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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Tiger Eye for Healing

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Share Post: Have you used tiger eye for healing or spiritual purposes? How has tiger eye helped you? Please share your personal experiences with using tiger eye. Share Uses for Tiger Eye


When I hold the tigers eye stone in my hand, I feel a deep feeling of balance and stability. I accidentally dropped it on the tile floor and it broke into pieces. At first I was upset about when that happened, but then I realized that now I don't just have one stone, I have many. =)
—Guest Dawne


I had very bad luck for awhile and wearing tiger eye improved that. Things got better. But Swarovski crystal, it's not lucky for me.
—Guest Diamond


I love tigers eye because it's a beautiful stone however the first and last time I actually carried this stone around with me in my pocket I had a lot of little annoyances with it. I was late for my class, the strap on my brand new sandals broke, I spilled a milkshake (that I was craving all day) all over my shirt, the air conditioner in the class I was in broke on one of the hottest summer days of the year oh and i did get a little light-headed. Whew, but I will say that even though all that happened at the end of the day I couldn't help but just laugh and was thankful nothing more serious happened.
—Guest Erica

Takes a Period of Adjustment

I did not have a huge issue with tiger eye. Although I have a rushing feeling and feeling warm all over when I first wore my tiger eye. It has help me a great deal with concentration as well as bone aliments. As with other stones, i have also experienced a period of adjustment ( during this period when I get use to the stone), I will get headaches and other unpleasant feelings. I usually wear it for a few hours then remove it and then wear it again and repeat this procedure for several days until my body adjust to the new vibrations of the stone.
—Guest Jennifer


This is my first time using tiger eye, and it's helping me so much so far! I'm usually a very scattered person and find it difficult to slow down and pay more attention to details. I've been carrying my new tiger eye around and it's helping me to slow down, take all the time I need, and make sure I'm not leaving anything out. It's not making me sick, but I can feel a semi-disorienting sensation in my head. Maybe it's just a change in consciousness. I'm liking it so far, though, for its balancing qualities.
—Guest Kristen

Makes Me Feel Sick

Whenever I wear it (even one or two beads) I can always tell and I never seem to have a positive reaction. No amount of cleansing or recharging fixes it. It makes me feel sick and seems to add to the issues of why I was putting it on in the first place, rather than resolving it. It is the same with standard Tiger's eye as well as red Tiger's eye
—Guest Manu

Negative Response to Tigers Eye

I've had two different tigers eye pendants. When I start wearing them, things go from bad to worse. I've cleansed and charged them and still the same bad response. I hate this because tigers eye is one of my favorite stones. I plan this weekend to toss both pieces into the Ohio River. Has any one else had this problem?
—Guest Teresa


I use tiger eye to help me be more flexible in my beliefs. It also helps me to slow down when I am on the constant go. This stone is also good in helping to influence my children when I really need to get them to understand something. The way tiger eye helps with this is by giving me the right words necessary to deal with situations that are outside of my own control... when the right words are said changes can happen.
—Whitehorse Woman

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Ways to Use Tiger Eye for Healing

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