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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Tanzanite for Healing

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Share Post: Have you used tanzanite for healing or spiritual purposes? How has tanzanite helped you? Please share your personal experiences with using tanzanite.

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Burns karma upon touch

Back in the late 80's, there was no written material about the healing properties of tanzanite (and I owned almost every book in print at the time on the subject). I was involved in buying it in Kenya, and asking questions of a channel about its uses. We received quite a lot of information about it, and the most notable thing I recall is that it is able to clear one's karma simply by touching it.
—Guest elisabeth

Manifesting Stone

The tanzanite will help to manifest desires through will and vision. It gives personal insight and power. A good stone of protection. It helps to connect the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras because of the color that tanzanite ranges in from blue-purple-clear colors. It helps with physic abilities and if a person is just beginning to develop this field, it's one of the most powerful stones for this. It does best set in gold as it brings with it the Sun's energies as well. It will be balanced with the moon's energy, (the stone) and the sun's energy (the gold). Works well in moon or water cleansing.
—Guest Stones77

Calming Stone

Tanzanite is a calming stone. It is good if life becomes chaotic or extremely busy and one is starting to feel out of balance from that. it will bring you back into balance.
—Guest Whitehorse Woman

My Dreamy Tanzanite

My tanzanite stone is round (brillant cut?), and is a medium bright blue violet color that is so mesmerizing, I could stare into it all day! Its rich color changes through the day and sometimes looks more of a bright medium cornflower blue or deep sky blue, and other times, more violet purple blue. It sparkles and shines with this amazing and passionate color and brings me such joy to look at it! I think I am most attracted to the colors shining out to me from within the stone and how it interacts with light. What can others more knowledgeable teach me about this gemstone? What energy should I expect from it, etc?...Thank you!
—Guest Sonia

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