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Readers Respond: How People Feel After Breaking Promises

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From the article: How Trustworthy Are You?
Share Post: Have you ever broken a promise you made to someone? How did it make you feel afterward? Did it negatively affect your relationship? Did you feel justified in breaking your word? Or do you regret it? Did you learn a life lesson from the experience that you care to pass on to others? No one is perfect. Come on, spill your guts...

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Smoking promise

I made a promise to my best friend to quit smoking. So she wouldn't start. I held it for a month then I started smoking again. Now my other friend tells her I never did quit smoking. And she found out I started again i don't know what to do she is so mad at me and I'm crying because I don't know what to do. I never lied to her. But she doesn't trust me anymore.
—Guest john

Will power

I broke a promise to my girl friend and God that I would quit smoking. I haven't quit and I need to. I used to be a liar. Now I want to tell the truth. I have felt bad, I have felt good. I have felt indifferent. I have broken promises. I think it's time that I kept them.
—Guest Kyle

1 2 many promises broken

My girlfriend gave me so many chances and I messed up every single one by telling her yeah baby I'm going to change. I kept messing up and now we aren't together because I messed up. She tells me she needs time. I lost the best thing that ever happened to me, I'm lost without her. I need to fix myself before I can take her back. This is all my fault and I wanna take everything back. I wanna show her I'm going to change but I don't know how to. I need help fixing my relationship. This is my first love and I need them to understand that I'm not going to go back to my ways ever again. Someone please help me because yes I admit I broke too many promises. and I admit taking advantage of her chance. I feel so bad about all of it and to take ownership of my mistakes. But how do I tell her??
—Guest young j

It seemed like a good idea at the time..

Although I never said the word "promise" each time I would tell my friend I would visit or help I believed in my "intent" but never took action or planned. I beat myself up and apologized like crazy thinking that made up for all those times until I really became aware. For example she moved to Spain and worked there for 5 years. I kept telling her I would come visit and I really thought I would. It wasn't until she made a comment that I always said that but never acted that I looked into it. What a shock to find out how expensive the tickets were. I chose to email her and decided I could not spend that kind of money. I owed my parents a lot of money at the time and could not "justify" the expense. I regret that decision to this day. The parents are paid back but the friendship is weakened. There were other things I said I would do without really thinking them through. In the long run it's not worth the disappointment I caused and the trust lost.

Promise to my boyfriend.

I broke one of the only huge promises me and my boyfriend had. I promised him I wouldn't smoke, he absolutely hated it. Well I was at a party, people were smoking and I thought, hey, it's no big deal. Well to him it was a HUGE deal, I had broken a promise. Now he doesn't trust me and we are currently "giving each other space." I'm pretty sure he's done with me. I just hope he can pull out forgiveness somewhere within his kind heart. I will never again break a promise that is SO simple to keep. It goes on to show how greedy and ungrateful I am. A few hits was definitely not worth losing him.
—Guest Alicia

breaking promises = breaking hearts

I don't know what to do. I promised my girlfriend I would never smoke again but I broke that promise and I tried talking to her and now she has not talked to me in a while... breaking promises leads to breaking hearts.
—Guest george

I'm so sorry.

I promised my boyfriend that I would hug my mother today. Me and my mother have been fighting lately, and my boyfriend just wants us to have a better relationship. So today I promised him that I would give her a hug. Unfortunately, I completly forgot about it (i am a very forgetful person). I feel extremely guilty and mad at myself for letting this happen. I hope he can forgive me. I love him so much, I hate making him mad. I'm so sorry.
—Guest So Sorry :(

I wish I could turn back time

So today I smoked again. I had originally promised my girlfriend that I would never smoke again, and tonight I broke that promise. I was talking to her tonight and i knew that I had to tell the truth, it's just who I am. When I told her she was so upset with me that she didn't even talk. I kept trying to ring her but the phone always went to answer-phone. At the time i thought it wasn't a big deal; I was at a party, and my friends were smoking and offered one to me. But now I realize that it doesn't matter where, when or who you're with, when you promise something to someone, you should NOT let yourself break it, no matter how small the promise is. I just hope she can forgive me. I Love her so much.
—Guest Louis

I've broken her heart :(

I made a promise to my fiance and last night I broke it, I know how much she is hurting. I hate myself and wish I could turn back time and be a better man. I really hope she can somehow find it within her to forgive me. She is so amazing, but now I'm wondering whether im just being selfish and maybe I don't deserve her, :(
—Guest Jay

Promise to my father

Couple months ago I fessed' up to my father about smoking marijuana. Long story short I promised him I wouldn't do it as long as I lived with him. I smoked yesterday, convinced myself it was okay because I'm on vacation and am not currently living with him. Pretty sure it counts though, and to top that off, I recently have been informed he has a mass in his lungs, not sure if it's cancer yet....... I've definitely learned a lesson.
—Guest Matt

to my loving Aunt May Sorry :-(.........

Aunt May I am so sorry, I never met to neglect you. I was too caught up in my worldly things to care about little things that really mattered. Please for give me I know it was only setting the a.c. Controllers but that could have been one more time I got to see your smiling face I am TRULY sorry for my actions I really regret not being there for you ... I will always Love Dearly
—Guest Sorry ForEver


Promised my bf I would never drink again, for a year I didn't. I had quit cold turkey, just 2 days ago I had one glass of Bacardi and coke, not even enough to make me feel buzz, with my best girlfriend and we promised each other no one would know. But of course I love my bf as if he were my own life and he knows me in and out enough to figure I lied to him about it. I hurt him more than ever and he even said that he has never been this hurt in his life before and I can tell by his face he was telling the truth. idk what to do. I hope he doesn't leave me because i definitely learned my lesson. I'd turn the world upside down for him. I just want him to give me a chance, I wonder if he will look at me the same. I made a mistake, one I will never make again and even if he doesn't take me back for that which I don't think should happen but I wouldn't do it ever again. I feel so upset. I love him :(
—Guest shattered


My bf lost my trust, he lied from the start then moved on to breakin' promises. It has been almost 9 months now and he has still been lyin' to me. We've broken up many times but I just cant leave him cause its too hard. I already love him. It makes me so depressed, I know i should leave but when I'm with him, I feel so comfortable and safe. He is now readin online sites to help himself\us out, but I still feel like I cant trust him. It's hard not to think about it, but when you do it kills you.. bad. I've told him not to be afraid of tellin' me the truth but it doesn't work. I don't even know if he'll ever stop.
—Guest Steph Niko

I Want to Make Things Right

A broke a promise to a girl I love. She trusted me, and wanted a promise from me I hadn't kept. I broke it yesterday, and she knows I did. We haven't talked to each other about it yet. However, I'm worried, what if my promise just ruined something I hold near and dear to my heart? I hate myself for breaking the promise I made to her. I want to make things right, I want to show her that she can trust me. But, I'm worried I won't be given a chance. The only thing I can do is wait, and hope things won't be as bad as I feel they are. I messed up, I don't want to again.
—Guest John


I promised to love a man forever but he continued to break promises to me. Each time he broke a promise (with excuses) I hurt and then tried to forgive but this week he broke another one and now I am breaking mine... the lies and hurt are too much and the love I felt would last forever died.
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