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Readers Respond: Miraculous Angel Singing Stories

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From the article: Choir of Angels
Have you ever been blessed by hearing the sounds of angels singing. People who have experienced hearing the angles sing say it is the most beautiful music they have ever heard. Please tell your story. Share Angel Singing Story

Oh Glory

For approximately 4 years everyday I have heard hundreds, thousands of voices singing Oh Glory Oh Glory Oh Lord Oh Lord. The voices are gloriously beautiful and in harmony, I have wondered are these voices echos from heaven.
—Guest roseanne

I heard the angels too

I'm so thankful that so many other people heard what I did it makes me cry happy tears, I told my family but none of them believed me. It hurts to think they can't believe that something so beautiful could happen. I was laying in bed with my boyfriend we were ready to go to bed I started hearing bells ringing and what I can only describe as angels singing. Ir was so beautiful I can't even begin to describe how beautiful it was. I asked my boyfriend if he heard it too, he told me he couldn't so he asked what it sounded like so I started singing with them. My boyfriend was literally shaking it creeped him out but this didn't bother me. It was so hypnotizing I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I wondered why I would hear angels singing but nobody else around me could, it must be very rare.
—Guest Stephanie

Beautiful melodies

When I was young, maybe about 12. I woke up one morning and heard a beautiful ladies voice. Quite faint but at the same time quite distinct in the silence of the morning as no one was awake yet. I lay there for a bit and it went for about 30 seconds. I was young but did not forget what I heard. Years later at the age of 21 I had intense anxiety and fear. I was also experiencing night terrors which means I felt as though I was being sucked into the bed. One night, at a work retreat coincidentally up a mountain which is renowned for its spiritual groups etc.. I was alone in my room and I felt the night anxiety coming on. This time I felt like I should just let go, like what's the worst that would happen. As soon as I did that, I was sucked upward and I saw that I was moving fast through the clouds but what was even more awesome was that a male voice was singing a song about love and peace and letting go. It was so intensely beautiful and after that I did not suffer night terrors :)
—Guest char

God is always with you

I am so amazed to know that there are so many of people like me! I have my left ear not healthy at all sense my childhood..some damage in eardrum. About 6 months ago I hear in that ear angels choir singing! It is so comforting and beautiful! Every time different voices and different prayers,like it can be women voices or men or together.. the harmony is fascinating, there are thousands and more and all in the perfect harmony. I just hear voices and different melodies or even songs.I know like Hallelujah or Amazing Grace. I cannot hear the words and also they have their language. The most amazing is that is enough for me just to think, to remind about them and here they are with a new song... and I know that they are worshiping God and sing to Him, is not about me is about HEAVEN:) There is a place for us and so I have a everyday reminder. It happened after I participated in the Christmas choir, where I sang with all my heart... it opens a way through my damaged ear.
—Guest aliona

Angels singing?

I attend church only once in awhile, but am spiritual. Noticed a pattern, wonder if it's angels or people's peaks in energy?? For years I hear music, in the week or two weeks preceeding death of people I know. 4 words repeats itself over and over. Suddenly a day or two before death when less responsive- it stops, takes several minutes to remember what the song. Everyones song is different. Its rhythmic, persistent, beautiful. it was irritating, i was afraid knowing death was coming. Decided recently its a gift, welcomed it. Spent an amazing final week hearing .."like diamonds in the sky" with grandmother.

Angels sing with me

I was playing the keyboard once about 20 years ago and a choir of angels began singing with me. They have not stopped and I love them to sing to me as I feel close to God.
—Guest SANDY M

Angels sung to me Before a Death

One week before my beloved cat died, I had angels sing to me late at night, I had woke up there were no words but a choir singing a beautiful hymn. My cat died unexpectedly a week later. He was only a year old, I was devasted. I've had many cats in the past but dear old Cody was by far my most favorite. He would literally take his paws, grip my face and nibble on my lip when I couldn't sleep at night. I think the angels sung to me because I had been feeling like I was going to relapse back into my cocaine addiction(I've been clean for a year) due to stress. Now I believe they sung to me to let me know they were going to be there for me when they were going to take Cody away. They gave me further affirmation that my baby will be waiting for me in heaven. They definitely gained an angel. This is a real, we are all not crazy, I know what I heard and it comforts me knowing I was chosen to hear the melodies of Gods chosen ones!
—Guest Cody's mommy

The Glory of the Lord

I was in class one day, this was recent. I'm only 15. I was lying on the desk with one ear on my shoulder. My teacher was playing an audio book to the class. I was half asleep half awake. Then I started hearing a woman sing, I can't remember what it said. It sounded like the song from the messiah "The Glory of the Lord" but there isn't any solo in it. I'm a singer at a performance arts school. Then I heard a choir start singing behind her. My eyes where wide OPEN! Each time I moved it got louder then softer. It only lasted my 1-2 minutes. I got up and asked everyone around me if any music was playing or my teacher had something on. They all said NO and looked at me crazy and started laughing. That sure was pretty but confusing at the same time, I'm a Christian.
—Guest NSP

Voice in the Clouds

Afternoon around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I went to the mountain with my brother. While were walking I heard a voice singing a very beautiful song. I don't know the lyrics because it wasn't an English, or Tagalog. It was different but very beautiful to hear. I heard from above, when I look at the sky I saw the cloud moving very fast and this cloud was different from the other clouds because this is below from the other. I said to my brother "look ming do you see that? look at that cloud, it's moving very fast and it has a voice singing", and he said wow what was that?. I replied " I think it's the voice of an angel singing. The clouds moving very fast until it vanished. " (Sorry about my English)


Hello,, I was having trouble sleeping when I heard what sounded like beautiful or heavenly sounding music and singing no words just voices singing with the music..I sat up to see what time it was about 5 am no radio no television just very quiet and music vet beautiful music..praise God Glory Hallelujah to our King Jesus!!!!
—Guest Palm Sunday

Angel singing "Seraphinis" in my Dream

When I was 17 years old, one night I was suddenly awake and still laying in bed, as someone took me under my arms and suddenly I were in Land of Light and Music. I heard Angel singing song with name "Seraphinis" in language I could not recognise, in beautiful high voice full of Love and Light. He was followed by choir of humans singing, whose voices were different but beautiful as well. Near me were two very tall Angels standing and I was happy to see how much Love they emanated, more then I ever felt on Earth, that made me happy and a bit sad. I felt such Joy and Blessing. Suddenly I was again in my bed and my Mom got awake. I just told her "Mom I just want to hear that music again!" Suddenly I felt again that someone raised me under my arms into that Land of Light and I heard music and singing again for a few seconds before coming back. Voice of that Angel that was singing "Seraphinis" is always in my memory and I can hear it as memory when I am concentrated in my heart.
—Guest Mimi

Finding my way

I prayed for the first time in over ten years recently, i opened my heart and asked for forgiveness and i felt the lord's presence. The next day i went to work and kept hearing a beautiful melody in my mind. By the end of the day i could hear a choir of a thousand voices singing in unison ' Hear our voice, hear our prayer ' I cried they were so beautiful. I even turned on the t.v because I thought maybe it was just me and they started again but with more volume and intensity it drowned out the t.v! All i could hear and feel was their love and it was amazing! Thank you my lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, you are the light and life of the world!
—Guest S.Ruka

Heard Angels Singing

I was in this building waiting for an appointment and heard angels singing. I asked the person I had an appointment with if they had a radio on. They said no. I asked if anyone else was in the building (it was at night) and they said no. It was absolutley beautiful and I'm not religious, but I am a spiritual person. I was amazed.
—Guest JB


My mother pass over on the 31/10/2007, before I got to the hospital to say good bye. On my arrival she was moved to a side room where family and friends gather to cry, sing and to say good bye. I stayed behind in the room and when the crowd disappeared and spoke to her in my own way. I said that her life on this earth is done and she should greet the Angels for me. Me and my mother were not close before she became ill, but, we seem to have reconciled (without words), whilst I visited her in hospital. In the early hours of 2/11/07, I was awoken by what appeared to be a thunderstorm and birds outside, a commotion at the window like a bolt of lightening then the birds was in the room tweeting and at the foot of my bed I distinctly hear a harp playing followed by a trumpet then a choir of Angels chanting and humming what I can only describe as magic. In my mind eyes I could see my mother suspended in the middle of an arch with singing angel on either side. It lasted about 20 minutes.
—Guest Empress

Could it Have Been the Angels?

I heard singing while I was sleeping. Well guess I was in between sleep and awake. It was right in my ear like an alarm clock. When I woke up and looked around all I heard was my fan could it have been angels? :-/ :-)
—Guest tyrissia

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Miraculous Angel Singing Stories

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