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From the article: Animal Totems
Animal Spirit Stories About: Bear | Eagle | Fox | Hawk |Owl | Wolf

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Have you been visited by an animal spirit in a dream, vision, or in reality? A hawk spotted flying overhead, a bluebird's feather laying on the ground found at your feet, and a rabbit seen scampering into your backyard each have special meaning. A black bear or rattlesnake that visits through a dream delivers an important message. The flock of monarchs migrating in front of your windshield as you are driving down the highway also offers a lesson. If you have ever been given spiritual guidance through the appearance of an animal please share your story. What animal was it and what did it teach you?

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Owl and Dove

I was just released from the hospital after 7 days following a big surgery. I was alone, very sore but not afraid. (I know I have Native blood in me but other than a small curiousity about from who, I never delved into exploring it.) I was quite ill in the night but when I opened my eyes (I always sleep with a light on when I'm sick) there was an owl watching over me. I love birds but have always been afraid of them in a house yet this owl brought me a feeling of peace. Every time I'd open my eyes he was there, quietly watching me. More toward morning a dove came as well. Both birds were perched on our bed room furniture & my husband was working midnights. I was aware that I had become quite sick but these birds were very calming to me. I had been on prescription pain meds in the hospital but was only taking mild pain killers on this night so I'm certain these visions weren't med induced. Both birds stayed until morning but then when I awoke in daylight, they were gone.
—Guest sandysummer

Old Dog OBE

My dog has been leaving his body and walking. My daughter has seen him today downstairs. Is he ready for heaven? He just turned 17.
—Guest phyllis


Four years ago, & after a particularly harrowing personal time, I was, courtesy of my family, fulfilling dreams and ambitions in America. I was with my pen-friend, visiting a wonderful place called Ha Ha Tonka, in Mo. when a small, pretty butterfly landed on my left breast, staying for several minutes despite me moving around and people taking pictures of it. Eventually my little friend flew onto my finger for several minutes before flying away. It was a beautiful experience and for some reason I felt certain it was connected to my mum who had passed away three years earlier. Last year, I was going through some of Mum's things that I kept and discovered her small cosmetic bag. It had a pattern of Lily of the Valley set against a green background printed on it - then I spotted in the top right-hand corner, a tiny butterfly identical to my Missouri friend. Mum always said I would make it to the States and now I know she had shared it with me. I smiled that day through happy tears.
—Guest Anni Stevens

One with the wolves

It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Every color was so detailed. The green grass was electric like no color I had ever seen. Far away mountains loomed. It was then when I heard the call. She appeared and we locked gazes. She had the bluest eyes I had ever seen. They pierced my very soul. Then I felt myself shifting and all at once I was one of them. My sense of smell and eyesight doubled. We ran for an eternity and it was a feeling I would never achieve again. I was free. We stopped and howled and the full moon. One with the night sky and glowing stars. My spirit soured. I was breathlessly happy. Everything was so vivid. At that moment I was at peace. The black wolf looked at me one last time. Her eyes shining like diamonds. Something I would never forget. Then I woke up.
—Guest Courtney

My First Animal Totem Experience

The past few months had been hectic dealing with negative spiritual problems that had been very emotionally and physically challenging. Recently I had a seizure. While riding in the passenger side of the ambulance, my boyfriend said a humungous black bear walked by the field next to us. Several days later I turned on the TV which showed baby black bears. I did some research and I now believe that the black bear is my totem animal, telling me to relax, take some time to heal and help myself emotionally and spiritually. Upon doing so I can say I am beginning to feel better. Honestly because of the way I am, without that sign I would never have done what I should. I would have continued to put everyone else before me as if nothing had happened. Now I realize that sometimes you need to help yourself before you can help another. I learned a few valuable lessons from my wonderful totem animal. I feel more spiritual and connected then ever. (:
—Guest *Rebecca


large cream-pink colored rabbit, running and im chasing. It wasnt afraid just engaging
—Guest laurel

cardinal spirit

For 3 whole days cardinals built a nest right next to my bedroom window. Well let me tell you I've never heard any bird sound like that. Like God was calling. I was scared. Yeah me and I,m still shook up about those days when the baby cardinals were born next to me. I loved the sounds I heard Like never before. They were so clear and precise. Clean cut whistles with high octaves all night long. I thought birds was suppose to sleep in the night. These birds where wrestling for three nights with those babies. I was elated to hear the sounds like no other. I wanted to sleep because I have to be at work by 5:30AM, but they woke me up. The pitches were so loud like a speaker microphone. All types of sounds it was scary. Now I can appreciate it and loved it so much. I will look forward to it again. Can someone explain to me how can they have such a high octave like a Opera singer or them highest octave I ever heard. God is merciful on every species in this world.
—Guest julang

6ft humanoid black rabbit with blue eyes

I was standing outside alone in my front lawn staring at the sky. The entirety of my house was surrounded by fields and woodlands. I sat there on my porch and soon got restless and went to walk about. I had just gotten a couple yards from the house when I see two bouncing blue lights in the darkness (they looked like animal eyes when you shine a light on them). They kept getting closer and closer to the fencing around me. But when it got close it changed direction and headed for the other side of the fence. I followed it. And stood there looking at it as it bounced towards me in a zig-zag pattern occasionally stopping and staring at me. It looked to be human in shape at least 6ft tall with black smoke-like fur and blue glowing eyes. I woke up before the rabbit was close to me. But when I was awake I was terrified for some reason, I couldn't go back to sleep. This rabbit has haunted my dreams since.
—Guest Adrianne

Black wolf

It was around 3 am when I woke up and had the urge to pee, as I was about to go to the bathroom,I saw a big black hologram-like wolf near my bedside. The eyes are the color of the sun, and the fur is black as the darkest corner of the room, and the fur is quite shiny and the wolf is also shadow-like. I haven't felt scared or anything. But I felt safe and protected, as if the wolf is protecting me as I sleep. When I came back into my room from my sleep, the wolf is still there, but it looks like as if it's running but the wolf stays on its place.
—Guest Crystal

Black fox with 4 green eyes

I want to know about my dream..i n my dream I was walking with my boyfriend place where there are so many trees.. in my dream I was very happy and then I suddenly saw a black fox.. then in my curiosity I came close with my boyfriend then talk with the fox and when the fox turn over I saw the fox has four eyes and green... and then black fox looking at me eye to eye. Then I got scared. My boyfriend told the fox to get away, then the fox run away. Then suddenly there's a big and really angry dog running towards us. Then I'm so scared and then when the dog sees my boyfriend he was calmed and walked away. Then we continue walking happily and laughing. What does it mean, I really wanna know what's the meaning of my dream. Thank you.
—Guest cha

Wolf Spirits

I was living in this home for a few years. Lots of property and beautiful trees bushes etc. Every singe time I took a picture outside, there would be perfect shadows or outlines of wolves in them. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. What can it mean? I use to also dream of wolves packs and sometimes a white one.
—Guest anita


Ever since i was 16, whenever I get stressed, I've noticed I start to have the same personallity traits as a cat (wild, independent, not trusting, and doing everything on my own terms) and whenever I get really stressed, for some reason I always see cats. and the part that fascinates me is that the cats come to me and not anyone else... does this mean that Cats are my spirit guide?
—Guest Abbi

Cougar, Bear, and Others

I've had the fortune to see many of these animals up close and it is like they purposely show themselves to me! Everything from cougar, bear, beaver, fox, wolf, coyote, eagle, deer, turkey, owl, crow, cats, turtle. I notice them. Are they delivering me messages? I'm in awe when they do show themselves!
—Guest Connie

The white and black wolf

If it wasn't for the white and black wolf spirits i wouldn't be here today. I was walking downtown one day and had to wait for the crosswalk sign to change to cross the street. I would normally wait down on the corner, but something pulled me back from the corner because a car ran the red light which was also no turn on red light corner. Had i been standing there I would have been hit by the car and possible be dead from it. If it was for them I would be walking with the sky people. Never be afraid of our animal spirits.They are there to help you in your life's journey and give you guidance.
—Guest tygerlily75

Animal experiences

I have had many strange experiences with animals. When I was little I asked my departed grandmother to send me a hummingbird. I love them then after asking repeatedly one flew straight up to the window and stared into my eyes. I also caught a bunnie recently and he was young but he snuggled into me and I let him go at the end of the day. He looked at me and ran. I picked him up again wanting to keep him but then released him. He paused then hopped under a bush. Then I was on my deck and all of a sudden a butterfly out of nowhere zoomed past. I paused to watch but then it turned around completely and came to rest on my shirt, then looked at me and flew away. I'm wondering if these experiences along with many more are my grandmother and great grandmother as my mother says sent them.
—Guest Animal lover
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