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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Lapis Lazuli for Healing

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Share Post: Have you used lapis lazuli for healing or spiritual purposes? Did this deep blue stone teach you a valuable lesson or give you comfort? Please share your personal experiences of using lapis lazuli for healing. Share Uses of Lapis

Lapis Good for Dreamwork

Lapis opens the third eye and is good for dream work. It stimulates enlightment and is good spiritual journeying.It does help to release stress and brings peace. It brings serentiy and is one of the key elements to spiritual attainmnet. It is a protective stone that can put you in contact with your spirit guides. It best placed on the the throat or the third eye. It is an excellent stone for encouraging self awareness and brings such qualities as honesty, compassion and integrity to the personality.
—Guest Liaste

Cured my ailment!

I have been plagued for years with blocked ears, which are painful even on the outside, if its not one ear, its the other, I've tried everything, drops, syringes, etc. until last week I put a lapis lazuli stone on my throat chakra as I read that's the best place. I lay down and rested, it wasn't until a few days later that I realised my ears were completely cured!!!!! They're not painful anymore and I can hear better than ever!!! I will be using my lapis stone a lot more and researching crystal therapy.
—Guest Heather

Great for PMS and help for ADD and ADHD

The darker the blue in the Lapis the better it helps. I use lapis during meditation with children who struggle with ADD and ADHD. It helps to focus and clear your mind. Perfect on a necklace during PMS times, helps with hot flashes and anxiety.

Relief for Menopause Symptoms

I put lapis under my pillow to help with night sweats, rest, good for anxiety.
—Guest Brenda Ehlers

Lapis Brings Focus

Lapis (the deep blue kind) allows you to perceive emotional issues more clearly. Now, that does not mean it helps calm them or affect the type of emotions. It allows you to see them for what they are, clearly. Kind of like putting on glasses when one cannot see. It takes away the blur.
—Guest Whitehorse woman

Lapis is Calming and Cooling

A stone good for the 5th chakra. Lapis helps to open the 6th chakra during meditations. It brings a higher guidance and intuition. It helps you to connect to the Higher Self. It helps to organize and quieten the mind and also brings self expressions, helps with dream insights, writing and creativity. It's a cooling stone, by this I mean it helps to draw fevers out of the body. It calms the nervous system, helps with anxiety and insomnia. It can sooth autism. It also aids with speech and hearing difficulties. Works best with a water cleansing or the moon cleansing.
—Guest stones77

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Ways to Use Lapis Lazuli for Healing

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