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Readers Respond: Animal Spirit Guide Visitations

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Think it's a blackmamba

In 2010 I was very sick and new @ my hostel then dreamed a large black snake and the snake came to my face and licked me, after licking it spit its poison in my mouth then I woke up and saw the same snake in my dream in bed with me. When I sat it raised its head and looked straight in my eyes. Minutes later my roommates woke up and screamed the snake jumped and tried to bite her. I cried no don't and it stopped .. Does anyone know what that means? Because years back when I was little my friends and I were in a lil bush collecting flowers and I stepped on a large black snake.
—Guest hlehle

Amazing Hawk Experience

My neighborhood is regularly visited by hawks. They fly over, and they land in the top of a giant oak tree a couple doors down from my home. Once a Cooper's hawk used the corner of my back yard as a dining table, while she/he shredded its prey and ate. But two days ago, I saw something I've never seen before. A hawk was circling, soaring, sweeping up, swooping down, all while uttering a screeching call, over and over again. It then flew south, out of sight. Several minutes later, a group of five hawks approached from out of the south, circled in formation in the same area where the single hawk had flown for a minute, then slowly flew to the north in single file. I have no idea what this visitation means yet, but it was an amazing one, in my opinion, from my power animal and totem. I was humbled and amazed.

A Pair of Eagle Feathers

I dreamt of seeing a bald eagle on a rocky cliff ledge outside my bedroom. I was happy because that meant good weather was coming. I was also happy that the eagle had come closer than any had come before. I ran for my camera afraid that it would fly away before I could take a picture. The eagle was still there but getting ready to take flight. My camera wouldn't work. Then the eagle was in flight and my camera finally worked but very sluggishly and I only got a strange view of the bald eagle's back because I forced the camera button. I watched the eagle fly away over the lake, so beautiful and majestic. I looked to the craggy rock where the eagle had been sitting when I first saw it. There were a pair of feathers there, shorter than usual but laid out like twin fans. I was so excited because the eagle left them for me, but for an instant I was disappointed because they were not long feathers. Then I went to get them and realized how unusual and beautiful they were, like twin fans.
—Guest sue

White wolf

Well here lately I've been noticing this very light grey wolf. He looks white and I only see him when I get overwhelming feeling from other things that I see and feel but when I see him all those feelings go away. I think he might be my animal spirit. Can someone tell me more about this please. ( Note from Phylameana: Hello Sandy, we have a forum for member discussions, it is free - go to http://forums.about.com/ab-healing/start/?lgnF=y )

To guest margeret

Your white horse has left you because that was an era of peace. Now you are having turbulent times or have had or will have turbulent times. You might feel uneasy because it is a warning. You've noticed how you've felt. Now you need to learn what it is about.
—Guest LOWolf


When I feel a spirit of some sort I get shivers. thus, I get shivers a lot. Sometimes they're evil sometimes they're not. When they are evil I call upon my wolf spirit guide Moon and her daughter/pup Keelana (River in wolf languages). The point is they offer me protection and I could not live without them. (Sorry other spirit guides, but these are my favorites)
—Guest LOWolf

I'm confused

After reading these (some of these animal guides I already knew) I know my animal guides are: raven, Keelana (my last post), Moon, shapeshifting mouse, rat, chipmunk, rattlesnake, crebrus's daughter Vivian (he doesn't have a daughter in the myths but I can feel it), barn owl, dragonfly, fox, and tigress but the problem is I'm running out of non-inappropriate body parts that they're connected to me by!!! I think some aren't attached like Moon and my Tigress but still! How on earth can I keep treating spirit guides with respect if I can barely keep track of them????!!!!!
—Guest LOWolf

WOlf.....I was lost yet they found me

I have a ton of spirit guides but my favorites(no offense my other spirit guides)are my female wolf who walks at my right side with golden fur and blue eyes (my hair and eye colors) and her pup she gave birth to when i was three which looks exactly like her and sits on my left elbow.I love my adult and she is like me and playful with her pup like i am.I was lost in third &fourth grade but since the beginning of this year i found out about them.I have a connection with nature and I love wolves and i HATE being with humans because no one understands me.My wolf pup guide cheers me up and the wolf pup's mother helps me out with remembering i don't have to put up with hate.I was sent a message in my mind just now that says the mom's name is Moon and the pup's name is Keelana(kee-lon-a).Something tells me Keelana means River in wolf.(have i mentioned i speak their tongue?)
—Guest LOWolf


I have, until recently, never had a animal spirit come to me in a dream but one night I had a dream ( I chalked it up to watching the film 13 Ghosts too much) about The Jackal who told me to look up something, that I really needed to find out more about it. When I woke up I looked up what I was suppose to. Looking back on that dream I have come to the conclusion that it was my spirit animal in a human form (even if that form was one of a film character) and that my spirit animal was a jackal, hence the presence of The Jackal in my dream.
—Guest JackalGirl

My Kitten

Years ago I found a kitten in the wall of my apartment. His eyes were not even open yet. I had to bottle feed him, rub his butt to make him pee and poop and learn to use the litter box. After I had him for awhile he died a horrible death in my arms. My youngest daughter had shut his head in the door. Ever since when I go to bed I can feel a cat walking around my body and sleeping next to me.
—Guest Angela Bierman

The lone wolf

A black wolf passed in front of me. I stopped and the wolf turned and stared into my eyes. It was magical but what did it mean?
—Guest Brandee

Wolf Pack

I'm only 11,but this wolf pack is there in my dreams.When I was 4,I knew what wolves were.This wolf pack had a graceful white wolf as alpha female.Her eyes were golden,and I always understood the pack.We would always hunt and then "share tongues."At night,all wolves would bath in moonlight,but the alpha and I got to spend special time together.She would pass on teachings to me.Some nights though there would be deep blue eyes staring at me.Then a black wolf jumps out and attacks me,but I always wake up at that part.I would fall back asleep,and the alpha stared at me and asked,"Why did you run?!We have lost another member!"After that,I have woken up crying.I wonder what it means.Also,I will have the same dream,but I will get farther in it.I saw a member be killed,and the black wolf's pack.Ever since,I have gotten farther in these dreams ... What does it mean?!
—Guest BrenTheWolf

Mating pair of wolves

I see a lot of things on here about wolves. My experience with my spirit guide is a bit different. She started coming around when I was young, and aged and developed with me. When I found my mate, she seemed to find hers, too. She always appeared at focal points in my life. Like, when I found my mate, had children, ect. When I was pregnant, so was she. I know it was her trying to relate to me more. Unfortunately, I had some very bad advice about how to handle my spirit guide. I mistreated her, didn't respect her and what she represented. She has now left me, and I'm adrift. I now know, thanks to my husband, what I should have done, how I should have acted. If any of you have a guide, respect them. Don't treat them like a pet, or something to play with. Honor them, and cherish your teacher, cause that's what they are. They will guide you in your life to major decisions. If they are hostile towards you, look at what you are doing. They're trying to tell you something.
—Guest Wolfgirl


Ever since I was young I have always had several dreams about bears. Some of the dreams were recurring. I always felt odd when I had these dreams. I have become afraid of bears even though there aren't any anywhere near where I live. After reading about animal spirit guides I am wondering if I have the bear dreams wrong. Are the bears something to be afraid of or are they my spirit guides?
—Guest Tiff

Brown bear

Dreamed a brown bear was sitting next to my car watching me. I went to start the car but could. Got out the car to run to tell a friend but the bear was right behind me with it's mouth open. It was not attacking me just watching and following me.
—Guest Sharone

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Animal Spirit Guide Visitations

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