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Faint Christ Like Piercing Mark

Share Your Story: Stories and Photos of Birthmarks

By christian

What My Birthmark Looks Like

My birthmark is situated about the same place as where Christ was pierced, faint but can be seen.

How I Feel About My Birthmark

I found it after having a vision of God. I spoke to my priest and he asked me if I had a mark on my side, I answered I did not know

He later denied asking the question. But after bathing; I looked. I never knew I had one. But there it was a birth mark as of where Christ could have been pierced with the spear.

Lessons Learned

  • I thought I would just tell people, that after talking to my priest, after he asked me if I had a mark, I had one. Why did he deny asking me? Was it because he thought nothing would be there and after there was something; it complicated it? A little frustrating? a faint circle just under my ribs. Does it mean anything?

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