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Readers Respond: Favorite Healing Gemstones

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From the article: Top Ten Healing Gemstones
Share Post: Which crystals or gemstones are your favorite to use for healing or meditation? How do they help? Are you able to feel their unique vibrations? Do you carry certain stones with you all the time, if so, for what purpose? Please share your personal connection to crystals and gemstones.

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Favorite healing Gemstones

I seem to be drawn to stones that are associated with Outer Space and transport to realms, other than Earth, like Moldavite, Larimar, Moqui Marbles, and Tibetan Quartz. I have a lot of small pocket rocks, chips and pendants for jewelry making and a few display pieces, like fluorite skulls, agate eggs and small carvings of animals, but I love my Larimar and Moldavite the most. I scrimped and saved for them. I sleep better, when they are under my pillow. I can't say that they have, consciously, taken me off-planet, but I sleep so soundly and don't remember dreams very well, so who knows?
—Guest Anne

Clear Quartz

As a crystal therapist, I use many different crystals and gemstones in my practice. If there were just one stone I could have, it would be clear quartz crystals. They are programmable, making them the true powerhouse of stones. They can be used for any situation and there are so many different forms of quartz. Truly a gift from Mother Earth.

Fortune Stones

I have seen a palm reader last week. The thing she told me was quite right. At the end she asked me to buy a stone from her which would bring me fortune! it was quite expensive and I didn't bother, but I am thinking whether there is such a thing? (Note from the Guide, I think you were right not to purchase the stone, that sounds like a scam to suck money out of you. There is no one stone called a "fortune stone" although there are stones that attract fortune, jade for one. I'd have more confidence in a reader who suggested you get a type of stone, but didn't try to sell you one.)
—Guest goodkook100

Carnelian plus citrine= more energy

When I am tired and low on energy, I lie down and put two small carnelians below my feet and one citrine tumbled stone above my head and can actually feel the energy come to me as I lay there for 10-15 minutes, to recharge.

Amethyst is the crystal that I use most

Amethyst is very healing and appears to help with anxiety and pain. I wear it daily, but not at night, as too much can keep you awake.
—Guest Reikilite

Bloodstone, Moonstone

My absolute favorite is bloodstone, I use it for most all of my healing when related to the body... The other stone I used was moonstone, with amethyst accents when I was pregnant. Those two in combination were used to help with a difficult pregnancy. I had no problems... even though I was super high risk.
—Guest MaryAnne

Carnelian is a Favorite

I personally love carnelian for its many healing properties. I think it is one of the best stones for fertility and emotional stability.
—Guest Healing Diva


A few years ago I saw a beautiful green tourmaline ring in a jewelry store, it was very costly but for months I would go by and look at it, I was captivated! The stone was fascinating for some reason, I knew it was meant for me but at $3000.00 -not! The shop keeper finally let me have it for a fraction of that price. It was indeed meant to be mine.

Amethyst, Kyanite and Azurite

I love all crystals ans use them regularly, but my favourites are these three. I always have them at hand. The kyanite to cleanse the aura, the azurite to give instant relief, particularly if there are energy blocks and the amethyst is my all purpose stone. But when I happened to casually pick up a labradorite pendant just to take a look (I'd no intention of buying anything then) I just couldn't put it down for the entire hour I was in the shop and finally had to buy it! ;) I wear it often and it feels so good!
—Guest subadra


A small carnelion attracted me one day, almost 3 years back when I was browsing in a shop selling crystals and jewelry. I was stuck with this small, uneven carnelion and wanted to buy it straight away. The shop keeper, a smiling, warm man explained that the stone will make me popular. I was looking for a job those days and feeling very de-energized due to my joblessness. So I picked up the stone, and the thought I had was that now I shall have a job soon. And a new job did manifest for me post this event. It's only now that I know that citrine is a crystal associated with manifestation.
—Guest alohashikha

A gift well given

I recently bought a beautiful amethyst round ball piece for my best friend's mother. As soon as I saw this she popped into my head and because if my past knowledge with the importance of an individual coming into your thoughts I had to buy it, So I did. It was pricey and I doubt that she has ever been given a crystal before but she must be in need of a healing or be in need of postitive things around her. I am so excited to be giving her a gift that she may have forever and I am excited to see her grow a appreciation for crystals and their healing powers.
—Guest guest k

How it all started.. Gems are wonderful.

I was never into stones and gems, I hardly knew anything about them either, but it all started when I was given one by a friend of my mothers. Smoky quartz. It was a huge crystal he said he was given from an Aboriginal Shaman and he loved the piece, but he could sense that i needed it. It was beautiful. I could feel such a soothing vibration from it straight away, and it was my most prized possesion. He had created a leather "chain" for me, to keep its natural beauty. unfortunately it had fallen off my neck when I was in a bus, and I never got it back. I was terribly upset, but I thought about what he said to me, he didn't need it anymore, nor did I. So perhaps someone who needed it more found it. Ever since then I have been so interested in gems, and feel such strong vibrations from certain ones such as: Tektites, moonstone and peridot. LOVE GEMS!
—Guest JC

All gems are favourite except diamond

Indeed, wearing all kinds of gemstones enhance spiritual life to the utmost. It heals, inspire and connects to the higher-self. However, one has to be extra-careful before wearing diamond. Because diamond brings sudden afflications and troubles to the naive and gullible wearer.
—Guest Ismael


I like to meditate with crystals, partly because I can feel a definite vibration and it helps me to stay present. I have several different crystals, but the one that speaks to me the most is my moonstone. It is beautiful, and it seems to call to me, giving me many insights and messages.
—Guest Susan

Our Wedding Rock

We eloped at a new age motel owned by a friend in Desert Hot Springs in 1990. It was on sacred ground and had a natural hot tub fed by a hot spring. Surrounding it were crystals. At a museum across the road, we found a large lepidolite rock with tourmaline veins, and it spoke to both of us so we had to buy it for our wedding present to ourselves. It has a place of honor amongst the hundreds of other rocks in our home.
—Guest blissfulbeader

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