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Readers Respond: How People Feel After Breaking Promises

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From the article: How Trustworthy Are You?
Share Post: Have you ever broken a promise you made to someone? How did it make you feel afterward? Did it negatively affect your relationship? Did you feel justified in breaking your word? Or do you regret it? Did you learn a life lesson from the experience that you care to pass on to others? No one is perfect. Come on, spill your guts... Ever Break A Promise?

Will power

I broke a promise to my girl friend and God that I would quit smoking. I haven't quit and I need to. I used to be a liar. Now I want to tell the truth. I have felt bad, I have felt good. I have felt indifferent. I have broken promises. I think it's time that I kept them.
—Guest Kyle

Sorry Excuse for a Boyfriend

I hurt her... Don't know what to do... My girlfriend has given me so many chances, but each time I have let her down. I am a sorry excuse for a boyfriend, but she said she'll take me back as soon as I get my life together. She is the most kind and caring woman I have ever met, and I just... I keep taking it for granted, and it has left me an empty shell of a man... more of a whisper of a shade, than anything. I don't know if I can do it, but I do know that I will... no matter what it takes. I will get her back, because she is the only woman I want, ever. I never want to lose her again.I will get her back.
—Guest SethLittlewolf

If I Could Only Turn Back Time

I disappointed her. I let her go alone. I know and feel her need. As want to go together but unconditionally I was unable to be her and I broke my promise and hurt her. I am sorry to myself, if I could turn back time. I' ll not hurt her but I need and love Elli still and I will love her ever after. Until then I am and I will be always be waiting for my Elli.
—Guest pupu

I Ruined Everything

I have a huge crush on one my closest girl friends. About a year ago she asked me to promise her that I would NEVER drink and smoke weed. And I swore on my life. But just this weekend I was texting my friend about smoking and I said "YOLO let's do it!!" and she had my friends phone shortly after and she sent me off his phone "What are we gonna do?" And I said "Get high and get drunk man!" and she came up to me in the hallway crying and showed me his phone and then punched me in the face. I feel so bad that I broke her promise... and her heart. Why did I just let those things ruin any chance with her? I'm so stupid.
—Guest Guest Idiot

i broke my best friend promise.

I m a guy n i promised my best friend that il never drink in life.. Bt recently i broke that promise which is making me feel soo guilty and after she got to know about it she cried.. :(
—Guest john

He keeps hurting me

My bf asked me twice to give him another chance. Yesterday he broke a promise. A promise to never get drunk again, because since I was little all I can remember of my father was that he drank, hit me, and said sorry the next day. That is exactly what happened with my bf yesterday. I don't understand why he did so, and I don't know what to do. My heart hurts, my mind is going crazy, my soul is crying and I feel that my love is no longer there. why did he do this?????????????
—Guest nos

And it still goes on...

I promised my boyfriend that I wouldn't cut anymore. That if I ever felt like I needed that escape that I would call him and talk to him. I understand that he is my boyfriend and I should be comfortable with him and I should trust him not to judge me because he has never done anything to lose my trust. But I just can't. I'm too afraid to talk to anyone because I don't want to be annoying, I don't want them to think things that I can't hear, I don't want to be that burden. I'm so extremely insecure even though my boyfriend reminds me how perfect I am and how much I mean to him. He always lets me know that I'm the only girl in the world for him. Actually, this has happened before. A long time ago. I broke the same promise with him and he told me that the next time was the last straw. So if I tell him.. I'll lose him. Forever. But my insecurities keep me from expressing myself. I just can't. I wish I could be a better girlfriend. I wish that you knew about who I really am. I'm sorry.
—Guest ForNoOneInParticular

Broken Promise

So me and this girl have been walking ever since. We became close and everything. She told me her secret, she was raped and stuff and she told me to promise her not to tell anyone and so I did. 3 years has gone by and me and her became really close. One day after school my friend told my friend that she would be a rapist in the future and I said oh yeah rape me, rape me, as a joke because you know how you are with friends around that are crazy and stuff and so she was disappointed and mad at me. She forgave me and stuff but she can't trust me anymore. Ever since she kind of ignores me now. She still talks to me but she doesn't talk to me like how she use to. I would always walk her home and whenever I drop her off she would hug me and ever since that she does'nt hug me anymore. Do you have any idea how I can fix this and regain her trust?
—Guest Ruben

I Hate Myself for Lying

I broke a promise to my girlfriend, there was this girl I had kissed long before I met my girlfriend now, and when my girlfriend asked me if I ever did anything with her (with this girl before) and I told her no. She looked at me and said Do you promise?" and I did. I was so scared that she would leave me and I just lied to her. Now she found out I lied to her. And now I know she doesn't believe me anymore, she says it's okay but I can see it's not okay in her face. I don't know what to do. I love with all my heart, how do I make it better? How do I show her that when I said I love you I meant it. I regret not telling her the truth I hate myself for lying.
—Guest Lodi

The knife in his back

I broke a promise to my boyfriend that I wouldn't smoke anymore. Instead every time we would get into an argument I would smoke to forget about it until i came clean. He no longer trusts me and wants to leave me. I'm in love with him but I can't bare to make him stay with someone like me.
—Guest Back stabber

Broken promise to family

I had promised my dad two years ago that I would never tell my mother about his new family. My mother was angry at my father for leaving her in poverty. She kept asking "why does that (excuse my language) bitch use my hard earned money that my father took before they divorced. I went silent and she asked why have you gone silent?? I said no reason and she said c'mon tell me son :) it doesn't matter anyways we're divorced. So I told her and I feel so bad. I wish I had never told her but to be fair I feel a lot calmer that she knows the truth.. But I broke my promise and I'm sorry :_:!!
—Guest Jamal

Broken Promise!

I had a crush on someone, and his sister is my best friend she never new that i liked him.. then she asked me to sleep over so i did, me and her brother started playing confessions and he asked who i liked and i confessed that i liked him then he told me he liked me, so he told me to promise him to not tell anyone that we were talking about this then the next day i told his brother because i trusted his brother and the brother went home and told his brother i said this and that about him so he new that i broke his promise ever since then he started to ignore me and never spoke to me... how could i fix this? Help!
—Guest Boss

Tried My Very Best

I broke a promise to my boyfriend, we're in a long distance relationship now. And I promised I'd come see him right after my 18th birthday, but I cannot afford to a ticket, and my mom won't help me pay for it. But I really thought my mom would help me, so I promised my bf I'd come to him. And we had agreed on that I would come there on a special date, and I can't delay it anymore either. But today I told him I couldn't come, and he didn't seem mad or anything at first, he said he'd try to come to me. But then he just said, too much of a promise eh... I've apologized for promising something I couldn't keep, and explained myself. I know a broken promise hurts, but I really have tried my very best.
—Guest AGirlLovingHerBf

Hurts me more

I broke a promise to my girlfriend. I promised to put her before myself. She was in a vulnerable/hurt state and I abandoned her because I had to get home or my father would be angry. Her best friend helped her sort it out a little after I left. I asked her if she could forgive me two days later and she did. I still though can't get over it, I feel horrible and worthless because this girl, who is so important to me, couldn't rely on me when she really needed me. I told her to leave me and find someone who could keep their promises and she refused. I love this girl so much that this just killed me to break such an important promise. Out of this I say, make sure you can keep your promises or it might just tear you apart when you inadvertently break the ones to the ones you love the most.
—Guest Worthless

Broken Promise

I broke a promise to my boyfriend a couple days ago. I had promised I wouldn't tell anyone about our little secret. But, I did. It had all blown over when I finally admitted that I told some people. He's very mad at me. Actually, he says he's aggravated and sick to his stomach cause he knows if it spreads around we're dead. I told him it wouldn't. I completely trust my friends. But, now he doesn't trust me. I completely trust him still, and I love him with all my heart.. I don't know what this is going to do to our relationship. I'm soo scared..
—Guest Guest broken heart

Ever Break A Promise?

How People Feel After Breaking Promises

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