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Readers Respond: Colors Associated with Healing

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From the article: Chromotherapy
Share Post: Green is a color that is commonly associated with healing, but other colors are also healing. Yellow can give a sun ray of hope, or offer optimism. Browns can calm us, helping us to connect to earth energies. Which colors do you associate with healing? Be sure to tell us why you are drawn to a particular color for comfort or healing. Share Your Healing Colors

Turquoise is healing for me

I read some time ago that turquoise aided healing. It's my favorite color, I wear so much more of it now; on my shoes, socks, tops, hairbands, handbags... I believe it's a healing color, my spiritual faith is strong, what I choose to believe is true, real to me. I've read others colors associated with healing, but none resonate within me like turquoise does. It's beautiful, peaceful, calming, clear like a bright blue ocean where you can see everything. So much is associated with spirituality, healing, alternative therapies, colors, wearing them, having them close - they, and we, are all connected, and all healing is from the source. Therefore, the colors we're drawn to have personal meaning to them and so a unique influence over us. I believe this as we choose them and we are given what we need by our source, where colors come from too, where everything comes from. Since connecting with my spiritual self, my senses seem more alive, alert as I become more aware, and yes, alive too :)


Black. I wear Black all the time. I feel so elegant, sophisticated and soothing.
—Guest Diane


I love the jewel tones but wear Purple a lot. I always feel good in Purple.

Heart light, spirit bright

I find that dressing in bright colors immediately lifts my spirits. Yellow, red, green and purple are favorites.
—Guest Cherese

My healing color

For some odd reason, tans and golds calm me down. I just painted my covered deck in tan and accented it with red and dark brown. The result was so stunning to me that it calms my soul. Weird but true.
—Guest Son2itall

Healing colors

My favorite color is green. I feel so much better and think clearer when surrounded by green. My living room, kitchen, and bedroom are different shades of green. Orange is ok, but wearing it is out of the question for me. I do love pumpkins. That orange brings warm earthy feelings.
—Guest Geri

The Power of PINK

2-14-2012 - I love shades of pink from soft to bright ... the colors seem to sooth me, lift me up, heal... especially during a sad time in my life.. Once I went totally pink crazy by painting my living and dining room pepto pink!.. with a fuzzy pink carpet and soft mauve antique chairs ..oh, no it wasn't over done... it was so lovely waking to the soft pink hues blended with the morning sunlight peering through I also used a gorgeous antique green drape on one large window that really made my day. I just love pink and green! Both these colors opened my heart and balanced me and I was ready for a new love to enter my life... Happy St Valentines Day!
—Guest Angelina


It is true and cannot deny, because of my personal experience. In 1974 I was of 22 year healthy person but my behavior towards other person even to my brother was more aggrieved which ultimately come to end on fighting, usually in a week one fighting was must in a fortnight. One of my very old relative's advice to my mother a special color dress. that my mother did the same without my consent even without discussing any family member. Dear reader it is 100% true after wearing such suggestive color dress my attitude become very cool and my educational result show good progress. No fight, no hot talk, during one year of dressing new color dress, after one year my mother told me about this fact and I also relies this change. Dear reader still if wear different color dress for a period of one week, my aggressiveness came back automatically. I hope this color system will be researched in scientific manner and will save human being from many problems. Saad Shibli - pakistan
—Guest Saad Shibli ASC

My healing color

I love to use greens for healing... and to wear green jade jewelry to heighten the vibration. I have some chronic and genetic issues, so I use a lot of green in my home decor too. I also knitted an afghan with my favorite healing colors and we use it when we have a cold or just feel crummy.
—Guest blissful

My palette of colors

I am in the process of making my kitchen buttercup yellow, purple and leafy green. My home's backdrop is a deep camel, and I am finding it needs more touches of color. I have had a peach colored bedroom once, but in doing it this time to coordinate with a particular bedspread, it was an irritating color, so it, also is camel tan. A fav bedroom was a clear blue that mirrored the skies just outside the upstairs room's deck.
—Guest Joie

I love Blue

Blue makes me happy for some reason. I always loved the color blue.
—Guest Kurt Vernon

healing rainbow

My sheets as a very young child were of (ironically) of rainbows with fluffy white clouds:) I find healing colors to be blues and purples, for depth and spiritual strength, deep reds for passion- fiery energy, corals/pinks to find my feminine side show, and browns/blacks/greens for grounding.
—Guest lizzy

Green is my comfort colour

I have always loved the colour green. Whenever I have felt stressed, or depressed or sad, if I am wearing green or in a garden with lots of green, or in a forest with lots of green, there is a great calming that comes over me. I wear other colours as well (blues & browns mostly).
—Guest Andrea

Reiki colors?

I enjoy to put together the healing color combo of blue, green and purple, which is associated with Usui Reiki according to my Reiki Master. Why purple? Purple is a powerful calming color. It has healing power of blue with the vibrant energy power of red! Purple is the color of kings and queens and it's regalness helps people to want to heal!
—Guest Amber

Green brings me comfort and energy

My library is in forest green. When I go in that room I am wise, secluded, and calm. My "great" room is celery/grass green. It brings me creativity and positive happy energy. It is my way of bringing the outside nature in while living in a gray city.
—Guest Patricia

Share Your Healing Colors

Colors Associated with Healing

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