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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Turquoise for Healing

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Share Post: Have you used turquoise for healing or spiritual purposes? How has turquoise helped you? Please share your personal experiences with using turquoise.

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I used turquoise because of its beautiful color and it made me feel so alive again after my break up.
—Guest holly

Emotional Pain Relief with the turquoise

Hi, I was once in a lot of pain over a relationship that was ending slowly and painfully. I bought a little necklace of turquoise beads on instinct and wore it right through the day and to bed as well. The next day I felt like the pain had gone leaving a lot of clarity and peace. Over the next few days I found out that I couldn't wear turquoise all the time because the energy from it was so strong. I only wear it when I need a break-through and after I have the break-through I let it sit in the sun for a while and put it back in to bring out when I next need it. I gifted a friend who was in a lot of pain a turquoise ring. It had the same effect on him, and then after a few months completely disappeared one day without a trace. I think its job was done.

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