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Requesting Help with Tea Leaf Symbol Interpretation

Share Your Story: Tea Leaf Reading Stories

By sunny

Requesting Help with Tea Leaf Symbol Interpretation

What does this all mean?

My Reading Tea Leaves Experience

With friends. I have been introduced to tea leaf reading at a meditation group I attend. I only do this practice there at the group, which can be 3-8 people. I never have anything specific in mind, just thoughts as a whole. I have always been vague, but always keep my mind actively thinking of the issue or subject I want to find more about, or a meaning of my life at the moment in time, or what might come from a situation.

What Was Your Question?

To find out a vague 'what will happen, what do things mean,' in various situations I have experienced. I want to know now what the image shows, what it means. I am there and a man who I know, then another woman, and a seahorse/dragon, a large ocean barrel wave surrounds us. I see all the images, but I want to know what it means.

Lessons Learned

  • A female's face similar to my own, in bottom of cup towards the left, large defined eyes, long wavy hair. Next I see a man's face to the right who I know, it merges with another face that looks outwards, with a sort of seal/dog snout/nose/mouth.
  • A defined S, that looks like a seahorse or dragon.
  • A cupid's arrow, white pointing vertically towards the man's face from underneath.
  • A lady within the S shape, looking towards the left as a profile face image, possible scarf or long hair.
  • A huge ocean wave that surrounds all the images, and curves up and above, towards the left over the woman's and man's faces/heads.

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