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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Diamonds for Healing

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Share Post: Have you used diamonds for healing or spiritual purposes? How has diamond helped you? Please share your personal experiences with diamonds.

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Diamond Therapy

I am the author of a book called, The Diamond Path: A guide to the Art of Healing. The book really focuses on diamonds as healing tools. Diamond Therapy is TM'd by me and I performed diamond healing for the Discovery Channel, The Today Show, The Simple Life, etc. First, I'd like to say that using diamonds is a very sacred art, it is not for every practitioner. Diamonds are powerful amplifiers. I use them for regulating the energy body at defined chakras and meridian lines. I took a lot of time to study these tools, was given the opportunity to use millions of $'s worth of colored stones for my project and have worked with them, as an evolution to gem stone therapies, which in my opinion have a lot to do with color and light. It is my advice that practitioners that are green or fresh do a lot of research, find true purity in their souls and be VERY clear about their intentions before they administer these crystal tools to others bodies. Energy work is not passive, demands respect.
—Guest magnolia

Clear and White Diamonds

Clear or white diamond helps one to pursuit excellence, develop competence, control more of ones environment. Makes one think they are rich and have abundance. Problem with clear is it also brings out warrior with these same issues which means it can take you out of balance so a need to watch how you deal with these issues while wearing this stone is important. Being it is in gold it can mellow this out same as gold slows down all frequencies it comes in contact with including your own.
—Guest Whitehorse Woman

Stone of Innocence

The diamond is known as the stone of innocence. It is a stone to bring forth purity. This means with matters of the heart, to help one speak the truth, to keep one straight in their search or path. It brings purity to the heart. It also inspires creativity, imagination, ingenuity, brilliance and inventiveness. The diamond also draws to it abundance. Not necessarily just an abundance of wealth, but in all areas of one's life. Happiness, success, etc. The diamond helps with clarity or removing the fog from the mind. It carries the strength of the sun or the masculine energy. It rallies strength with age. The diamond can cleanse and stimulate the crown chakra. Diamonds bring the intensity and universal focus of energy and a uniting of all centers with Universal light on a day to day basis. If a person's vibrational level is compatible with the diamond and suddenly they find themselves without the diamond, they will have strong feelings of loss and can disrupt a person's energy flow.
—Guest Stones77

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