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From the article: Choir of Angels
Have you ever been blessed by hearing the sounds of angels singing. People who have experienced hearing the angles sing say it is the most beautiful music they have ever heard. Please tell your story. Share Angel Singing Story

Finding my way

I prayed for the first time in over ten years recently, i opened my heart and asked for forgiveness and i felt the lord's presence. The next day i went to work and kept hearing a beautiful melody in my mind. By the end of the day i could hear a choir of a thousand voices singing in unison ' Hear our voice, hear our prayer ' I cried they were so beautiful. I even turned on the t.v because I thought maybe it was just me and they started again but with more volume and intensity it drowned out the t.v! All i could hear and feel was their love and it was amazing! Thank you my lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, you are the light and life of the world!
—Guest S.Ruka

Heard Angels Singing

I was in this building waiting for an appointment and heard angels singing. I asked the person I had an appointment with if they had a radio on. They said no. I asked if anyone else was in the building (it was at night) and they said no. It was absolutley beautiful and I'm not religious, but I am a spiritual person. I was amazed.
—Guest JB


My mother pass over on the 31/10/2007, before I got to the hospital to say good bye. On my arrival she was moved to a side room where family and friends gather to cry, sing and to say good bye. I stayed behind in the room and when the crowd disappeared and spoke to her in my own way. I said that her life on this earth is done and she should greet the Angels for me. Me and my mother were not close before she became ill, but, we seem to have reconciled (without words), whilst I visited her in hospital. In the early hours of 2/11/07, I was awoken by what appeared to be a thunderstorm and birds outside, a commotion at the window like a bolt of lightening then the birds was in the room tweeting and at the foot of my bed I distinctly hear a harp playing followed by a trumpet then a choir of Angels chanting and humming what I can only describe as magic. In my mind eyes I could see my mother suspended in the middle of an arch with singing angel on either side. It lasted about 20 minutes.
—Guest Empress

Could it Have Been the Angels?

I heard singing while I was sleeping. Well guess I was in between sleep and awake. It was right in my ear like an alarm clock. When I woke up and looked around all I heard was my fan could it have been angels? :-/ :-)
—Guest tyrissia

Heavenly Song

My mom had just passed from pancreatic cancer. She had died in my arms and after her body had been taken away by the EMT's I was slowly absorbing all that had just happened. Upon her passing a lot of friends and relatives were there to bid their farewells and love for her. Music was played as a comfort from a cd that the hospice worker had brought. As I was removing the sheets from her hospital bed the most beautiful music I ever heard began playing. At first I thought the CD player was still on but this music came from everywhere. I could distinctly hear two woman singing with a chorus singing behind their voices. As the song got a bit louder I recognized it as Nearer My God to Thee. I do not remember when the music stopped because somehow I had gone to bed in such peace. The next day I looked up the words to this song... the amazing thing was that the words fit my moms passing perfectly. The words say... the angels come to your side and take you from your pain and to the side of God!
—Guest Betsey

I heard angels singing this morning

This morning I awoke in a daze feeling as if I was in my room and also somewhere else. While waking up I began to hear a choir of angelic voices singing what sounded like "We" and then I thought, this is bigger than myself, we are one my alarm clock went off and I became fully conscious and the singing stopped.
—Guest Shane

Men's voices chanting

I hear what I assume to be angel voices. As if it's an all men's choir singing in complete harmony in a language I'm not sure of. It sounds more like a chanting rhythm. Very very faint but still I can hear it. I live in an apartment so I thought it was someone's music. But when I look into the matter, I can't hear it anywhere. Then I get back in bed and hear it again when my mind is still. It's a blessed and comforting feeling. :0). Some may enter me in an insane asylum if I told them this, LOL. But it's true!
—Guest Connie

Singing that made me feel safe

One night I thought I was having a bad dream but felt real. I remember singing a figure but it was a pleasant one. I was afraid and no longer felt like I was fully asleep. I started praying ask the lord to keep me safe and send me angels to protect me. In moment later the eerie figure was gone but I still was afraid. I started to see white and heard high pitch singing that was beautiful. At the moment I thought it was so beautiful I thought I was dying and asked the lord if it was my time because of it. I suddenly just heard the sound and feel right back to sleep. Woke up in the morning amazed because I had many experiences that was wonderful, but nothing like that.
—Guest naviael


Nostalgia - a heavenly precession homecoming concert a feeling of welcoming to enter into the courts of heaven!! Lord of alllllllllllllllll ((((( harmony angelic)))) The stone rolled away and they stand in dismay that The Lord of alllll rose on that day!!!!! Now the string orchestration play & the trumpets sound & the men's trumpet over the choir & the children dance & sing of heavens glory for alllllll & the babies that have not been welcome on earth are bapstised by the royal hosts & raised to the throne of heaven & wrapped with blankets of purity. Amen
—Guest Kirby

Sovereign King

I was at home by myself late in the evening. My husband worked midnights and was already gone to work. I just finished watching a christian movie and was gonna watch another one but decided to read my bible instead. As I opened my bible, I heard music, very faintly music. At first I thought it was coming from the neighbors. Then I thought, they're not close enough. So I listened closely and it was coming from the surround sound stereo sitting on my entertainment center. My television was off and no radio was on anywhere. I could hear thousands of angels singing but in a language I never heard before. It was the most beautiful music I had ever heard in my life even though I couldn't understand what the words were. Then I heard a male voice singing solo but still could not understand the words. A few seconds passed by and I heard the words "sovereign king." I feel so blessed that God has opened my ears to hear His precious angels sing. I would love to hear them again.
—Guest missy

Angels Woke Me Up

When I was four they woke me up. They were so bright, so perfectly loving. Made me giggle. My mother came into the room and they vanished. Remember it like it was yesterday. It always helps me carry on.
—Guest brian

Perfect Pitch

I heard them..pitch perfect, it almost made me cry, for I've never heard anything so beautiful.. a man had told me 'do not be afraid' though I'm not sure of what..
—Guest Faith

Angels in Byron Bay

I was very sick a praying for help; I thought my time was up and then I heard this beautiful singing like a choir of ladies. Their singing was very soothing and reassuring but their were no lyrics, just beautiful vocals like a chior. It only lasted about 30 seconds but that was enough to make me well and resume a busy life. Hallelujah!
—Guest Peter Hanlon

Angels singing in the background

When I was at my worst sufferinga few months ago I heard Angels singing in the distant background noise beyond the normal suburban noise. They were not singing words but a beautiful melody that calmed me and made me feel like I want alone. I'll never forget the experience
—Guest Bradley Peterson

Blessed by God

I'm blessed by God, with a gift of love. Every once and awhile God blesses me with this song (Angels we have heard on high singing gently over the plains and the mountains in reply echoing there joyous strains) I'm also blessed with the gift of song and praise, a prophet prayed over me and called me a mantle. I Feel really alone because my church doesn't feel to support me. God Bless.
—Guest love thy neighbor

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Miraculous Angel Singing Stories

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