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Readers Respond: Animal Spirit Guide Visitations

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Shamanic experience

Out of nowhere my third eye opened up. I have always been intuitive but not like this. I lied on my bed and experienced many green lights in a circular fashion. Then different realm started open ending up for me. I saw many portholes with Demond's, angels, shamanic drumming and what seemed to be past life recall. I also became reunited with a white wolf (spirit guide) who seemed liked he was coming home to me. I also had lower energies trying to touch me with a piercing light but I was scared so I shoewed it away and asked for protection from arch angel Michaeal. Does this make sense to anyone? I have read some material on sharmanisim and I beated my hands on myself to pull me out. It was like you had other realm beings looking at me while I was looking into their realm. My third eye was completely open along with my own two eyes. New experience for me. Very open to any feedback. I have a feeling my daughter who is only two shares my ability. Your input is welcomed. Peace.
—Guest Butterfly

Red wing blackbirds and starlings

I just looked out my back window and there are about 200 to 300 birds in my back yard. They are a mixture of Redwing black birds and Starlings. What meaning could they have for me?
—Guest Linda

Caterpillars in Winter

It is January in central Illinois and we just had about a week of zero or below temps followed by 2 warm days. Saw 2 small caterpillars cross my drive, had to be a message, am very spiritual and aware btw, any thoughts?

Nightly Visits from an Ocelot

Several months ago I looked out of the kitchen window and saw a large spotted cat come into the back yard. I told my son, who listened to my description, and said that it is an ocelot! So, I called animal control, but no one came. It is well! Because soon after that and every night since, usually after ten p.m. an Ocelot appears on my basement apartment front porch area and looks through the glass door. And it seems to me that I can understand what he is saying mentally to me, or he just looks in, then lies down near the glass and waits. But this is a first time for me and I do not know what it means or what he wants. Right around that time, I went to the local hardware store to purchase some special Light bulbs, and found a cat in a cage. Animal control had found her as a stray. She looked at me, and I looked at her, and we clicked! So I adopted her. She came with the name Tabitha . . .and she IS a wee bit strange. I don't know much about familiars, cause I am new.
—Guest Helga

Angel and a small brown owl

Dreamnt a angel full of love flew into the palm of my hand and then a small owl flew to my arm very warm feeling
—Guest Mom

Large cat and dragonflies

Since I was a child I've had dreams about a large dark colored cat. In the dream I would "wake up" and see her sitting near me. it has always given me a feeling of peace as if I were protected somehow, when obviously an enormous cat should be terrifying. I haven't been able to work out what color she because it's always dark but her eyes are a beautiful green and are not cat eyes. I've also recently started feeling a connection with dragonflies. I keep seeing them and I'm drawn to representations of them. It's strange because I never used to like them. They kind of scared me as a child.

Spirit Bear Dream

The Spirit Bear came to me this morning in a dream upon waking... I have had Bear Dreams before but never the Spirit Bear...


I've had several reoccurring dreams where I'm running with a wolf pack. Even in dreams that have nothing to do with the wolves, the pack is still present, between buildings, or sometimes just a presence. I am involved with a Native American camp, and judging by accounts from actual Native American elders my dreams sound like theirs when they discovered their spirit animals. (Or at least what a revelation in a dream is like.) I have also been walking and felt coarse fun under my hand (my hand actually moved upwards) as if a large dog had come up beside me, but there was nothing around.
—Guest Searcher


My son woke up in the middle of the night saying there was a ghost. He kept saying that it was going to get him. I was asking him what it was or who it was and all he kept saying was its a ghost. The last time I asked he said it was an eagle. That the eagle was gonna get him and it was gonna bit him.
—Guest Cherish

what about a dead robin?

Today i had a couple omens of new beginnings and one was finding a robin, only this is it was dead. I've had a lot of very alive and cool robin experiences in the past but not quite sure what to think of this one. Anyone have similar experience?
—Guest Renee

Animal dream

Had a dream where there was a wolf, bear, eagle, and a totem pole. I was in an empty Native American village, where there was a sheer cliff on one side of the village and forest on the other. The eagle flew above while I went through the forest with the bear and wolf. All this time I felt so safe and secure with these animals. It was as if they were guiding me, but am not sure why I had this dream. At the time I was sitting infront of the fire with my cat on my knee and was going through a separation with my x. Can anyone tell me what this dream may mean?
—Guest Ruth

Was it a vision?

While meditating last night and thanking God for the day I had had I suddenly saw that I was holding an ax against a tree trunk. I looked up , and not 3 feet from my face sat a brown hawk. It cocked its head and then it was gone. vision?
—Guest Suzanne


Recently I was out taking pictures of a cemetery in Plymouth Ma. I was looking at one picture where clearly there is a donkey face. I asked a friend who is knowledgeable about totems. I believe the donkey is my animal totem. The donkey was a strong, reliable companion and work force. The donkey carries the burdens and is there to offer support.
—Guest Loretta

My animal spirit guides

I have seen an Eagle, snake panda white and black striped tiger and lizard in my medatashion and all very beautifull and amazing, I even flew with my eagle to great heights
—Guest My animal spirit guides

Merlin in Tintagel

I was at Tintagel (birthplace of Arthur) last week and a small Falcon (a Merlin I believe) watched me for ages from the gate then flew off North East. Quite amazing given the place and wonder if it has any meaning? Got a great photo too...
—Guest Paul

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Animal Spirit Guide Visitations

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