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Readers Respond: Animal Spirit Guide Visitations

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From the article: Animal Totems
Animal Spirit Stories About: Bear | Eagle | Fox | Hawk |Owl | Wolf

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Have you been visited by an animal spirit in a dream, vision, or in reality? A hawk spotted flying overhead, a bluebird's feather laying on the ground found at your feet, and a rabbit seen scampering into your backyard each have special meaning. A black bear or rattlesnake that visits through a dream delivers an important message. The flock of monarchs migrating in front of your windshield as you are driving down the highway also offers a lesson. If you have ever been given spiritual guidance through the appearance of an animal please share your story. What animal was it and what did it teach you? Share Your Experience


I have always been a bit of a loner or an outcast. I have had the same dream since I was young until present that I walk alone with a black bear on my left and a grey wolf on my right. I feel safe with my animal friends by my side, they don't judge or call me names, we just walk blissfully together. I wish I could understand the meaning of this dream.
—Guest vicabe


I was standing on a path surrounded by woods and there was a black wolf with blue eyes. it kept wanting me to follow but I always wake up scared and covered in sweat. I'm not sure if I should follow or stay clear. The wolf itself doesn't look scary. I've seen him before but the place it wants me to go. So should I stay or follow him? Ireally need to know this wolf is costing me sleep I usually wake up at 3am?
—Guest cdeangelo

Black rabbits

I was 7 years old when I was visited by two black rabbits, I had been sent to my room one night and the door closed on me and told not to leave by my parents I was in a lot of trouble for mucking around too much in front of guests. I was sitting in my room alone on a mini table and chair hard blue plastic chairs and a white table in the corner of my room playing with army men behind me was my door and too my right my window which was large enough to cover my wall I did not have a curtain up at the time and my bed was on the door side of the room, I had my head down and eyes focused on my toys and i remember it as if it just happened. I saw a flash of light like when a car goes past and the sun reflects light and shadow into your house though it was dark outside and the only light was the one in my room outside was my backyard and darkness. I spun too see what it was and what I saw gives me shivers to think about 23 years later and it is still crystal clear in my mind.
—Guest Bradley

Cared for Injured Eagle in Our Home

I would like to share my story of a wild young bald eagle that honored us with his presence, living in our basement for 6 months. He was injured, my boyfriend found him on a hunting trip, picked him up and brought him home. We let him recuperate for a couple weeks, then tried to release him. He still couldn't fly so we kept him for 6 months. In that time, he became our friend and confidante. We fed him, taught him tricks and play tag. He would sit on my head and fluff my hair :) It was an amazing experience. One that I will treasure for ever! Funny thing, we also had a wild rabbit who lived with us at the that time as well, and the eagle would not bother him. Strange, considering it was on his menu. They coexisted peacefully. Even when the rabbit died, the eagle would not touch him. We assume that it is he that flies over every Spring, and that brings us a sign of hope, connection and a reminder that we need to coexist in harmony, helping and nurturing one another.
—Guest Vivian

Shamanic dream response to butterfly

A lady I know had an experience where she woke up in bed and was paralyzed and couldn't move or speak. She felt like a dark entity was trying to enter her body. She was able to fight it off and the next day got a channeling as she was still shaken up. It said a bad spirit was trying to take over her body which happens on rare occasions. With strong wil power you can protect yourself or go to a sweat and get a healer to draw it out. Daily smudging will also help.
—Guest Lightning

Dead Red Cardinal

I work away from home during the week and when I arrived at my camper today, I found a dead red cardinal. I love all animals so the Friday before I put a bird feeder out. I was upset when I saw it and as am of Cherokee desent, feel there is a meaning I don't know about. Or we feel maybe the facility we built was on an old burial ground and of course that came to mind. I feel extremely sad over this. Is there something I need to know?
—Guest Ingrid

2 Hawks

I was lying on my back and I dreamed that a hawk was on my chest. Then it flew off. I looked up and there were two hawks flying. One was above me, high in the sky. The other one, that had been on my chest, was flying away from me to the left.
—Guest CarJo1


So for some reason the dream started off were humans and bears lived together in peace.but then that half of the dream went away and I was in a park with these kids and we're walking on a sunny path into the woods but than this one girl turned and when I went after her there in a huge hollow tree was a sleeping big bear. But then it woke up and stood tall in the tree I started running with the girl in hand yelling "Bear" thinking it was chasing me but it wasn't. Still, I ran to this house in the woods that looked just like mine (the other girls and my twin bro and li bro were already in the house). We prepare to kill it but I was too afraid to but I had to protect the kids. The whole time all he did was circle the house until morning, but it looked so sad I wanted to talk to it but I didn't because I was too afraid. In the morning there were these three cute but small kids in the backyard and the bear was right there yet it still looked sad as it looked over the small human kids.
—Guest Amari

bed of crocodiles

Riding and coming upon a trail that leads to a bed of crocodiles, frightened away
—Guest Delores

Same Deam

For the past 2 days im having a same dream. It was night, some party was going on in my house and I was in the master bedroom which is facing the playground. I was standing at the window and a big, brown, strong bull attacked my gate. It was half open and the bull was hitting the gate with anger. Suddenly a cow ran towards the bull from my house. The bull attacked the cow and the cow was defeated as it was badly injured. I could hear my sister screaming downstairs. All this happened so fast. I was standing near the window and witnessed the whole incident without any reaction, I was so calm and determined as though I knew this was coming. Then I woke up,sweating and scared. I don't know what this means and how to interpret it. Please help me.
—Guest harivarma

My eagle

I dreamt that I was digging a hole in the ground, like a grave, with a crowd of people I know watching me. When I looked up an eagle came from the sky and landed a few feet away and I was eye level with it. It started moving closer to me and at first I was scared but then it looked me in the eye and my fear went away. I felt like it was going to or trying to tell me something. We never broke eye contact. I woke up before it could tell me what it wanted me to know, or why it was there.
—Guest Jennah

Parrot Dream

I saw on my balcony a beautiful parrot and was stunned by its beauty and wished for it to stay longer. It just looked at me and went. Where did it come from. I thought about liberating itself from a cage. A few days ago I saw a wonderful parrot walking with me along a beautiful large road. So peaceful.

Dream/Vision With Gryphon

In my vision, I met a very ferocious Gryphon, and although he terrified me at first, I recall I kneeled before him and beckoned him to come. Suddenly, a room formed around me, with a big couch and decorated in the Erte style (1920's). The Gryphon joined me on the couch and began playing with me, allowing me to treat him as though he were a dear friend, and that, to me, he is and ever shall be. He promised to be my Guardian any time I left my physical body. I feel so humbled and honored to this day by the interaction -- funny thing, every time I obtain a spelled item designed to remind me of the encounter, the item is quickly lost and never to be found again. I take this as a sign that my Gryphon friend has a jealous streak. :-)
—Guest TranceMitter

Deer in Traffic

My husband and I were driving to a surgery appointment very early one morning. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a deer darts in front of our car and we swerve to miss it. The deer looked directly at me and I got the chills. I know it was my mom with a message and now I want to know what that message is. This deer traveled across 6 lanes of traffic in a business district and more than a mile from any wooded area.
—Guest Lisa Holbrok

Very Mysterious

Ok so one day i decided i would try to find my spirit animal and all a saw in the forest in my dream-ish thing was a wolf whith greenish yellow eyes, and it only showed me its eyes after a asked it too i haven't seen it since

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Animal Spirit Guide Visitations

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