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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Tourmaline for Healing

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Share Post: Have you used tourmaline for healing or spiritual purposes? How has tourmaline helped you? Please share your personal experiences with using tourmaline.

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Tourmaline for weight loss

Tourmaline is great for weight loss and cellulite reductions when incorporated into clothing. Shapewear by HotToosh has created clothing with tourmaline powerdots for just that purpose.
—Guest Shelly

Absorbing - Alligning - Cleansing

One thing I've figured out about tourmaline is that it is extremely potential in absorbing energy. And for that same reason it is very important to cleanse it after use. I didn't know by then how important this was until I took it to an experienced lightworker, and it turned out to have caused some negative atmosphere, which had bothered some of the students there as I've heard later. I cleanse it under the moon now. I must add however that I had to endure a very difficult period at that time, and also it was a very huge stone (a big naturally shaped black wand I took from Brazil actually, mixed with pieces of pink tourmaline and silver), so neither am I trying to scare folk about the tiny little tourmalines you'll find in most mineral stores. I've not performed advanced healing techniques with this stone yet, only aligning chakras and absorbing negative energy, and it works great! The effects can easily be felt. To balance the chakras in the body the stone can be heated.
—Guest Myriad

Attracts Inspiration

Tourmaline comes in many colors, the most common being black. It also comes in pink to red, blues, yellows, browns, greens, oranges and then a combination of two or more of these colors. This is referred to as the rainbow tourmaline. The energy of the tourmaline relates to each of the chakras. It helps to clear and maintain and stimulate each of the energy centers. It attracts inspiration. It will diminish fears by bringing understanding and encourages self-confidence.
—Guest Stones77

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