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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Jade for Healing

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From the article: Healing with Crystals: Jade
Share Post: Have you used jade for healing or spiritual purposes? Did this stone teach you a valuable lesson or give you comfort? Please share your personal experiences of using jade for healing. Share Uses of Jade

At peace

I hate green color. I always feel it's unlucky for me. But somehow I got a jade stone while traveling in Singapore. I am someone who has a lot of problems. But from the time I started wearing the jade, I feel much calmer. My problems have not disappeared, they are very much there, but my reaction to the problems have changed... I am able to be more relaxed now... I use it as a pendent. When I touch it at times, it feels so warm, as if it's a part of me...
—Guest Jaya

Calm and Peace

I have a finely made bracelet. When I look into the links, I imagine a craftsman lovingly and carefully creating each and every link. It soothes my anger and frustration. Jade has that effect.
—Guest Nivu


Since i have been wearing my Jade rings, people are just nice to me. It resonates kindness from strangers in the weirdest way, but I love the attention. #peace and light
—Guest onelove217

Helps Me Sleep

I have a jade bead necklace that I wear at night before bed. Before putting it on the beads are cold but once you settle the necklace around your neck they start to warm up and almost feel like they become a part of you. I no longer have restless sleep, or nightmares, or roll around bed several times. I can sleep in one single position, all night, and wake up feeling like I actually rested.
—Guest Jeannine


Jade is my name and people say that they feel calm around me.
—Guest Jade

Wealth. Protection. And healing. Peace

Teach me how to use it so my life can change I'm in a wreck now
—Guest WandaBrown


THANKS SOOOOO MCUH ON THESE RESPONSES THEY HELPED ME SOOO MUCH. Dr. Schavi M. Ali says that jade can be used for calming the nervous system while also healing the liver, bladder, gallbladder and kidneys. The way it works? Dr. Schavi believes that the shade of green that is in most jade gemstones emits energy that calms your body. He also says that being hypnotized by jade increases the reproduction of cells. Jade apparently has many other uses for healing of calming. Like some people carry jade and use it as protection, or self-confidence, or an assurance boost.
—Guest Lolz

A good balancer

Wearing jade can make you balance everything. Jade is a confidence booster and makes you spiritual. No wonder it is called "Stone from Heaven."
—Guest David777

Calming, healing, and much more

Green Jade is not only calming and healing to the nervous system, but it also emits healing energy into the liver, bladder, gallbladder and kidneys. It also helps those who are herbalists to tap into the vibrations of healing plants and herbs more profoundly and to thus intuitively know their properties. Further, Green Jade strengthens the "Chi", or "life force", for regeneration of the cells. (Reiki Master/Teacher)
—Guest Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Jade is God's Greatess Gift

Jade in a way, made my depression go away. Jadeite. It made me feel better ! At first I was down, but after buying the jade and wearing it made me felt Happy and Just Grazing at it under the lights to see the translucent stone, just like a blessing from Heaven. My Lord and Saviour, Jesus Precious Creation which I feel It was created for us by Him the Almighty. I will call it, The Stone Of Heaven, which blesses people it touches. One of God's most precious creations.
—Guest Handsome Boy

Calming and sweet

My mother brought me a jade necklace from China and I wear it everyday now. Whenever I hold it in my hand I feel calmer and better then I did before. I'm not really into karma and healing stones and all that but I love my jade. It's sweet pale-green makes me feel better just to look at it.
—Guest Ella

Jade calms me down

Ever since I got a necklace with real Jade and gold I have been more calm. Because today I was all worried about things and when I held it in my hand I felt 100 times calmer and when I let go; all my worries came back. Jade is my new favorite stone to wear. It keeps me nice and calm and I love it. I wish all my necklaces had jade in them for that reason. (:
—Guest kay kay

Jade properties

i didn't know about jade when I bought a necklace of it and when I first wore it I felt very peaceful and calm. It took me a few times to realize I was peaceful every time i wore it so I looked up the properties of jade and was surprised at what I found. I wear it all the time now.
—Guest lesley

Great when taking on major challenges

Jade seems to have a healing effect on my heart, restoring my confidence, courage and trust, helping me let people in. I'm also thinking clearly and with an amazing peace. I'm more ambitious and feel deserving and able to take on a lot of really scary changes. Jade is said to bring on abundance and it seems to be helping me. Normally with these changes I'd go full speed ahead and then burn out later but I've slowed down-I almost want to honor and savor my every minute. And I'm not overwhelmed-it's helping me taking everything in stride. Love it!
—Guest canadianchick

I Carry Jade for Protection

I carry a jade stone in bag because I've always been attracted to its soft colour and for protection. I live in Johannesburg which is a very busy and violent city and have been advised by a feng shui master that jade could be a form of protection.
—Guest Marielise

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Ways to Use Jade for Healing

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