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The presence

Not long ago, my father was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer, and not given much hope for survival this past Christmas season. Although the odds were devastatingly against him, he chose to go through a round of chemo to take some comfort in the idea that he did give the whole attempt to be cured a credible shot. Although God has other plans, I take comfort in my faith that he will be taken care of by Christ and the angels themselves. I was up at the wee hours of morning after not being able to sleep in my unending thoughts and prayers. I stood in my driveway in the moonlight and meditated with chills indicating the presence of the Holy Spirit. As I prayed, my cat kept clawing and biting my ankles. I then telepathically said, "Jesus, can you please stop this annoying cat from biting my ankles while I am trying to talk to You?" At that very second, the cat refrained and sat up in a calmed state, although he still followed me as I strolled about the driveway. Coincidence? Ah-ah!

Angel in the Navy

In 1974 while stationed in Pearl Harbor, someone I had been drinking with spiked my wine with LSD. He did so with several others. We all went back to the base barracks, and some of the guys were going crazy. I prayed for help. A sailor open his door and asked what was wrong. I told him. He asked me to get everyone and bring them to his room. I did. He asked if we believed in God. We all shared our experiences about God that is when I noticed I was sober. It was way too soon for LSD is an 18 hour experience. It had only been a few hours since our drinks had been spiked. The next day I went to the room to thank the guy. When I went to the room, no one had been in that room for months. I was in communications and there had been no ship movements. No one but the guys who had their drinks spiked remembers the man. It has been a mystery for nearly 40 years. There can be only one explanation, that sailor was either a ghost or an angel. Because of how he spoke of God I believe he was an angel.
—Guest Gordon Marble

my father came to me

My father passed away on the 1st of Feb 2012 and soon afterwards I had a dream that my father was waiting for me, but the closer I came to him the further he moved away> He was standing at the top of a flight of stairs which was very high and I could not get to him, as if he was watching over me, then a few nights ago he appeared to my mom's neighbour who was sleeping in mom's bed as an angel. He just stood there and then dissapeared after she told him my mom is being taken care of by me and she is fine. I miss him so much.
—Guest sharon

Moonville Ohio Angels

Moonville Ohio is an old town that was over taken by a plague, almost everyone died. All that is left of the town is a tunnel. We went through the tunnel and 3 of my grandsons climbed the hill to the top. There was a thin beam of light that looked like a sword. It was right in front of us. I couldn't see when I looked up to take the picture the light was so bright. I took the picture any way. When we got back to our cabin I looked at the picture, there was a bubble in the middle of the the thin beam of light, it was right in front of my grandson Jordan. Jordan lost his father at 9 months old he killed by a train. When I blew up the picture there were angels as plain as day looking right at Jordan. My 5 year old grand daughter Masyn said "I told you mommy, I saw an angel." I have the picture of the angels in the bubble, I want to share with the world. What a blessing we saw at Moonvill that day. ( Message from Phylameana: Diane, you are welcome to share/upload your angel photo at http://healing.about.com/u/sty/spiritguides/spirit-orbs/form.htm )

Angelic Words

My angel spoke to me once and told me his name. It happened when i came back from shopping. My mom told me to ask who my angel was. I was barely forming the question when he told me. One name: Gabriel. Afterwords i could feel him standing near me: a soft light with golden swirls.
—Guest Shassari

Digital Angel

Well I had 2 one when I was 10 and I heard someone whisper my name but no one was there and my angel communicates with me by using digits on the clock. Last night I was on my iPod and I randomly felt someone lightly squeeze or touch my arm. I was confused at first and started looking around but no one was there so I looked at the time it was 2:23. I just missed 2:22 one of the #'s when they let me know they're there. I was amazed:)
—Guest Courtney

Bus stop Angel

I'd had had a difficult two years full of losses and sadness and major changes. I had been recently diagnosed with depression and I had had some very strange experiences and some moments of pure bliss. One day I was sitting at the Bus stop and something (that I couldn't see) sat next to me. Something so beautiful that I felt pleasure and tingling all along that side. A very spiritual friend said it was evil but I didn't feel it as evil. I think so it was an Angel that wants to guide me and has done just that, through a chance encounter with a friend of a friend who has set me on the right path for healing all my hurt and resolving my depression and more. And this friend of a friend is like an angel here on earth for me.

Angel helps me save my son's life!

My son called me because he wanted to die,but after trying to convince him that I should fly there to help with the children he hung up! My 7yr old grandson called me crying and said please grandma come! I called the airlines and had to be at the airport for the last 9pm commuter plane. The terminal was under construction so I was left at a shuttle site in the parking lot in pouring rain it was 8:45pm. I had never used this airport so I was terrified and began crying. A black woman appear from the black night and said why are you crying I don't know where to board the plane! She asked for flight information, then said don't worry I'll get you there as a shuttle showed up! She got me to the terminal and I was the last to board! I stayed up up all night with my son, then I called the suicide line at 4:00 am. convincing him to talk with a psychiatrist. A friend came by went to talk with him and came out with a loaded gun and sleeping pills he talked into giving up! An angel saved him!
—Guest ruth k

guardian angel encounters

At 18 I was in a car wreck. Out of nowhere a lady in white clothes like a nurse appeared. She held a towel to my head stopping my severe bleeding as the firetrucks were coming she said "You will be fine now." I looked away and she was gone. I asked the fireman where was the lady he said "what lady?" I pointed to where she had came from and he said she could not have come from that area. It was a 500ft cliff to the Pacific ocean. She said I heard the accident and was at the beach and came to help you. All my friends saw her 30 years later. My girlfriend died the next day I am walking my dog crying wishing it was me instead of her a gold truck drives up. The blonde lady gets out and walks over to me and says "You are going to be okay, everything will be fine." She walks away and I turn around and realize it's her again, my guardian angel.
—Guest mel s

angel's touch

My mom passed away June 2011. About a month after her death, I was at the fair crying alot. That night I felt a touch on my arm coming directly from above me. I realized it was mom and I felt so comforted. It was the same exact touch I wanted to give her to say goodbye in the coffin and couldn't.
—Guest Donna

Beloved Angel

I had an experience where I felt something is touching my head in a strange but soft manner. And I knew I received a blessing because I was from church that day and from time to time I also see this little orb. And for some reason I just had a feeling it was my angel, and whenever I see it I smile and say Amen.
—Guest Faith

Angelic visitation

It was on 2011 May I was not feeling well everything seemed to be falling down. I would spent a lot of time on Facebook and internet. I felt I was challenged by evil spirits by then I was supposed to complete my authorisation as a distribution regional controller and was tasked by my employer eskom national Control South Africa. I was feeling like I was dead most of the time would see my spirit get out of my body and wonder the my mantor my dad will come in a spirit form to bring my soul back to my body. I thought it was one of the many dreams I had since I was young I always had dreams until now last year the stated date it was at night I was from my work place at midnight I was walking at night a risky place Germiston. I prayed that night. I saw a light from above and I collapsed then, my hands were lifted up by that light the save light picked me up and danced with me then I was happy ever since I am always!

Angels at Christmas Mass

My non-catholic friend went to Christmas Mass with me and my family. He said that he saw Angels- Michael, Uriel, etc as well as St Lucy (the priest had lost an eye that year..) she is the saint- of eyesight, and her name means light. As well as St Anthony of Padua- who is devoted to Jesus the baby and also who was a great preacher, and the priest struggles with good homilies. Also Mary Magdalene was there too. I was uplifted, and felt that I was given a gift of having this shared with me.
—Guest guest Suzanne

Angel helped with emotional release

I know I needed healing. I wanted help to allow my emotion to flow out instead of wearing a protective mask, or being like a statue. I asked an angel connected with Mount Shasta for help with these blocked emotions. Within 5 minutes I was in tears of gratitude for a dear friend who brought me to this healing meditation. I cried every morning for the long week end and released many un-cried tears from old pain I knew I didn't have to remember....and I just allowed this healing release to begin a new journey for me. It felt odd not to be embarrassed, by my emotional state of releasing.... but felt so good to let go. I was so grateful and realized angels are always here for us if we but ask for their help. What a gift. I had never felt such love, such freedom, such connection after this retreat.
—Guest Syena

Prediction in my dream

I totally believe in my Angel. On 12th Nov. night I was praying to my Angel to connect with me in my dream as usual, that night I saw lots of dream which I don't remember but I woke up by a male voice and only thing I remember was he was saying Earthquake between 4-5. His words strike me a lot but I was confused that 4-5 he means was the time or the rectar scale and to my surprise on 14th my Husband called me around 2pm n asked me that if I'd felt the shake that morning around 5am? and that was 5 richter scale.
—Guest Smreetee

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