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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Kyanite for Healing

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Share Post: Have you used kyanite crystal for healing or spiritual purposes? Did this grounding stone teach you a valuable lesson or help you deal with some issue? Please share your personal experiences of using or wearing kyanite. Uses for Kyanite


i use the blue kynite when i do my chakara meditation it balances my chakara
—Guest thilaga pillai

Does Not Need to Be Cleaned or Cleared

Kyanite is an excellent stone to help with mild depression. It has a very calming effect/affect upon me and others who have used it that I know have found the exact same results. It does not need to be cleaned or cleared. It is one of 2 stones that don't. The second stone that doesn't need to be cleaned or cleared is citrine.

Kyanite for urogenital healing

I have been into gemstones and crystals for about 3 months now and I was instantly drawn to a piece of kyanite that was one of the first stones I bought, it has brought me amazing energy and about 4 weeks ago I had surgery on a very large hernia that I have had for a long time. I re-injured the hernia and have been in massive pain from doing so. It buldged right where the 8 inch scar from my surgery is, my piece of kyanite has been one of my favorites and i had a feeling it would help. The only source I had that I had printed off line about stones stated "used in disorder of urogential system." My hernia was ingronial and the scar just above my private part. I placed the stone on there and it was amazing how it made the pain go away and the buldge. This just happened which is what brought me to this site looking more into it.
—Guest Righteousred

Wearing Kyanite All The Time

I love Blue Kyanite pendant that I have put together. Ever since I have been wearing it (for about a month now) most aches and pains that come with sleeping in crazy positions and headaches due to tension have all been released. I wear it all the time now and it makes a huge difference than any others stone. It keeps low frequency beings and vibes at bay and keeps my energy body aligned. It's a great combination with black tourmaline and citrine.
—Guest LoLo

Use crystals tht resonate with you

I looked forward to working with kyanite. For the first four days however, I noticed that I would feel energy in my chakras, particularly sacral and crown, significantly less often. And during meditation there was a much higher wall before I could get energy sensations in my chakras. I dowsed and asked if I should switch back to my sapphire pendant and I got a yes. Meditation immediately after switching to sapphire was filled with energy especially around my throat. I may experiment with another piece of kyanite at a later date however. I'm trying to balance and open all my chakras but I need to work on sacral, solar, throat, and indigo in particular.
—Guest Guest xise

I Love Kyanite

Kyanite works great for me for physical pain, migraines, craps etc. I place kyanite on the place of pain and after a short while the worst of the pain is gone.
—Guest madalchemist

I use kyanite

I have used my kyanite for two months. I like that it really works. I am so happy.


Such a wonderful stone, I don't wear it, I have a few exceptionally beautiful pieces. I delt with some emotional issues while pregnant and would lay large flat stone on tummy and watch baby Rowan kick it around. My fave stone.
—Guest amber

My little blue hero!

I was having a rough day at work. I'm a hairstylist. I was triple booked (not my fault) behind an hour, and it was Saturday, the busiest day of the week! Luckily my last client was a friend and she took one look at me and said, "Here, I knew there was a reason I grabbed this." She handed me a piece of Kyanite. As soon as I touched it and held it in my hand all the tension of the day melted away instantly and for the rest of the day everything seemed alright. I suffer from anxiety and have been looking for a stone like this for a long time and it found its way to me! I used to wear rose quartz but I now wear the Kyanite around my neck and it keeps me on an even keel and I am so grateful.
—Guest Lyndsay


Tiffany - I also often have problems wearing stones, just too sensitive, I guess. Often I can wear a stone in a ring, but not as a pendant. And often stones I can't wear, I can have a stone next to me at my writing desk, etc. Listen to your body, and use the stones it likes. That's the best way to be helped by the world of crystals.


I was in herb an arts store in Denver, one of the grooviest stores on the planet, and I wound up putting a piece of Kyanite in my bra because I was attracting the judgment I was receiving from elite snobs stuck on their mindset. Also had lots of pain from projection of loved ones onto me because I was closest. I wore it in my bra and kept shopping and I tell you, my disposition changed in about ten minutes. I felt very grounded and peaceful and back to myself. This is an amazing stone and Herbs and Art in Denver is an amazing source for refurbishing. Go there. Buy Kyanite. Trust God.

Maybe Baby Kyan

I am a singer and 33 weeks pregnant with a really rockin' band. Yesterday we had a four hour gig and the same today, and I have to admit this really pushed me to my limits. However, my drummer's wife gave me a piece of kyanite just before we started today, which I tucked into my bra, and this amazing, loving energy filled me and surrounded me. I believe it helped me make it through despite the difficulties I was experiencing. A little side note, when I got home and looked it up in my crystal book, I discovered that in addition to love and peace, one of its attributes is endurance! My hubby and I are thinking of naming the baby Kyan. No kidding!
—Guest Fairlight

Uses for Kyanite

Lower frequency entities find kyanite extremely uncomfortable to be around, so it's good for keeping "boogies" away as well. If kyanite is too high frequency for you to stay in contact with, try rose quartz. Since rose quartz is about self-love, they hate that energy too. As a quartz, it resonates at the upper end of the more normal human range, so it may be more comfortable for you. If you have old issues around self-love, however, and who among us does not, the rose quartz may make you cry a bit in releasing your old woundedness. Which is good for you but not necessarily fun if you have dinner plans with someone special, so I mention it.

Strange Experience is Healing Crisis

Kyanite just radiates an extremely fast vibration - that's why it's so good at what it does. That high vibration also breaks up any lower frequency energies stored in your body. Repressed emotions, traumatic memories, pains, from this life and others, are released into consciousness so you can clear them out as part of the healing process. If you try to release too many too fast, you can experience a healing "crisis," which is "dis-ease/dis-comfort" overload, symptoms of illness. Your energy bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) need at least 2-3 days to adjust between major energetic shifts. At this point, Tiff, you should be working with the kyanite in short time periods, not wearing it for days. Until you've done a lot of energy work/clearing, you might also avoid wearing moldavite, rosophia, Peruvian brown stone, and other high frequency stones. Don't even bring home meteorites or tektites. Read Love Is In The Earth, by Melody, and try lithium quartz crystals.

Strange experience

Hi Tiffany, the way I see it Kyanite is a stone/crystal that doesn't resonate with you yet or possibily the energies are too strong for you for some reason. Kyanite is a stone that doesn't need cleansing true but might I suggest you do give it a cleanse maybe put it in the earth for a couple of days or smudging it with sage. Another possibility is that it may not be Kyanite you have. Some stones don't agree with some people. I have a friend who says rose quartz does nothing for him as for me Bloodstone makes me feel kinda yuk. Hope this helps. One last question was it given to you or did you choose it yourself? Try buying another one and maybe see what happens.
—Guest Cappy

Uses for Kyanite

Ways to Use Kyanite for Healing

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