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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Citrine Crystals for Healing

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Share Post: How have you ever used citrine for healing or spiritual purposes? How has citrine helped you? Please share your personal experiences of using or wearing citrine.

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natural citrine vs rhodolite garnet

When I wore garnet for the first time I feel charged and felt the energy flow within me. But after wearing citrine doesn't feel any better or any flow. Is my citrine just a piece of glass? Citrine golden yellow with clouds in it clear weight 9.8 carets can any one shed some light please? I paid $20 per carat.
—Guest Asif Arain

Citrine Absorbs Negativity

Citrine's energy and color make this stone associated with the sun. It is said that the stone drives out darkness and night fears and helps to protect against negative people. It also is good for prosperity. Intuition can be increased with this stone and it can help you to discern your inner voice from free floating anxiety. This is one of two stones that I know for sure does not absorb any negativity. Because of this it holds energy for very long periods of time and doesn't need to be recharged often.
—Guest Atlantis Healer

Manifesting Stone

The citrine is a wonderful stone. It helps to manifest your goals. Also keeps one cheerful. It attracts abundance and personal power. It stimulates the body's own healing energies. It is good for helping to elevate self-esteem and is good for centering. Can help one's memory and can aid in problem solving. Gives one confidence and self-discipline. Excellent for opening the 3rd chakra. Citrine can not hold negative vibes but instead dissipates and transmutes it. A good stone for clearing the aura.
—Guest stones77

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