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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: Tea Leaf Reading Stories


Bottom of Your Teacup Photos - Share your tea leaf reading photos and stories. Did the experience meet your expectations? Upload a photo of the inside of your teacup to ask for insight from me or my readers. You are also invited to "Be a Seer" and offer your insights to those who asking for help in interpreting their tea markings.

Nervous About My Future

I would like some guidance on the decision I need to take regarding my life. I have been lied to a lot so I thought why not try tea leaf reading. I have nothing to lose. let me see how accurate this …More

Mint Tea Leaf Reading

What do my tea leaves say about whether I should keep keeping my mouth shut about a particular situation that may be just fine as it is? Is this a good time to stay silent? Keep my trap shut? Loose l…More

Requesting Help with Tea Leaf Symbol Interpretation

To find out a vague 'what will happen, what do things mean,' in various situations I have experienced. I want to know now what the image shows, what it means. I am there and a man who I know, then an…More

Is Tyler in My Cup?

Is Tyler in my cup? Was it him I saw in Edmonton today? Every time I read my tea leaves I see two people together and it is a man and woman. I also see hearts, and a fish on my saucer. I also see bou…More

Harry Potter Reader Tries Tea Leaf Reading

What does this mean? Or, does this mean anything? Is it something cool? bad? Does it predict like my future or something? I would really like to know what this means? I was just wondering and how can…More

Serendipitous Tea Leaf Reading

I wasn't thinking about having tea leaves read, looking down into the empty teacup from a photo and seeing this is just a serendipitous thing. It looks like cuneiform to me and I'm wondering what it …More

Looking for Direction

I was thinking generally about my future. I am thinking of ending a long term relationship but feel stuck in indecision. I was thinking of a friend, a kindred spirit, we had a falling out.. wondering…More

Do You See a Face?

What do you see? The only thing that I got out of it was a face, but I am curious what someone who has practice at this will see. I have never tried to read tea leaves before, except as a child and m…More

Looming Divorce or Not?

I tried hard to clear my mind but my thoughts tend to always gravitate to my marriage and if we will make it through this rough patch or if we are doomed to fail. We are going towards divorce, yet my…More

End of Harvest Reading

This is my first time reading tea leaves, so any insight from anyone who has done this before would be helpful. Since Halloween is the end of the harvest for ancient Celtic traditions, I decided to d…More

Query: Future Commitment from Mate?

My mate and I for the past five years have been on and off, up and down like a roller coaster. We do not live together, we each own our own homes. He has a fifteen year old son and I have two daughte…More

Grandmother's China Teacup

I was at my grandmother's home drinking the tea. I was wondering what my future would be, and stuff like that but couldn't really understand. I was really focusing on my future. Any insights would be…More

Rose Requests Relationship Advice

The focus of my tea leaf reading is on my love life and financial life. How to be happy. I am unhappy for the most part right now, and feel controlled and abused by my partner. I do not have the fina…More

A Mom Needs Guidance

My mom had a few things on her mind. Can you help her find closure with her son's (my brother) death. She is curious to know if any new grandchildren are to be expected. My mom is really worried abou…More

Dandelion Root Tea Reading

My question was to give me insight into my future, and what steps I need to have success and happiness in my life. I was focusing on my health and my love life. Please help guide me through my journe…More

Heart Shaped Tea Leaves

I know it's not like you are supposed to read tea leaves exactly, but it just felt right. I was thinking about my lover and wondering whether or not he will be successful in the journey he's going th…More

What Are My Special Talents?

I did focus on an intention. "What are my special talents?" I've always wondered as to whether or not I have any special talents that I had not yet discovered. The reason I asked this question is so …More

Yvette Seeks a Sign

I was mostly focused on my family. I am having some family issues that I need some insight on. Some troubles with my daughter and son and my grandchildren. So really, I was just hoping to gain some …More

Danni Asks About Her Love Life

How is my love life gonna turn out?? Like in the next few years?? What is in store for me... I'm confused.com right now lol, and could sure need some help. Can anyone see anything interesting in my c…More

What Do My Tea Leaves Mean? - Tea Leaf Reading

I cleared my mind of all thoughts so I didn't have a set intention, but I was looking for some answers to my life questions such as how my life is going to pan out through this year in highschool and…More

Jessica Want Answers - Tea Leaf Reading

My intention was to see how my first year of high school would go. To see how my friend relationships would be. How would my grades go. If it will be a good year or a bad one. How relationships with …More

What is in My Future? - Tea Leaf Reading

All I look for is a general outlook on my future. I want to know if I'm going to do well in what I do? Will I be successful whether it be financially or whether it be self achievements? Will I get ma…More

Skeptic Wants Her Tea Leaves Read - Tea Leaf Reading

My intentions were pretty much out of curiosity. I am the type of person who I guess you could say is a skeptic but I want to see if I believe in it. I do believe that there might be things that we m…More

Does a Classmate Fancy Me? - Tea Leaf Reading

My intention is to find out who, if anyone, in my class fancies me. This may not be a very special question, but I really want to know the answer to this. I've uploaded the picture of my teacup for r…More

Will I Continue Working to Help Save the Baboons?

I would like to know whether I will be able to continue with my baboon conservation work once I get back to South Africa and whether I'll have enough funds to be able to support myself while I strive…More

What's Next?

I'm sitting on a fence trying to make a decision to continue or stop doing something. I am the founder and organizer of a monthly charity event in my area. I have had lots of satisfaction doing it. I…More

Am I on the Right Career Path?

My question: Am I on the right path, career wise? I seem to be slowing down. Ambition is on a real low point, yet I feel content. Just not sure what is happening around my work. I welcome any thought…More

Be My Seer

My initial intention for doing this tea leaf reading was to feature a photo of the bottom of my tea cup as my "Wordless Wednesday" blog post. I had no idea that my readers would be so good at interpr…More

Start New Project or Not?

I've been torn about starting up a new project when I have so many unfinished projects sitting around. My question was if I should focus on cleaning up things I've left undone first or jump right int…More

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