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Readers Respond: Breathing Exercises and Tips

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From the article: Breathing Exercises
Share Post: Many of us have forgotten how to breathe properly. Are you among the population of shallow breathers, unconsciously blocking your airways? I think is long over due for all of us to take a collective DEEP cleansing breath. Do you have a breathing tip to help the shallow breathers open up their mouths and nostrils and breathe in and out? Please share if you can offer a tip or simple breathing exercise that works for you.

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Practice of deep breathing

Sit crossed leg or in any meditation posture (Padmasana/Vagrasana) on a mat. There should not be any tension on your body. Keep your back straight. Think your stomach as a balloon and blow air in it while inhalation. Exhale completely. While exhaling try to bring navel close to your back as far as possible. In the beginning the ratio of inhalation and exhalation should be 1:1. Gradually increase it to 1:2. In the later stage you can practice retention of breath that is inhalation, retention, exhalation, retention for the count of say 5 or as per your comfort. For better result you can put a soothing music behind.
—Guest Bhoomika

Let your navel meet your backbone

Most people are breathing with the breast not with the belly: To train the deep inhalation, I let people exhale with a forced pull in of the belly or navel as long as they can hold the breath. The following deep inhalation widens the belly more than before and they often feel the intensity of relaxation for the first time.
—Guest Barbara


Always make sure that you exhale for at least as long as you inhale. With practice you can exhale for twice as long as you inhale.
—Guest piyush

Breathing Techniques and its Benefits

I used to do regular breathing exercise and it really cleans my heart and discards from other illness. I request you to do everyday at least 3 times, the Ibuki exercise.
—Guest Robert Wary

Breath Control

Each incoming breath energizes the body and each out going breath relaxes the body. If you want to energise your body and mind take more time to inhale and less time to exhale. If you want to calm you body and mind, take less time to inhale and more time to exhale. Try it, it works. A control on breath will give you a control over your mind. A control on mind will give you control over your life.
—Guest Tarun Bhatia

20 Connected Breaths

I am a Rebirther and have worked with breathing techniques for 30 years. The proccess I use is to connect the inhale to the exhale without pulsing. Do this 20 times a day until you are able to conect your breath for one hour every day. With this technique you are learning to breathe energy as well as air. Your health will improve and you will have more energy to enjoy life with.
—Guest Pauline McNab

Energize You Now

Exhale fully, drawing the abdomen toward the spine and inhale with mouth open and pushing the lower abdomen out as if filling a balloon. Let all of the muscles go soft and allow the exhale without effort. Repeat without pausing. Perform in sets of 5 breaths.

Breathing and Visualization

When I'm stressed, I like to imagine that I'm breathing in 'peace' and breathing out 'stress.' I imagine that all the built-up negative energy is moving from my fingertips and toes, and traveling through my body to my lungs, and out, while I'm being replenished with positive energy. It really does help with stress, and my breathing becomes slow, controlled and diaphragmic in the process.
—Guest Elizabeth369

Try Singing!

Hi, Phylameana, You're absolutely right that many have forgotten how to breathe properly. If you just look at a sleeping baby, you'll see how we USED to breathe naturally, with our abdomens filling with air first, and then our chests. I take singing lessons, and it's such a joy. One of my teachers once said, "Singers are just professional breathers." There are many exercises for correct breathing, which leads to better sounds when we sing... so I heartily suggest to all your readers that they take singing lessons. If that's not possible, then stand tall (crouching gives you less space for air) and breathe in --imagining the most wonderful scent that you can-- into your abdomen. Keep your hands there and imagine that your abdomen is filling up like a balloon. If you're doing it right, your hands will gently rise. Even your back and the sides of your ribs will expand. Next, slowly let that air rise to your chest. Hold for a brief second, and then exhale. Repeat this a few times.

Into/Out of the Belly

When you consciously breathe, make sure you are inhaling deep into the belly as a child would. Slowly fill your belly bringing it up into the upper lung space. As you release the breath, do so just as slowly as the inhale, releasing the breath from the upper chest to the belly, expelling all the air that you can. It is equally important to expel the air as it is to inhale the air.
—Guest Sherry

Favorite Breathing Technique

I'm honestly not sure what this technique is called, because I've heard a couple of terms to describe it. Take a cleansing breath or two. Breathe in through the nose to a slow count of 7 (or another number -- some people start with 4). Hold for a count of 7. Exhale to a count of 7. Hold empty for a count of 7. Repeat several times. This helps me quiet my mind during meditation.
—Guest Janet

Count to Three

Throughout the day, I try to pay attention to the pacing of my breathing. I will take slow, deep breaths, in and out, to the count of three.
—Guest frannie22
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