus free. My words of wisdom: Don't take NO for an answer, or that you "just have to live with it", find a doctor who will do the research, take the extra steps BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE, meaning -fight for it- get 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions. If I didn't make my dad fight he would still be living with a fistula. Or, he could have been dead because undiagnosed fistulas can rupture and kill. The fistula had been overlooked by SIX different drs. Find the doctor who will help.

Coping with Tinnitus

I have this ringing in the ear for three months now. I find the fan, relaxation, and ignoring it helps. I got mine because of severe sinusitis. Also, I go to the beach for the water to go in my nose and ear which helps a lot. I also realize it will end in time and will be bearable in time also.
—Guest monie

A Sense of Humor

I have suffered with tinnitus for about two years. Sometimes the buzzing makes me feel like screaming, but I tell myself I am not going to let it ruin my life. I walk around as if the buzzing is not there, even though I can hear it. I have decided to not let it control me. I just ignore, ignore, and ignore some more. I tell my grandkids that the buzzing sounds I hear are really communications from out of space. It really does help to have a sense of humor about the condition.
—Guest BR


Dear tinnitus sufferers out there, I have been on board for only one week with a continuous buzzing in my ear. I am determined to try and continue a normal life. At the moment I am feeling stressed but I am trying to accept the noise as if its in the background. I will let you know how I am coping. I must admit that most of the reports I read are making me feel depressed. Is there anybody coping out there???
—Guest Denise

Buzzing in ear

I have this problem for last ten years. Fan is the best thing to go to sleep. Reduce salt immediately, that helps too.
—Guest zubaria latif


I had an accident 8 months ago. I suffered a fracture in my skull and a concussion. Since then, I have had this constant noise in my right ear, I have seen many doctors and tried different things. I went to a neurologist 2 months back, he prescribed BETASERC. I feel like the volume of the noise has decreased a bit. Some other things which have I found helpful: avoiding stress and exposure to loud noise, listening to soft music, the fan is really helpful too! I leave the window open sometimes when I want to sleep and that is helpful to because then it is not very quiet, helps blocking the noise a bit.

Living with Tinnitus

I have had Tinnitus for about 15 years now, and it doesn't get any easier. It is louder now and I'm about to lose my mind. The only thing that helps is a fan running at night, or the TV playing so that I can get to sleep. I'm researching now for a cure. I can't take it anymore, and everything and everyone is annoying. I'm at the end of my rope.
—Guest Jerry

Live a full life with your tinnitus

I am 42 yrs old and I have perfect hearing. I have tinnitus 6 mths now. I have 3 noises in my right ear. A constant ringing and humming and a buzzing which comes and goes. I lost over a stone in weight through stress. I gave myself a good talking to and I learned coping mechanisims as I couldn't live like that. I befriended my tinnitus and got to know how it was affecting my life. Don't deny you have tinnitus. That is the secret to living with it. When I feel frustrated I say to myself that I could have worse problems and that tinnitus will not harm me. It is annoying but it will not stop you doing the things you like to do. Keep your stress levels down as much as you can. Its not easy when you first get tinnius and i thought i would never cope with it. But I am coping well. It is very frightening when it first appears but believe me you do get used to it. I can go to bed and my tinnitus goes into the background. You don't hear the tinnitus as loudly after a while. So there is hope!!
—Guest Carol Mulligan

Neck Massages / Classical Music

I have had this ringing all my life. When I was very young I thought they were just birds singing. At 14yo they turned into sounding like a chorus of thousands of angels. Now that i am older it is just an incessant wheeeee. I find that drinking tonic (quinine) water seems to help. I developed the idea of an ear worm music that won't quit into a method of forgetting the squeal and listening to the classical music and developing strings of multiple instruments sounding to the beat in my brain. Commercials sometimes come in so loud that the sound vibrations hurt - the mute button works well for those moments. Sometimes when the ringing is so loud I push my thumb into both ears causing pressure. At first the ringing continues but then sometimes it becomes less and a bit more tolerable. A hearing aid did not help it just made the ringing more prominent. Neck massages do help lessen the stress one feels because of this ringing. Classical music helps also.

Sleep with Fan Running

I have been having this problem for about 2yrs. I went to my ENT i had an MRI and an ear test where they put water in the ear, I think that made it worst. I now sleep with the fan going all night.
—Guest marilyn

Tinnitus Worse After Hearing Test

I was wondering if anyone else had the experience of their tinnitus getting worse after having a hearing test?? I find being by the ocean helps my tinnitus it is calming and masks the sound so the ocean waves are more prominent instead of the buzzing.
—Guest marilyn

Tinnitus management

I had tinnitus since 3 weeks ago. The first week was terrible as I couldn't sleep and was constantly thinking and worried of the ringing sound in my ears. Thankfully, I pray to Lord Jesus Christ and he has given me so much comfort and most of all allow me to sleep better. Try exercising such as swimming and jogging, as they are good in relaxing and for sleeping. Take some herbal products for sleep anxiety. All these will greatly help you to sleep better. Pray to lord.
—Guest Roger

Adaption to Tinnitus is Possible

Tinnitus is like addiction in that unless you have experienced this life changing alteration; you can not comprehend the devastation. Can you imagine having constant noise(buzzing,ringing,whooshing)in your brain 24 hours everyday? In my case,it is louder then normal speech, and makes many speech sounds inaudible. I have 'adapted' to my noise induced tinnitus(airbag implosion noise during an automobile accident in 1996)! The initial adjustment is horrendous! Insomonia caused by the constant ear noise, depression, communication loss, job loss,isolation,and locating a professional to listen that understood the life alterations this medical condition induces. I found help through The American Tinnitus Association. Provided by phone support and an audiological exam from the ATA at the Oregon Health Institute. The education I received from their experts was my life line. Other sucesssful coping strategies are noise masking, and tinnitus counseling.

Adjust Volumes Phones and Televisions

When I was 47 I was given sulfa drugs to treat a UTI. After 10min. I went into A-fib. I was taken to ER and got shocked. (good thing I was at the hospital). I had all the heart tests done and I was in great shape except for the A-fib. It is controlled very well with Rx. The long story, I realized that the ringing in my ears wasn't going away. It doesn't go up or down it is just there. I have always had very good hearing and that hasn't gone away. On the phones in the lab where I work I have to adjust the volume down from the #7 level to the #2 level every time I pick up a phone. At first I thought someone it the lab was hard of hearing but when I started watching to see who it was I found out that it was me who was out of step. The most irritating thing though is the volume increase when a commercial comes on on the TV. It seems that it is just blasting at a high level and it makes me think I have had it too high to begin with.
—Guest Bob

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