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Reader Stories: Tea Leaf Reading Stories


Bottom of Your Teacup Photos - Share your tea leaf reading photos and stories. Did the experience meet your expectations? Upload a photo of the inside of your teacup to ask for insight from me or my readers. You are also invited to "Be a Seer" and offer your insights to those who asking for help in interpreting their tea markings.

Tea Leaf Reading Stories

Show Me

I didn't ask many specific questions, however, what I wanted was for the leaves to show me what I needed to be shown. However, I did for a while without realising start reflecting on my friendships a…More

Questions About My Life

My question was about my life. How will it turn out? Will I get my son back? Will I prosper and get married? Will Francis and I get back together. Will I have my own place? Will I get a good job? Why…More

What Do I Need to Know?

No specific questions was asked. In general I just asked to be shown whatever I needed to know. As I was drinking the tea I was thinking of my future and also my plans that I have set for myself. I f…More

Learning Through Trial and Error

I had no specific question I just wished to know if the personal issues/problems I am currently going though would be over soon. I just wanted to see if happier times were in my horizon. Like I said …More

Broke Up with My Boyfriend

My question at the time of my tea leaf reading is about my ex. I recently split up with him 5 week ago. I am wondering if he will contact me any time soon. Will we resolve our issues and possibly get…More

Earth Shaking Tea Reading

I want to know if I will get selected in the PGDM2013-15 course of TAPMI? It is a B-school. I was focusing mainly on the logo of college and about this question only. While drinking the tea came an e…More

Barb Desires Positive Change

No particular question. I was thinking about my present and future, current life and possibility/potential. I feel like I have no future, and I wondered if I would remain in this sort of stagnant con…More

Will I Have a New Love?

My question is about new love. Will there be a Special someone in my life in the near future? If so, do I already know him? Will the lonely feeling I have soon disappear? Will the unsettled feeling a…More

Three Times a Charm for Abundance?

I didn't have a particular question or focus in mind (apart from will the tea leaves stick to the cup, lol) when I made the tea. However, my mind always seems to be hovering around the issues of busi…More

Am I Good Enough?

At what age will I find 1st love? Am I with my real best friend. How's my future? Am I going to play basketball ever? Can I be a you-tuber? Should I change myself? Am I good enough? What's planned fo…More

Anxiously Awaiting Settlement

My question was: Will my husband's injury settlement be finished soon." My husband was seriously injured 4 years ago now and we are waiting for the result and I'm hoping for some insight. Please look…More

Trying to Analyze My Tea Leaves

No question, we did the readings for fun as it was our first ever cup. We followed the instructions as advised and spent a very long time trying to analyze the leaves. We would usually go to a fortun…More

Coconut Roobius Tea

I am feeling stressed and depressed. What should I do to help me have less stress? Are things going the way they should be? Do things really happen for a reason? What is the reason I'm going through …More

Candle Burning Reading

Yes the question is "Will I be found No fault with total innocence of all from this big Lie?" I was falsely accused, badly rumored, and blamed for something I was NOT aware of? It broke my heart and …More

After Dinner Message

We did not really have a question so to speak, we just wanted to know what life had planned for us. It was an after dinner thing as he had just ordered tea and they had some leaves in it. So they too…More

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