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Readers Respond: Reports of Angel Encounters

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3 Angels

Aa week before my mom past away, I dreamed I saw 3 of the most beautiful angels one had sparkles coming off the dress, I've always though it was a sign for God warning me, the Angels were coming to take my Mom home.....
—Guest glenda

orb or angel

I woke up from a push on my arm and just ignored it, then there was noises like paper or paper clips falling to the floor then I saw a big ball of light flash around my body there was no place for any light to come in the room I was in at all. One week later felt a nudge on my arm then it was frozen like the doctor froze a wart on my arm. What does this mean? I often have these lights around me. I have been praying to the arch angel Gabriele . Can someone tell me what this means ?
—Guest karen

Floating Baby

When I was about eight or nine years old, one of my teeth fell out so I put it under my pillow like you normally would. When I woke up the next morning I looked to my left and saw a baby with wings just flying next to me. I did not feel scared and the baby had this wide smile and was looking at me. I stared at it for 20 seconds before rubbing my eyes in disbelief when it disappeared. I thought it was the tooth fairy so I ran into my mom and dads room telling them "I saw the tooth fairy!" A few years later when I was told the truth I always began to wonder what it was and now I truly believe it was an angel.
—Guest *Withheld*

Jesus take the wheel

When I was around 13 me, my brother, and Dad were on our way home from watching the movie the Passion of Christ. It had rained a lot throughout the day and it was late about eleven o'clock at night. I heard a loud voice in my head say for me to tell my dad to slow down. I asked him how fast he was going and he said he was going 70 and the speed limit was 55. I asked him to please slow down so he went down to 60. I then saw a beautiful girl with blonde hair in a white gown glowing on the side of the road she had her thumb out like a hitch hiker. My brother nor my dad saw her. stunned I just kept quiet but a second later the voice was in my head again saying SLOW DOWN. I then begged my dad to slow down, he argued with me his speed was fine. Then the girl who was without a doubt an Angel appeared again this time waving her arms fast in the air and I could hear the voice in my head SLOW DOWN! Then I heard buckle up!...... I yelled for everyone to buckle up and they looked at me crazy but put their seat belts on. Then it happened at the bottom of a hill which let into a large curve was a huge fallen tree that stretched across the road way. We hit the tree head on and literally flew over it and ended up safely in the ditch. Our truck was totaled and we were very distraught. Me and my brother saved some lives though when other people came down the hill they didn't stop for us but we got them to slow down a lot before they hit it. When cops and firefighters came to the scene they said we would have died had we been going any faster and had we not had a seatbelt on we would have went through the windshield. I actually have whiplash badly from the wreck but I'm so happy I got to live to see another day and got to meet my guardian angel who saved us.
—Guest Rebecca

Two angels

I was about 20 years old and I was walking to my mom's house that was just put in and they were sleeping, well I saw a really bright light coming from the basement so I thought someone was down there, when I looked there were two very beautiful figures standing there. Very still and appeared to be smiling and holding hands. One of them was a small female child and the other an adult woman. My brother was with me so I turned to say hey! Look at this but he saw nothing... not even the bright light. When I turned back around they were gone.
—Guest vanessa

Healing the Pain

I was a young girl of about 3 or 4 and I was having a really bad asthma attack. My mom took me to the hospital because I couldn't breathe at all. When I got there I was sobbing my heart out and I started seeing in tunnel vision. I heard the TV screen thing go flat and that would have been the last thing I heard if it wasn't for this beautiful purple-ish light that came in to the room and surrounded me. I immediately heard my breathing go back o normal and I could move. I asked my mother, not knowing about it at the time, if we could go home, wondering why I was at the hospital with oxygen hooked up to me. When I got back home I played outside for the whole rest of the day. A few years later I remembered the whole netire thing and I realized I was lucky to be alive. I still think that that light was an angel. Thank you Heaven. i'll come home someday.
—Guest Elsa

Warm Tingling

I went to bed one night and just slept like any old night but I woke up because of this beautiful feeling, before I felt this I had dreamt of this man he was like any ordinary man and after I dreamt this I got a feeling of comfort like a thousand blankets piled over my body. Then came the tingling, it lasted for what felt like ever and then slowly passed by. I have been practicing my psychic abilities so I am not sure whether it was a spirit trying to tell me something, my spirit guide, or if it was my guardian angel. Thanks. Andrew
—Guest Andy

Walking with children

The children were young two were maybe ages 2-4, two were 5-8, two early teens one may 13 to 16. They were 3 boys & 3 girls. It was about 3 am in the morning and I was up praying. I heard a male voice and I looked out the window. I saw a man with these 6 kids all except him pulling roller back packs which I though was so strange especially for the younger ones who all appeared to be wide awake. The first thing I thought was about them being outside so late and it was cold so I started praying for them. I wondered if I had an extra coat to give but when I finally decided to do so they didn't appear to be there. I thought that they had just turned the corner and I missed them. But when I woke up the next day I realize that you can't get a 3 yr old to walk down the street quietly at 3 am to pull a back pack with no complaints. The rest of the children who just appeared to be going away bringing only a few possessions with them in peace order.
—Guest Betty

An Angel Touched Me and I Saw Her

My mother was getting ready for bed in her room. I was getting ready to sleep on the couch. A womanly figure I suspected to be my mother raised out both her arms and touched my left arm with her right arm. I thought it was my mother giving me a hug goodnight, but at that same time as the angel touched me, my mother was talking in her bedroom. I asked her if she came out to hug me. She said no and had been in her room all along. I looked around and the being vanished. I was touched by an angel. No sound, I only saw her and felt her fingers brush my arm. Earlier that day I went to the clinic that I have to go to every day. The girl at the front desk said she had been praying for me that morning. She said God told her to tell me not to give up. The day before all of these events happened I broke down and cried, saying, "I can't do this. I give up. I want to die. I CAN'T DO IT."
—Guest Kyle

My Baby Sister is My Guardian Angel

My mom lost a baby girl, it was her first pregnancy. After eight children now I'm the youngest of all them. One night I had a really bad fever , and half asleep I would hear myself laughing, even woke up my boyfriend of how I kept laughing. As he asked me why I was laughing. I looked up the ceiling and smiled and said I'm laughing with the baby. It was a really beautiful baby with a white dress and a light around her. This just gave me a calmness instead of being scared. I know she has to be my sister mom lost.
—Guest Bernadette

Angel Healed My Fever

It was about a year after my gg died and I was very sick. I remember walking into my parent's room and they allowed me to sleep in their bed. For some reason they left and I woke up to a glowing cream orb (about a foot in diameter). I was scared shitless. The orb started growing stringy wings and floating towards me at which point I covered myself in the blanket and screamed. A few days later my mom said that it was a guardian angel. Apparently I had 105 degree fever and the next day I was all better. We guessed that my guardian angel came and healed me. After that it happened again a few years later and I was better the next day again. So I now believe in angels.
—Guest morgan

Mystery Hand

I was asleep. feeling cold as my bed sheet was not covering my body, than someone pulled the bed sheet and covered my body, I woke up and saw a beautiful woman's hand and when I tried looking at her face, than I couldn't move, suddenly I felt like the black thing of mass covering me. I tried to move but I was paralyzed.. I tried to move but couldn't and I tried screaming but my voice would refuse to come out. So, enough was enough and with all my might all my force I tried moving and screaming and finally the black mass covering me left me and I could move. But the hand that I saw was so beautiful and gorgeous.
—Guest Bvk

Angel Sparkle

While driving home from Ablq. My daughter asked me to drive because she was tired from a week long training. As I sat on the drivers seat I was about to drive off. Then I heard a voice telling me say a prayer before you take off. I asked AA Michael to watch over us. As I drove I got to 70 all of a sudden we were all over the freeway the car was out of control. I could hear my daughter screaming MOM. My daughter put her arms and head over my 3 year old granddaughter to protect her. I felt hands over my hands. I saw sparkling white and purple falling we both felt as if we were gliding. I never got scared until the after effects. We were in the air x 3 on two wheels twice and landed between the freeways . Thank you Jesus.
—Guest Jane Hernandez

Golden Robes

I am not really sure if the guy was an angel, but I had a dream that I was within a group of people, being chased by another group. We were cornered, and then we were made to kneel in lines. As I was kneeling, one of us (or so I think) transformed into a man with golden hair and golden robes as well. He flew away, with flashes of blue light surrounding him. He had no wings. I had this weird feeling I liked him, so I tried to follow, but a gril with "superpowers" tried to stop me. I was exerting effort to fly as well, and though I was having a very hard time I was able to fly and catch up with the man. He then went to a place with another group of people, and I felt like he was a "God" or a "messenger" in the dream. He asked this group to help my group and they agreed. His face was glowing. We were saved.

Book of Angels

My Christian faith has brought me closer to Jesus. As I have gotten closer to Him, God has shown me many things through thought and dreams. One dream showed me a very old thick book with gold trim and Hebrew type lettering in calligraphy and when opening to read it was from the last page to the first page. Each page had a name in big letters next to the name an image of an Angel and the remaining 3/4 of the page was the description of the angel, his duties, and background. Then as I turned the pages, I started feeling uneasy and what looked and felt to me as good Angels all of a sudden at the middle of this book looked and felt wrong. I realized I was looking at the fallen angels and their descriptions. The last page which in this book was the first page I saw the name Lucifer and an image along with his story. I was not scared but rather felt secure because someone was showing me this book even turning the pages for me, my guardian Angel.
—Guest Marc

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