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Royal Birthmark

Share Your Story: Stories and Photos of Birthmarks

By tukoe tekii

What My Birthmark Looks Like

My royal birthmark of King Jesus was upside down in my right lap, brown in colour, measured 1 and a half cm x 2 and a half cm strawberry shaped, two crowns in one like a Pythagorus theorem including the beautiful and handsome face of our lord like a Pythagorus theorem but clear like a 3d image.

How I Feel About My Birthmark

I was hoping to make a lot out of my royal birthmark. I was very reluctant about it. Very restful and peaceful and knew all since (since 1991). I think it means that the presence and existence of the lord is real, etc. Plus, my children's names are Jesus, esp. the first two born sons. I have no partner or children yet... plus it means I'm royalty, or, a princess of which I am...

Lessons Learned

  • I'm looking forward to seeing if any of my family that have birthmarks or will go through the same thing.

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