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Why Do I Have Strange Birthmark?

Share Your Story: Stories and Photos of Birthmarks

By yelcuty

Why Do I Have Strange Birthmark?

Do you think that it is a rabbit head and a letter y?? (click on image for enlarged view)

What My Birthmark Looks Like

My birthmark is a light brown in color. It is located in my left arm and has a head that looks like a rabbit head and a letter "Y."

How I Feel About My Birthmark

I'm curious what is the meaning of my birthmark. It is located on my left arm. I feel that I'm special and have powers and abilities that no other people have. Many weird things have happened to me and I don't know why. I just saw that I have a unique birthmark on my left arm that is not easy to identify. I feel that it may have a special meaning. I'm curious about it. I need answers why do I have a strange birthmark

Lessons Learned

  • I feel so different from others and I don't know why.

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

Hi, I see how it could look like a rabbit's head or the letter Y, but my first impression was that it looked like the peace symbol made with a fist and two raised fingers.

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