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Readers Respond: How People Feel After Breaking Promises

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Broken Promise

My friend and I pinky swore that she would stop smoking after she was done with a pack she recently bought. She texted me asking if she can buy another pack but smoke only when she gets stressed. I even told her that we pinky swore that she would quit smoking. She even said she wanted to quit smoking. I don't know what to do. I just want to give her a piece of my mind about this.
—Guest Anonymous

I broke her trust

I have been in a relationship for 7 months. I made a promise never to leave my companion. I said I could never do it. We got in a fight and she said that she no longer loved me the same, and wanted our relationship to be different. This hurt me beyond words. She could not even tell me she loved me straight forward. This filled me with negative emotion and I ended the relationship. Shortly after, of course I wanted her back, even if she didn't love me the same, I still needed her. At first she wouldn't take me back, but now I've finally convinced her. Now I'm stuck in a very complicated situation. She doesn't know if she can ever fully trust me even though she wants to stay with me for now. I hate myself for what I've done. I feel like a monster. She had trust issues and I broke her trust impulsively. Now I don't even know where exactly I stand. All I can hope for is that one day soon, she can trust me again. That is really all I want, I want her to trust me more than anything.
—Guest -carpet

Broke a Best Friends' Promise

My best friend told me a big secret that she had sex with her ex boyfriend who her sister did not like at all. Her sister always said that she is not stupid enough to have sex early in age and especially with that type of boy. She asked me to promise not to tell anybody and I ended up telling another close friend of mine who ended up telling her sister. I felt so bad I even started crying, and I think she will never forgive me. This is the 2nd time that I broke a promise to her.
—Guest D

Yes and No

This summer, I quit a MMORPG called RuneScape through anger and my brother had a sarcastic remark to me saying that I quit it, so I stormed down to my room, and I started making this huge ass promise that I said was to myself and the whole world that I would never play RuneScape again or watch any of the videos of it on YouTube. I kept the most important promise to not play RuneScape again, but I admit that I have been through some very rough withdrawals and that has caused me to view videos of it on YouTube in my depression. I would be less worried about it because the promise only involves me, but here's the thing... I also told myself that I would have consequences if I broke my promise. I can't remember exactly all of what I said (because it was mostly rambling), but I know I said some really bad things would happen to me if I broke it. I think I said I would be awkward, but I can't remember for sure! However, I am extremely stressed about the promise I broke and the consequences.
—Guest Travis

Break at your own, and your friends risk

When someone tells you to make a promise, it os because it means a lot to them. I asked my friend to promise she would never read my diary (because I had written mean stuff about her that I didn't want her to know). She went ahead and read it anyway. Then she made sure I felt horrible for everything I wrote. I asked her to promise she hadn't or wouldn't tell anyone, and now I can't trust her. Breaking a promise doesn't just mean really hurting your friends, it also means you're depriving yourself of their trust, which you might never gain again.
—Guest Lola

Hurt by sister's broken promise

It may sound ridiculous but my 12 yr old sister told me that if I did the dishes she would give me new songs for my phone and I was about to get 100 new ones. I did the dishes and she only gave me 2 and I'm still mad. She hates all my friends. How do I deal with her?
—Guest nikki

Broken promises and excuses - ugh

I too believe in keeping promises, but have been hurt more times then I can count on broken promises, lies, and excuses from others. It is not all about me, but it is about mutual consideration and respect.
—Guest Guest Sue

I broke a promise today

Yes, today I broke a promise. It was a small promise, but nonetheless, I did not come through on a commitment I had given in writing - an email - but still that was my word. It mostly has to do with not acting in time. Not having something done by the time I said that I would. And it was a relationship that I highly value. Trust you cannot get back. Well maybe not easily. But I had to realize that in order to move on to bigger commitments with bigger rewards, you have to keep the "small" promises you make, whether you make with your word, in writing, by appointment... what have you. I think it taught me indirectly about punctuality as well... When you make an appointment with someone, it is an agreement to be somewhere when you say you will and when you are not there, you hurt them. You hurt their soul, you hurt the universe because that person cannot believe in the things that other people say. As far as me, I would rather prevent the injury b/c u not only hurt them, u hurt u.
—Guest Guest Josh

Yes Sadly ;'(

I told one of my besties (best friends) what my absolute bff (best friend forever) sister of all time thought about her. I couldn't help it, it just came out. My bestie told my bff exactly what I said and know she hates my guts. She said she could never trust me again. Now I'm afraid she will spill my secrets. I feel so awful, I don't know what to do. :(
—Guest Sabrina

Ever Break A Promise

Yes, I have. I apologized and paid through tears. But, in the end, I stopped feeling horrid because I realize that despite breaking my promise, I had done myself and my family a favour. There are many other promises which I have not kept and yes, they are worthy of worry because those did cause damage and hurt many people.
—Guest Yasmin

Guilt and Blame

Blame from others on not keeping promises and the guilt that I broke them are the most difficult for me to deal with. I can much easier forgive others for not keeping promises. If I break promises then it is hard to forgive myself and love myself again.
—Guest Marion

Constantly Break Promises Made to Myself

I am a loyal friend and a dependable employee. When I make a promise to someone I follow through with it everytime, no problem. But, I am not very good at keeping promises that I make to myself. I'm always making bargains with myself. For example, I'll tell myself one day that I will start working on a project the very next day. But, tomorrow will come and go and I will not have started. I procrastinate. If I had promised my sister, my boss, my neighbor, or anyone else, it would have gotten done without delay. I don't know why this is... wish I could start honoring promises I make to myself. Makes me wonder why I don't make myself a priority.
—Guest Alison
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