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Readers Respond: Declutter and Organization Tips

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From the article: Declutter for Health
Do you have a tip to share that will help my readers declutter and better organize their living spaces? How do you keep your office organized and your home tidy? All suggestions are welcome!

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6 categories isn't quite enough

When decluttering, you need 1 more box labelled "Sell." These would be the items you plan to sell either in a garage sale, on ebay, on Craigslist, or whatever.
—Guest Bridgette

Neat joke

"An organized person is just too lazy to look for things! (hah hah)

The Non-OCD

being neat is just a way of showing that you prefer to see things in order. order justifies life. :)

Declutter Email

I do a word search in my old emails like, "unsubscribe", or "Bunko", and I usually find a bunch of things to delete, or unsubscribe to.
—Guest Nora

Does it make you smile?

If it isn't really useful or make you smile - get rid!

End All The Caretaking...

We caretake all this stuff we own. Our subconscious mind knows what we have and exactly where it is, every bit of it, all the time. We are unknowingly caretaking all of that stuff, so it is very important not to get bogged down trying to find the perfect new owner for each piece you want to let go of. That could take a lifetime! Just box it all up and send it to a rummage sale, the Goodwill, Salvation Army, offer it to a neighborhood yard sale, whatever it takes to get free of it. I can guarantee that when you have done this, you will feel relief and much, much lighter in your Spirit. When we try to find the perfect new destination for the things we aren't using, all we do is make the shedding process much more difficult. Letting go means boxing it up and taking it out of your home from wherever it is. It literally means getting free of it so it is no longer where YOU are. We are not called upon to find perfect destinations. We just need to become current with owning who we are NOW.
—Guest Chris Grasse, South Portland, Maine

Too many tangled necklaces?

Try using a horizontal TIE & BELT RACK to hang all of your necklaces. This is a great way to space them out so you can see all of them at once and they won't tangle. Next, try organizing each hook by color and length. Have lots of necklaces? Hang two or three next to each other!

Guilt Free

Don't feel obligated to keep everything you are given. Even if it is from someone special, if you can't use it or don't love it, it is just taking up space. It was the thought that counted not the item.
—Guest Michelle

Great use for mismatched socks

I use mismatched socks as cleaning rags, and throw them out after use. This eliminates the guilt I felt at just throwing away a "perfectly good" sock!

Using Baskets and Bins

Using baskets or drawers for different things is a good step towards a neater home. Example, socks, undergarments, night dresses all have their separate bins or trays then we find things easily.
—Guest Anjali

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