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Rules for Hanging Tinsel on Your Xmas Tree

Share Your Story: Tree Trimming Traditions

By Joe Desy

Rules for Hanging Tinsel on Your Xmas Tree

Our perfectly tinseled tree.

Rules for Hanging Tinsel on Your Xmas Tree

Brighter view of our perfectly tinseled tree.

Tree Trimming Traditions

We have two artificial trees, one six-footer which we put up when we have all our kids visiting for the holidays, and a smaller table-top tree pre-strung with lights, which I display in our home's front window when it's just my wife and me on Xmas eve. That's the one in my photos. The ornaments took only an hour to arrange on it, but the tinsel always takes me longer. To me, tinsel hanging is a dying art. I see few trees these days with tinsel. I wouldn't have a tree WITHOUT tinsel! Somehow the tree just looks naked or lacking spirit or something! Tinsel makes a decorated tree whole & happy. Can you see ours smiling?

My Tree Trimming Story

I don't really have a tree trimming story. I feel a tree of any sort is necessary if you have wrapped gifts for people. Where else can you put all those boxes and things? Piling them up on a couch just doesn't cut it. You HAVE to have a tree to put them under. And then there's the kids. Where will Santa leave presents if there is no tree? Will he even LEAVE presents if there is no tree? YIKES! Perish the thought! So a Christmas tree, any tree, alive or fake, big or tiny, is a MUST!

My favorite ornament for our small tree is a clear plastic mug filled with beer. I don't remember where we found it, but it's the one ornament that truly has special meaning for me, so I always hang it on the front side of the tree where everyone can see it.

Oh, I almost forgot. If you ever decide to add tinsel to your tree, and I hope you do, always hang tinsel from bottom to top. And don't fail to put tinsel on each and every branch of your tree. That's very, VERY, important. (I didn't make up these rules, so don't ask me why. Just do it right, or don't do it at all.) But you don't really have to put a strand of tinsel on the tree one strand at a time. Unless, of course, you don't have a life.


  • NO FRUITCAKES! Unless you need a doorstop, there's no earthly reason to buy one of those for yourself or anybody else. Nobody likes them, nobody eats them, and they're just too weird. I don't think even the wild birds or squirrels know what to do with them when they find them out in the back yard.

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