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Readers Respond: Tinnitus Coping Strategies

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Try to Live a Normal Life

I have this ringings since 7 years now and I am a 28 male from the mountains. Yes it's hard to live your life when you can't feel silence anymore. The buzzing sound on my both ears, mostly my left just kills me. As I am really passionate about music and wanted to become a musician some day I can't work properly. I cannot understand peoples' conversation, which sometime makes me fools in front of Normal people as they don't have any clue what I'm going through. It is really hard for all of us suffering. But what can we do? I tried everything..but for people of my age I was suppose to be doing something else. Sometimes i ask why?? It is happening to me. i haven't seen any people in my country of my age suffering from this. I try to live a normal life. It is hard but you need to come up strong and enjoy life with whatever you have in your heart and mind. Have fun with life.
—Guest sujan


Something to consider: you might need a stapectomy. It is when your stapes bone in your ear is no good. I had this surgery and it helped my tinnitus. It also helped my general hearing.
—Guest Terri

Music Helps Me Relax

I'm a musician and a music teacher. I hit my head too many times and this time, my ears have been ringing almost a year. Some days I can deal with it, but some other days, I sit in my room crying cause it won't stop. Worse now is that it will stop for maybe a few hrs then it starts again. It seems worse that way. It's worse when it comes back. I hear a constant low roar type ringing and the note I keep hearing is an e flat. It is hard to sit there and talk to people sometimes cause I cant concentrate. But I still teach music because it helps me relax. Hope there will be a cure one day.
—Guest karen

Tried Prolotherapy

Feeling a bit hopeless,but never give up. I sometimes get frustrated. I know the low buzz i hear is a low e flat. I hear it constantly. I cant go to sleep without my medication. Recently i got prolotherapy in back of my neck and the ringing stopped for a day. I usually wake up hearing it and when I'm at work even. Getting frustrated. I also can't have any pressure from anything on my left temple but I hit the back of my head. It sometimes becomes unbearable. So I put on light and classical music also. And I have padded earphones. That helps. Hang in there ppl. Mine will not go away and its been ten months.
—Guest karen

Alternative Treatments

I just started acupuncture and Chinese herbs after modern medicine said there was nothing they could do. The acupuncturist stated there are no guarantees but she has had some success with this method. I've had successful acupuncture for other problems so I'm hoping for the same here. Or at least some level of relief.
—Guest Don

Had this my whole life

As far back as I can remember I have heard what sounds like night sounds in both ears chirping insects crickets etc. I am 51 years old and until just recently I thought everyone had this. I thought it was just some kind of residual sound and sometimes it's loud and sometimes it's soft, but it never stops. I don't even pay it any mind anymore. When I go to sleep it reminds me of camping out. I just am used to it, because all my life I thought it was normal. In fact after reading some posts here I am glad mine sounds like night noises if it was ringing I would go nuts.
—Guest Tom

Water Relief

Try going under water. I noticed when I swim laps, I have relief from the constant ringing.


There is hope for ringing in the ears you don't have to live like this for a long time I know because I have ringing in my ears there are herb teas, eating well, medtation, yoga, and you can pray it helps don't just sit there and deal with it get help.
—Guest Linda Boone

Pitch noise in head

A firework blew up near me on bonfire night. But it wasn't till 2weeks later one evening that I suddenly heard a high pitch noise in my head. Then 6 months later I started with ringing in my ears as well as noise in my head. Sometimes I cope and other times I can't cope but I take everyday as it comes and try not to look forward and think oh my god I have this for life. I have a daughter to live for and that's about the only thing keeping me going.
—Guest Tony martin

Ear ringing forever

I have it now for almost a year. It's shit. I think you have to be positive. THIS WON'T WRECK MY LIFE! Good luck.
—Guest Nick

Meditation Helps

I am 81. I have I had tinnitus since 35 to 40 yrs. My mother and some of my siblings had the same problem. Tinnitus is a genetic problem. We also have hypothyroidism. Even holistic treatment failed. Meditation does help to bypass this sound.

Annoying High Pitch Sound

I read some responses and I'm not too enthused. It seems I'll be living with this for all my days. I've had this high pitch sound for about a half year or so and I must say it's quite annoying. My mother told me she's had it for about a year now too. I could name a number of factors as to the cause, but who knows. It does seem to be intensifying lately and it always comes from my right ear only. It very much sucks and am slightly relieved to know there are other sufferers, though this doesn't really help any of us, does it. I can only try better not to take the rest of my health for granted.
—Guest running mad

Deal With It

I've had tinnitus since I was 21 as a result of some idiot fired a shotgun right next to my ear without warning. It was very tough to deal with especially when I realized it was never going away. Over time I got used to it and it didn't bother me much. I'm 34 now and for some reason at the beginning of the year my tinnitus has gotten drastically worse to the point where it was driving me mad. The more I would think about it the louder it seemed. Then one day I realized there are an plenty of other things out there that I wouldn't trade my tinnitus for. I started to deal with it and I accepted it as part of my life. It is July now and my tinnitus is still loud but every day I forget about it more and more. I guess my advice would be is the day you take control and not let your tinnitus affect your quality of life is the day it will start to get better.
—Guest Leon

You can ignore it

I have suffered for over a year. There will be a cure eventually and specialists really are working on it. Until then certain techniques that others have written help. One lady said 'you already have other things stressing you in your life if you let tinnitus upset you.' Over the past year I remember times where it didn't bother me, but I still had it. The lack of control is what you need to overcome, the thought that you can't have quiet even if you really want it but there are other beautiful sounds which can mask it anyway. I recommend the sound of water running or whale music as that will relax you just as much as peace and quiet will. Remember you are not alone, don't have regrets about what caused it because you can't go back. The only thing that needs to change is your attitude towards it. 100000s of people suffer, many of them very happy and successful people. Good luck and don't get upset!!
—Guest kate

Irritating but it could be worse

I'm 17 years old and I've suffered with slight tinnitus for as long as I can remember, I can't remember what complete silence sounds like. I've neglected my hearing by going to too many rock concerts and now I am a sufferer of tinnitus. I'm so young I just cannot let it bother me, some nights I just want to cry because I'm scared that it's going to get louder as I grow older, the future of my hearing is uncertain but it could be so much worse. Sometimes you have to step back and realise there are people who have it a lot worse than you, be thankful that you can still see the world and that there is a roof over your head. Things will get so much better when you change your attitude from negative to positive, look at tinnitus in a good way - it's a part of who you are and if you've got it from exposure to loud sounds it's a lesson which you can learn from. Focus on your health, do things that take your mind off it and be happy! You are never alone!

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Tinnitus Coping Strategies

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