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High Priestess Tarot Card - Celebrating Intuition

Share Your Story: Call for Artists - Tarot Twenty-Two Major Arcana Art Cards

By Eirose

High Priestess Tarot Card - Celebrating Intuition

High Priestess

Tarot Card Chosen

High Priestess, I chose this card to celebrate intuition. "You are on the right path for you at this time. Look and listen to the signs around you, and pay attention to your dreams. The universe guides you forward and asks you to remember and celebrate how far you have come. Now we can receive the gift of understanding the 'big picture.' Your light is shining brightly and you are feeling perfectly balanced."

The High Priestess wears a beautiful yellow dress signifying knowledge, learn something new today, whether it is reading a new book or joining an evening class, look at what inspires you and learn more about it.

About My Art Card

I usually paint, oils or watercolours but this is done with GIMP and my mouse, not even a brush hahaha but I enjoyed it (saving up for proper pc tools)

GO WITH THE FLOW - All of it just came to me and I added and removed until I was happy.

The creative process is wonderful and the only time I truly forget myself.

Tips and Tricks

  • Art is personal. We like what we like I mean so just be original and not try to be perfect.
  • Your drawing may be basic but so what perhaps your blend of colours is inspiring.
  • If you are sincere in what you create people will appreciate it. Go for it

About Me

Artist by vocation, the website and cards are done with another Reiki master and great friend - ask for a free reading if you visit.

Artist Web Page

Angelic Journey

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

Eirose, thank you for sharing your High Priestess Tarot card. Love seeing her dressed in yellow. Wow, really cool you did this using GIMP! The image you submitted is very small, for it to be selected for my future "Major Arcana Gallery" I will need a larger image, preferably 500 width pixel or larger. (Readers: GIMP is a free software photo editor. Read The GIMP Review for more info.)

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