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Bottom of Your Teacup Photos - Please share your tea leaf reading stories. When I shared a photo of my teacup inviting readers to Be My Seer it was a lot of fun reading the responses, some were meant to be funny. But, others, not surprising, were quite insightful. Now is your turn to get answers. If you like, you can invite readers to peek into the bottom of you teacup and share their intuitions about what the tea markings could possibly mean. In any case, we are interested in hearing about your tea leaf reading. Don't forget to upload a photo if you would like to get some extra input.

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Share details of drinking tea for the purpose of divination. Did you do it at home, with friends, or at a tea parlor?
Did you focus on an intention or have a specific question in mind while sipping your tea?

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What insights, if any, were you able to intuit for yourself? Or, did someone else do the reading for you?

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