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Readers Respond: Reports of Angel Encounters

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a big white bird

I saw myself in a horrible place with a crowd of scary people one of them grab me he wants to kill me, and then I looked up in the sky and I saw a big white bird, he grabbed me and said “this one is mine” he flew away with me and say thank you very much for protecting me as I looked at him, it's not a bird, it was an angel with muscles and big white feathers and I wake up sweating. Glory be 2God almighty.
—Guest Phindile

Angel Scent

I am sometimes overwhelmed by life most times. And I try to invoke my angel when I do I always get the scent of flowers. I'm convinced it's my angel. Smells like lemons, it's heavenly.
—Guest de villiers

Christmas Eve Sparkles

I was over at my parents house Christmas eve which has always been a tradition. My parents are in their late eighties and early nineties so I had a feeling this was our last Christmas with them both. My mother was sitting next to me and we were having a good time talking to everyone when out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like "sparkles" near the ceiling. I looked there for a few minutes and I saw this mass of light. Inside this mass it looked like lights were going on and off inside of it.I saw it for 2-3 seconds and then it disappeared. I thought it was my eyesight and continued talking with everyone around me. A few minutes later I looked in the same spot in the room and I saw it again. This time I know I saw something special. I felt like it could be one of my grandparents visiting us. It made me very happy to see what I saw that night because I know life goes on but we are in a different form. They are out there watching over us and we will be reunited with them.

He Caught Me & is Always with Me

1997 my uncle died. 1998 I was 9 and was playing with friends at school. I tripped on a stone and fell face down but something or someone caught me just as my face was going to hit the ground. I only saw my late unlce's face in my head but knew that was an angel. Two of my friends actually saw me stopping in air and believed what I told them. Since that time till now I have had dreams and felt presence of another. I know and strongly believe in my gaurdian angel and feel blessed to have these experiences.
—Guest SAGY

Many shapes and forms

As a child probably 3-4 yrs old I was walking to my room late one night and was frozen stiff by a sight I will never forget. A baby angel, wings, halo, and a cloth diaper with golden safety pin holding it together walked right through a wall in front of me stopped in the middle of the hall smiled and waved and continued through the next wall which led outside of the house. It has never left my mind, also a year later I almost drown in our pond while underwater. I remember seeing a subtropical black and white angel fish. It was not until years later I discovered I had seen a salt water fish in a fresh water pond. Angels are truly among us in many different forms. I am 22 now and can recall these events with such clarity.
—Guest Brandon

Heard a voice and a strange touch

Was half asleep around 12 am heard a loud voice saying 'don't' it was so loud. The voice spoke in English. I was a bit confused. At that moment,I saw flashes of light coming towards the window. I woke up confused that really what's happening. Yesterday as I was sleeping at night. I felt something touching my back. I'm wondering if that is God.
—Guest Sabusiswa

Grandma's funeral

Growing up I was very close to my grandma, all four of my grandparents, but I always felt a special bond between me and my dad's mom. She had Alzheimer's. We watched her deteriorate horribly. She was in Virginia and I in the Midwest. My dad flew out to see her, I could not make it.. He called me one night told my son this is it, she can't talk but I know she can hear you. I cried on the phone told her how much I loved her and thanked her for everything she ever did for me and that I was sorry this was happening to her. She was always so full of life an energetic... Anyways, at her funeral some weeks later right before they rolled her up the aisle they were blessing her, at that moment behind her casket on the wall lights appeared and flickered like diamonds. I saw it and looked around, no one else acted like anything happened. I looked again and it did it again. I'd like I think she was telling me she's ok;)
—Guest Jacob

Archangel Michael

Hi, last night I had a dream. I was sleeping in bed with my 5 year old. I woke up to use the bathroom. When I came back, my son said to me.... "Mommy, Michael is here." I remember asking him, who is Michael and I remember the look he gave me, almost as if I knew what he was talking about. I remember looking at the wall about my head and it was gleaming with colorful lights. Just shining and sparkling everywhere. Something said, write your dream.... but I didn't. I went back to sleep. When I woke up... it was clear in my mind that it confused me on whether it was a dream or it actually happened. I do know God is with me. I trust what he says that he will send his angels to protect you. I've been praying and asking God to intercede. I did research and found out this was The Archangel Michael.... I am thankful. I've been asking my son about what he said.... he has no clue what I'm talking about, I suppose it was a dream. Thanks be to God, he knows the danger lurking to protect me from.
—Guest Latoya

Angel appearance

Last night I was looking in the mirror ..I was about to turn away until I noticed an angel figure on my back, i starred at it for a while wondering if it was what I was imagining and yes it was!"I feel very blessed to have seen this.
—Guest Stevie

Black winged angel

Whilst having healing I saw an angel with black wings, I did not see a face as it was alike a golden light. I'm not sure why or if I understand the meaning of this vison.
—Guest Peter

Out of Harms Way

Wagging his tail because he wanted some attention. Snowball was always chained up outside and had a doghouse to keep warm. I walked up to him and started to pet him and give him some attention. Once I started petting him I put my arms around him and was hugging him. But Snowball didn't like that very much and he attacked me. When he bit me he was rabid and vicious. He had his mouth latched on to the whole side of my face from my ear to my eye and he was shaking me like a rag doll. Suddenly as quick as it happened iI felt this presence of peace and tranquility that swept over me. Snowball's jaw had locked up and it was like he was frozen, unable to move, clinging to my face like we were frozen in time. I was able to let out a scream and my brother came rushing over and was able to free me from Snowball. I ran home bloodied and in pain. My mom rushed me to the emergency room and I told her I had an angel with me. To this very day, I can still feel that presence of peace.
—Guest Casey Eckles

Was it a Angel...

This happened to me many years ago, over three nights. First night I was sleeping but felt half awake and felt my body was floating when I opened my eyes I felt my body touch the bed. This happened for two nights. But on the third night, I was sleeping but then had an odd feeling and opened my eyes to see a woman standing beside me. She had medium length hair, dressed in a long white dress, and a bright light was surrounding her. I could not hardly move but I did reach out and touch her ankle and when I did I saw her smile at me. I also felt this great calmness within me like I never felt before. But then she slowly vanished and I woke up and nothing was there. But I could still feel her touch from my hand. Still unsure who she or if she was an angel or not...
—Guest M.Caridi

Stairway to heaven

When I was at Mass last night on New Years Eve I saw a vision. At the end when our priest says now bow your head for your blessing I remember it was the last blessing that I felt it had to do with me, and I shut my eyes. I saw a stairway and at the top was Jesus but he also had wings. It wasn't real clear but I knew it was a gift and I was in a trance for a few seconds because he went to say the "in the name of the father and son and Holy Spirit " I open my eyes in time for the Holy Spirit. So I'm not sure what this means . My life is very messed up right now and I pray morning and night. So I believe that God is looking out for me!
—Guest Mary Roca

Many Angels descend around me

I was outside and millions of Angels came out of a beautiful sky and surrounded me. I had the most peaceful feeling I have ever had.
—Guest T

Twin men

Me and my brother and mother were going to town from our country home in Texas, I remember distinctly whining to mom saying I wanted the front seat. Being the youngest I NEVER got the front my older brother or sister always did but for once I got the front and as we drove down the highway to Tyler Texas from Ben wheeler Texas about midway. All of a sudden saw two old men dressed in white long robes they were bald on the top and white hair on the sides I of course was going too fast to see what color there eyes were but they were definitely twins and walking in a rather nonchalant way. But when I looked back they had disappeared when I finally got up the courage to tell my mother she asked my brother, who of course wouldn't have noticed anything in the back told my mom before she told him the whole story that my eyes were rounding and wider than he'd ever seen them... So twin men in white who weren't there when I looked back. like the number 11 which I saw everywhere the rest of my life.
—Guest Katie

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